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Clone Wars Chewbacca in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a scoundrel tank and its likely most people have him in their inventory and have toyed with gearing him up at one point only to find he’s one of the more expensive investments given the amount of purple gear he needs. Up until recently, the return on that investment has been questionable, but with the introduction of raids chewy has found his niche and all things considered, when fully maxed, he’s pretty useful in other areas of the game as well which is more than you can say for most characters.

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Clone Wars Chewbacca Stats

Chewbacca’s stats are here:

Our Chewbacca in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is fully maxed with no missing gear and full level 7 abilities save for his basic which we’ve omega’d for a 55% chance at attempting a 50% turn meter reduction, and his leader which is level 3 and won’t be reviewed here. An omega on his first special would extend his taunt to two turns.

Clone Wars Chewbacca in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has a few thousand less health and protection than the top line tanks (Royal Guard, and Sun Fac), but he makes up for that by getting an additional 30% health when he taunts (An extra 7,303 HP for a total of 31,647 base health + 26404 protection). Even better, his second special will heal him for 12,658 assuming he still has max health up.

So unlike Storm Trooper Han, Chewie will likely live to taunt another round, and have the health to do it. With a base 50% tenacity, he is also fairly decent at resisting debuffs something you can push even higher with a Luke lead.

Chewie is pretty darn slow though with a speed of 106; unless the other team has maul on it, he’s probably going to go last. And Chewies turn can seem like an eternity while you’re waiting for his next turn so you can heal him up. If he was stunned during his taunt there’s a very good chance you’ll lose him to a high DPS team because those turns are so long.


Clone Wars Chewbacca in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a tank character with high hit points and defenses, self-healing, and the ability to force enemy characters to attack him.

Clone Wars Chewbacca in the Arena

Clone Wars Chewbacca in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is decent in Arena. We replaced Sun Fac with him and he served as a second taunter as well as ST Han and Sun Fac though he lacked that extra something which helped take down the enemy team. In all likelihood if you are running double tanks ST Han is the best choice to pair with Royal Guard for Free to Play, and of course Sun Fac for Pay to Win.

Still, if you want to be different, Chewie is not going to cost you that many arena ranks, and on offense, careful use of his TM down basic can be as useful as a stun.

Ultimately though, Chewie is not arena meta since he doesn’t have the TM Gimmick that Han has, the dispel gimmick Sun Fac has, or the auto taunt RG has. Chewie taunts, heals, and can do a little turn meter control. There’s nothing really in that kit that helps you burn an enemy team down faster.

Clone Wars Chewbacca in Missions and Challenges

Clone Wars Chewbacca in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a wonderful addition to the tank challenge and is helpful to make sure Mace never gets to take a turn. However the tank challenge is one of the easiest of all the challenges and you can auto this with any combination of well geared tanks so Chewie is nice to have, not must have.

If you’re stuck on some of the harder missions, using Chewie to soak up some damage and for turn meter control can definitely help you get your three stars. His self heal will also take the pressure off your healers.

Finally Chewie will be available for the upcoming scoundrel event and given the scoundrel’s overall low health (mostly) and lack of healing, Chewie is probably the most viable character to help you kick start your scoundrel team.

Clone Wars Chewbacca in Galactic War

If you use Royal Guard in Galactic War, using Chewie until you get to the harder nodes is a good strategy. Not only can Chewie heal himself up and keep on taunting, his TM on his basic can be nearly as effective as a stun in the right circumstances. He’s also well suited for your ewok teams if you run them as a synergy.

Clone Wars Chewbacca in Raids

Turn meter groups are making a come back in heroic raids and fitting that last security scanner on Chewie gives him a potency of 110%. What this means is that once every 3-4 shots Chewie takes he will remove 50% of a boss’s turn meter — which is HUGE. In tier six he will remove 50% of a bosses turn meter once every 2-3 shots he takes — on average anyway, all hail the random number generator.

And of course there’s always his taunt if you need to distract the mobs away from a death mark or expose.

In short, chewy is A team raid material and there are very few characters in the game that can make that claim.



Chewie isn’t the strongest tank in the game but he is a good one. While just a little below arena meta, he becomes one of the best possible characters you can use in raids, is one of your best characters in the tank challenge, can help save your Royal Guard for the later nodes in Galactic War, and a definite asset when going for three star missions and cantinas.

Section Score
Arena 8.0
Missions 9.0
Raids 10.0
Galactic War 9.0
Challenges 10.0

Thanks to user pcx99 for creating this review for the Clone Wars Chewbacca.

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