New Player Guide 2017 – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes by Electronic Arts

Welcome new Star Wars: Galaxy  of Heroes players or players how want to start a new account in 2017. We’ve been playing this game for a long time now and know a lot of Tricks, but we wanted a new challenge. So, we started a new account in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. We were looking for these types of guides for those who are either new players or want to start a new account, and we didn’t find any real helpful guide. Now we only watched beginners videos but we’re going to post our knowledge and advice in hopes that this helps everyone interested. If you have any questions, leave a comment our write us directly.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – New Player Guide 2017

Early Game

Your top priority when starting out should be to get a good rebel team starting with Lando. Get Wedge Antilles and Biggs as soon as you can. Then work of Leia.

Why? Because you’ll need a strong rebel team to unlock Emperor Palpatine. And he’s one of the most critical characters in the game.

Rebels also have great synergy and will help you complete levels and hold position in the arena.

Your secondary priority should be building a scoundrel team. You’ll need one to complete the credit and training droid heist events.

Get into a good guild as soon as you can. (Starting early will have lasting effects later on).

Don’t neglect Jedi Consular and Chewie – they’re critical for carrying you into the mid game. Boba Fett, Rex, and Ackbar were the characters that helped us the most early on.

Mid Game

Once you unlock Palpatine you’ve moved into the mid game.

Start building out your Sith and Empire teams (Palpatine will help with both). Focus on farming Darth Maul and Tie Fighter Pilot first. Upgrade Vader as you get more of his shards.

You’ll need these teams to complete several events (Ewoks, Palaces of Power, and R2-D2).

Your secondary objective should be to build a good rancor raid team starting with Tebow. Followed by Qui-Gon Jinn and Captain Phasma.

Kylo Ren, Royal Guard, and IG-88 are other characters that we’d recommend starting on sooner rather than later.

If you have the capacity Rey and Jedi Knight Anakin are both helpful as well.

Late Game

Once you hit the level cap (85) you should focus on building a Rouge One team. At the very least get Baze and Chirrut.

This is when it becomes critical to upgrade your Jedi so you can get Yoda. You’ll need them for the AAT raid – prioritize Aayla then Barriss.

Now is a good time to start building out your droid and Jawa teams. Make B2 and Jawa Engineer the top priority.

End Game

Building out ships so that you can get Zetas, upgrading General Kenobi, and unlocking Nihilus.

We’d advise against worrying about these things too early on.

A few pointers we wish we had gotten early on in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

  1. Understand there are a lot of ways to get characters. Different currencies, different ‘shops’, all have different sets of characters to collect, often with a given faction group scattered across multiple avenues of acquisition. Some currencies can be acquired faster than others, but all are able to be gained in due time.
  2. Not all characters are the same, others are invariably better than others. Two ‘freebie’ characters that you will use for a little while are Clone Wars Chewbacca and Jedi Knight Guardian. They… suck. Don’t sink too many resources into them.
  3. Teams. Besides Light and Dark, you have a lot of different factions, and these factions come into play for various events and activities that come up (some regularly, some rare). One team that we wish we had built up was a Scoundrel Team (with the likes of StormTrooper Han, Boba Fett, IG-88, etc) to more reliably gain as many extra credits and training drones as possible. Also, unlocking characters like R2 and Emperor Palpatine require set teams (Empire and Rebel, respectively) that definitely should be in the back of your mind when picking the ‘next’ character to start unlocking efforts.
  4. The ‘Best’. Right now, a team led by Maul or Rex is the best, but this will inevitably change. Different areas of interest are going to want different teams. For the Rancor or AAT Raid, different characters, different arrangements, etc etc. Also, everything changes. Maul, for example, was once not all that great… then a change went through, and suddenly he’s awesome.
  5. Raids. Find a guild, one that’s active if possible, that’s doing (and completing) raid content. Even being a minor contributor gets you some decent returns, and opens up a new set of characters to acquire.
  6. Shards. Don’t spend them. At least not on the most of the ‘packs’. Those tend to be garbage. Instead, the apparent going thought (unless we’re wrong) is to go for a daily Cantina energy refresh, and occasionally spend shards directly on choice mods (that’s a whole different mess), choice character shards, or on Gear packs.
  7. Objectivity. Don’t worry about getting your favorite character. Well… not yet. Some characters that seem silly (like Teebo) are actually pretty good for Raid content. We mean, we’re not a big fan of Ewoks, so we ignored him. Much to our own later dismay when we realized we had glossed over a legitimately good character. Same with Rex.
  8. Flavor of the Month. There are always new characters being added. Some will seem ‘very’ compelling, cool, or just something you decide you want. Don’t get drawn in. Even if they do look awesome, the game is structured to make it very difficult to acquire a newly released character short of dumping money (in some cases a LOT of money) into the game. They all inevitably join the rest of the characters in being grind-able through f2p processes. Sabine Wren seems like a badass, but we’re not going to blow all our crystals on that when we can just be patient.

Feel free to pop in some comments and give us feedback on this 2017 new player guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!

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