Lords Mobile – New Player Guide 2020

Lords Mobile - New Player Guide 2020
Lords Mobile - New Player Guide 2020

Lords Mobile by IGG.COM

Here’s a short and to the point guide to prevent you from making the same mistakes we did in Lords Mobile. This guide mostly fits the casual spendeers that drop $20 here and there. We have been playing Lords Mobile for a long time. We have made so many mistakes. There is a lot going on in the game and lots of information out there in random places. Try to follow this 2020 new player guide as close as you can but make it your own.

1. Gear, Research, Jewels. The 3 most important things in Lords Mobile.


Do not waste rare mats on bad gear. Only end game gear should be mythic. Gear list is part 2. Not including Champion because of $$$.


There’s 2 attack jewels and 1 hp for each (cav, inf, range) defence jewels are useless. Put blue attack jewels in your gear. Don’t be afraid to spend gems to remove. Buy a Srcoll with your guild coins. Then spend the rest on just jewel chests.


For T4 research in Lords Mobile you need Economy and Military tree completed.
Max the Monster Hunting tree as soon as possible.
Familiars are more important than T4 in Lords Mobile.

2. Heroes

Order to gold

  1. Trickster. First to gold, only use in collo and hunting after that. NOT FOR WAR
  2. Rose. Best overall Hero. Wall/Collo/MH/Cav Leader
  3. Tracker. Collo/MH/Range Leader
  4. Demon Slayer. Wall/Collo/MH/Inf Leader
  5. Bomb Goblin. Wall/MH/Army Attack
  6. Snow Queen. Wall/Collo/MH
  7. Hyper Heroes, Attack Heroes

Lords Mobile - New Player Guide 2020

3. Mall Shopping


Be careful how you’re spending. Heroes, Chests, Tokens, Stars. Not Speeds.


Only buy 2-3 Max. Lore, Witch doll, Storm/Petite/Grove/Berserker/Other
Reminder they are only good at purple other than Lore and WD.
Grey WD and Lore will get you top 100 Collo.

4. Buildings


Hyper from the start. One of each rss building and the rest your hyper.
Build Manors until after you unlock T4 in Lords Mobile. It costs a lot of gold.
2 spires 1/2 gyms. Either way.
Save all gems for After, Battle Hall and Prison. Need 600k gems + Hammers

5. Familiars

Get to pact 3 as soon as possible.
Who’s first?
Aquiris, BoneHead, Harpy until pact3. Trickster, Goblin, Gremmlin are for Attack.

6. Buying gems. Busses. GuildFest. Gathering.

It’s important in Lords Mobile. Find a guild that takes GF and MH seriously.

Let’s be real everyone buys gems. Best way to speed up research and troops.

Busses are amzaing in Lords Mobile. Find a good one and use it as much as your bag allows.

Use gear. Always gather. Don’t be lazy. You need mats for important basic gear.


Here are 5 more tips for new players in Lords Mobile:

We hope this new player guide for Lords Mobile in 2020 can help some of you. Ask if you got any questions in the Comments. You can find more Lords Mobile Guides here. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this guide.

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