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Marvel’s Contest of Champions by Kabam

Today we present you a guide to the Masteries in Marvel’s game Contest of Champions. Like most new players, we found that guides and information to be scattered and to be difficult to completely understand at our level. We’ve summarized what we’ve found for your convenience with the goal in mind of min / max’ing game for the end-game. We think this will help new players and alliance leaders understand the end-game expectations to succeed. 

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Masteries Guide for Marvel’s Contest of Champions

  1. The right masteries will make the game easier
  2. They will increase your PI and help you fight harder opponents and earn more points in Arena
  3. The right masteries cost a lot of units
  4. The wrong masteries cost even more units
  5. Good Alliances will expect you to perform in Alliance Quest and these easy steps below will make you the candidate they want!

Step 1

Your first three mastery points are in Utility:


You will now be able to Parry and Evade.

Step 2

Your next 15 mastery points are in Offense:


You will do considerably more damage and end fights faster.

Step 3

Your next 15 mastery points are in Defense:


You now have 4/4 Block Proficiency for Realm of Legends “Perfect Block*” and Alliance Quest Teams (*This is misnamed and you should not confuse with the Perfect Block Mastery)

Note A. Build Salve 3/3 first – this will help you win 2* Arena immediately

Note B. Then build 2/5 Stand Your Ground – this will give you a large PI increase (no further increase after 2/5 )

Note C. Recovery 3/3 is last and is synergistic with Willpower Mastery

In total you have used 33 mastery points and are level 38.

Step 4

You now have two options. We strongly suggest doing Option 2 then Option 1 – Willpower is sexy, but not as useful as stunning your opponent for 2.5 seconds. Option 2 will help you with all situations and game modes. Option 1 is more situational and costs more units to complete.

Option 1. You have 2200 units for 4 Carbonadium Cores and 90 units to unlock 3/3 Ranks of Willpower – alternatively, 1650 units for 2 Carbonadium Cores and 60 units to unlock 2/3 Ranks of Willpower to start (and finish last 3/3 Rank after finishing Option 2).


You now will regenerate health very quickly when receiving a negative debuff ie. poison, armor break or bleed.

You then proceed to do Option 2.

Option 2. You will continue to build up your Utility.


You now can Parry and can stun your enemy for 2.5 seconds and after Evading, you will have a bonus 25% critical chance to your next attack. Eventually, you will want 25% increased chance to crit after evading – this is pretty much a guarantee crit!

The key is that your Parry now stuns up to 2.5 seconds. This will allow you to regenerate health, avoid being hit for 2.5 seconds, and unleash difficult combinations* of attacks or use your heavy attack and L2 Special.

*Without limber, you can do M-M then M-L-L-L-M.

In particular, this will allow you to stun Juggernaut in Realm of Legends and in Alliance Quest for the almost the full duration of his Unstoppable Ability.

Facing an opponent with max Limber of 50%, you will still stun for up to 1.25 seconds.

Note: You can delay Dexterity 2/3 or keep at 1/3 – mastery points are hard to come by after level 46.

You then proceed to do Option 1.

Congratulations! You have now completed the foundations of a strong mastery setup. This setup will carry you through Realm of Legends and through Alliance Quests.

The remaining Mastery Points

Continue to read further below and we will explain some options and variations with your remaining mastery points as you reach Level 58+.

Step 5

Extra masteries can be spent in each of the three trees.

Option 1: Utility

If you have a 4* Dr. Strange, we highly recommend you consider building into Mystic Dispersion. You will be able to use your L3 Special much more frequently.


Option 2: Offense

Some players put 3 points into Pierce so that Critical Hits ignore 15% armor. My testing has not shown the damage to be significant. Before level 48, mastery points are precious and slow to obtain after level 40. We recommend only 1 point in courage for the Pi Boost now.


We no longer recommend more than 1 point into Courage at this time. Before level 48, mastery points are precious and slow to obtain after level 40. We recommend only 1 point in courage for the Pi Boost now.


Finally, some players consider Double Edge and Liquid Courage. Willpower will negate some of their negative effects for large increases in Attack Power. However, in Alliance Quest, when you face a Heal-Block node or get affected by Heal Block, you can lose health and die quickly.

