10 awesome Tips and Tricks for Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a very addicting game and I can’t really stop playing it. Trying to add more and more dwellers to my vault and digging deeper in the mountain is really entertaining. Here I’ve got 10 awesome Tips and Tricks for you to improve your game. This Fallout Shelter guide, is also for players who are already know the basics and maybe want to learn something new.

  1. Load up your training rooms to increase the SPECIAL stats overnight or any time else when you’re not playing. The resource rooms don’t take long to replenish, so leaving one dweller in each power, water or food room is enough to make sure you’ll have resources when you come back to Fallout Shelter after a while. Increasing SPECIAL stats takes a long time and working on them while you know you’ll be away from the game for a while, helps a lot.


    Keep your Fallout Shelter Dwellers busy even overnight, to increase their special stats.

  2. You should also get a bunch of women pregnant before closing the game. That ensures you’ll have a lot of new dwellers when you get in the game again.
  3. Also have some kids before leaving the game for a longer time for example when you’re sleeping. This also ensures you’ll have a bunch of the kids grown up to adults by the time you play again.


    Keep your women pregnant, to have a constant flow of new dwellers.

  4. If you can’t play for a while, you should also send a few high Endurance and Luck dwellers exploring in the wasteland, with a bunch of Stimpacks and Rad Aways, they’ll loot a lot of equipment by the time you’re away.
  5. You can change the names of your dwellers at any time. Make them friends, family, nemesis, or mark them efficiently with their preferred SPECIAL stat as a first name, so you know where you keep them at 100% happiness and on the fastest leveling path.
  6. Unlike the actual Fallout games, SPECIAL stats will not go higher than 10, even with equipment. Once you start maxing out the stats of dwellers, move their equipment to other dwellers, the ones that need the gear to boost their stats.
    I was wrong here, stats higher then 10 work, you can’t see them but they will be utilized.
  7. Don’t waste your time on the “premium” resource rooms like the Nuclear Reactor, until you are way late in the game and have tons of bottle caps to spend.
    A max-lvl 3-part section power plant costs around 3.000 bottle caps in total, with all three sections improved to max level.
    The Nuclear Reactor, however requires about 6.000 bottle caps for the 3 sections, and additional 6.000 bottle caps to upgrade to level 2. The Nuclear Reactor producing 48 energy as opposed to 49 in a regular Power Generator.
    A level 3 Nuclear Reactor will produce 59 energy, which is more, but requires an additional 18.000 bottle caps to upgrade! That’s 30.000 bottle caps in total for just a slight efficiency boost. This is really not worth the investment, until you have a lot of bottle caps to spend and need to optimize your vault layout.


    A good vault layout is very important in the endgame at Fallout Shelter.

  8. Training rooms are expensive, but they’re not anywhere near the most expensive rooms in the game. When you get to around 100 dwellers you’ll have those rooms fully stocked at all times, and investing in the faster training upgrades will literally shave days of playtime, with that many dwellers. So better save your bottle caps for later.
  9. If you’re having trouble keeping your resources up, try this: Fill your resources rooms with the highest relevant stat dwellers. If you can get the wait time on a maximum level resource room down to about a minute, do a couple of rushes and you will go out of any deficit quickly.
  10. The Nuka-Cola Plant is very expensive, but produces both food AND water very quickly and finally gives you an actual workspace for your high Endurance Dwellers. Additionally it will also produce you some bottle caps.

Nuka-Cola Plant also produces some bottle caps in addition to food and water.

Those are my top Fallout Shelter tips and tricks; have some of your own? Write down in the comments!

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  1. Nice List! for your last tip though any resource room has a chance to also produce caps based on the luck levels of the dwellers in that room, and that’s for normal collection, not rushing

    i haven’t noticed the nuka-cola plant doing it any more often

  2. Good tips. Moving my BlurStacks copy to Steam. Will utilise your tips, there.

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