If you have made up your mind to put points down this path, we suggest you stick to 3/3 Double Edge only. We also suggest a maximum of 1/3 in Glass Cannon. Recoil is 1/3. Before you do so, you will need Coagulate (ideally 3/3 to make you gain health, 1/3 to break even – see more below).

Repeat: 3/3 Double Edge only. 1/3 Glass Cannon. 1/3 Recoil. And Coagulate before! You have been warned twice.


Double edge gives you 30% Attack Power for 30% health loss. Willpower will allow you to heal up at the beginning of the match (assuming no heal block). Recoil will still take 5% of your health for every L1-3 Special use (do not kill yourself).

People have been asking 3/3 Double Edge only. Liquid Courage 3/3.  1/3 Glass Cannon. 1/3 Recoil: my opinion is that if you are not doing Alliance Quest Maps 4 and 5 – maps that do not have heal block or tech symboids that cause heal block – then this combination is okay to consider. Also, if you are a heavy arena grinder, then this combination is help you max your PI and earn more points.

Option 3: Defense

Coagulate decrease enemy bleed damage by 30%. Consider 3/3 here – this will make DE 3/3 still a net gain of health *usually*. Repeat for emphasis: *usually*.  Suture reduces duration of enemy bleeds, including that of Liquid Courage by up to 20% at Rank 3/3.


Thanks to user MavRCK for helping to create this Masteries Guide.

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If you find this helpful and would like to say thanks in the comments. If you have any more ideas for this masterie guide for Marvel’s Contest of Champions, let us also know this in the comments and we will this add this. 

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  1. Is getting Cogulate first a must? or does it get aquired after DE?

  2. Em Fernandez | April 6, 2016 at 3:17 am | Reply

    coagulate first. since there is a bug when you dont finish coagulate first before double edge. (the bug, the damage isnt reduced)

  3. This looks great,about how many units for steps 1-3.(assuming every thing is locked) want make sure i have enough units before i recover.

  4. Can I change as often as I want?

  5. No. When you recover your mastery points, you do not regain all the credits you lose. Unless you have an unlimited supply of money, you will have to chose wisely on you masteries.

  6. *choose

  7. Just wanna say THANK YOU for this guide. I’ve followed it closely and my success rate (10% or lower hits on my champs per match is my guide) has increased radically. I’m now adding it to our alliance’s list of recommended resources. Thanks again!!!

  8. Yeah i should have thought about how much units i have before recovering all of my masteries. Now i’m kinda stuck cause i clearly do not have close to enough to buy all of the stone mastery cores, ughhh.

  9. The longer stun does not give enough time to perform the combo you give. It’s over by the time you finish the first 2 medium attacks. Glad I wasted units on it

  10. how many units to restructure like this?

  11. Thanks for your suggestions… Just wondering if you have ever looked into the Gold Mastery… I’m always short of gold… Just wondering in i max out the mastery will this boost my gold revenue a lot or just alittle?


  12. Is 60 the max lev? No more Xp ? No more mastery?

  13. With the upcoming mastery update [Thanks Kabam! (Sarcastically)], I hope your group can explore quickly and make another guide. I have used your infinite streak guide and it works for me.


  14. What suggestion you guys have for the new update on mastery. Still the same even though Willpower changed?

  15. Same question as the guys above…what setup do you guys recommend w/ new masteries (despair, assassin, deep wounds, and fazed). In addition, I know it’s not easy to compile all the data with the trial and errors…therefore I am patient and look forward to your recommendations.

  16. i like maxed LQ. For AQ i run with Miss Marvel, Capt. Marvel and Ultron. They are immune to Poison so LQ does not hurt me. I am working to also max DE and Coagulate.

  17. If you max the Wisdom and Intelligence you could get all other masteries easily and quickly

  18. What are the best masteries for both Captain America’s?

  19. Hi, i’m searching recently too much to find an answer to my question but nothing i found so far, all the blogs, youtube, or sites only talking about best mastery setup, but what i need to know how to active for example limber, no mastery cores needed so far, it’s mentioned that i don’t have enough mastery points so does it mean that it will be active after reaching certain level? hope someone can answer me please.

  20. thanks for this but we need hell lot of units to that

  21. Thanks for the suggestions. They have been helpful. I’m level 54 now so I can try several options.

    Question: I see in YouTube videos people attacking opponents and regenerating health with every strike. What mastery set up does this??

  22. Parry is totally different not working at all so sad for this problem

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