Little Known Ways to Master Lords Mobile

Little Known Ways to Master Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile by IGG.COM

Welcome to our new guide to master Lords Mobile a little more. We’ve been playing this game for a long time now and know a lot of Tricks and want to share them with you. So, we made this nice little list to give you tips on what is really important in the game, especially in the beginning. We were looking for these types of guides for those who are either new players or want to start a new account, and we didn’t find any real helpful guides. So we hope you will find this helpful and if you have any questions, leave a comment our write us directly.

Little Known Ways to Master Lords Mobile

  • Equipment: You want all of the construction and research gear. Cavalry Mail, Vice Grips, as well as flutes should be the higher priority. Since you are willing to spend, buy at least 1 $5 Gryphon pack, and hope to get the boots blue. Pre-lvl 40 gear isn’t entirely useless, but it isn’t really that helpful either. You might delay better gear by making the pre-40 stuff. War gear is a later on thing, and that often depends on what ultra rares you get. Forge the noceros gear, placing a higher priority on the sword over the chest for your vials (we would also recommend a $5 noce pack). Check this gear guide, if you want to know more.
  • Gear: War gear we’d focus on the free to play set at the start, as lvl 60 gear will be better than most sub lvl 60 so you’ll be swapping to those eventually. There are a lot of youtube videos on f2p gear and war gear, so just look those up and u will be fine. You want to max out flutes first as if your aspiration to become a t4 player the research is over 5+ years long with help and decent research gear (250%+ research boost).
  • Early on, your focus should be monster hunt. Ideally you get to monster hunt 4 or close. You really want to be able to hunt monsters efficiently, as there is lots of loots there. After that, you should make sure you get to at least Pact 2 in the familiar tree. Beyond those two, just work on your Military and Econ tree. Do not do much in Defense, Upgrade Defense. The remaining trees are more personal choice.
  • T2 are not useless when that is all you have. You still want to help with nests (assuming your guild is doing 1-2). Once you have T3, T2 are significantly less useful than before, generally. T2 siege are generally useless regardless of where you are. Don’t train too much siege, as they are worth significantly less than the other troops. Otherwise, keep your troop levels even, perhaps with a slightly higher number of ranged.
  • There is no “max” number of troops. There is a point where you cannot shelter and otherwise protect all your troops, but that isn’t too concerning until T3.
  • You can do a lvl 1 300k might nest with 25k T3, probably less. We don’t know the numbers for T2.
  • As we wrote above, a $5 gryphon and noceros pack go quite far, even if the equipment is too high level to use right away. Hero packs: if you aren’t planning on getting them to at least blue over time, the only one worth it is Lore. If you are planning blue+, Lore, Witch Doll, Petite Devil, and several others become more worthwhile.
  • Research: We’d add to max construction asap in economy tree, and maybe gathering and army capacity as u want to be able to gather as much rss as u can to continue to grow.
  • For packs: sweet deal is best bang for your buck, speed ups, holy stars, VIP points; heroes colo – lore weaver, witch doll, petit devil, femme fetal, grove garden; war hero – songstress, lore weaver, prince of theives, bersker; if you buy $5 dollar packs only u can max a hero after 1+ year to gold for $115 bucks to $140ish (this is off the top of our head). If you expect ot play a while, thoe $5 monster gear equipments will help with your hunting and allow you to join mh guild events (kill 3 lvl 3 monsters). Check out this guide for more information about packs.
  • Troops: t2s are at best good for meatshielding t3s, but this game has been around for so long now there are a lot of t4 players who will migrate over when kingdom opens up and slaughter u unless u have a decent troop count (1 mil+). But if your going to train t1s and t2s, train archers only and don’t be in range formation when your’re taking a hit, you want your front line to be the cavs or inf t3s/t4s holding the line while your millions of archers are unleashing from the back. But this build is more when you have millions of archers , and a few hundred thousand t3s and t4 front line + range.
  • Lastly, Rss are hard to come by the higher lvl you get, and gathering isn’t enough. As such you may want to focus on becoming a hyper farm. Wood is good for building as in firms kills your wood stock, Ore and Stone will help with buildings but also with troops as a lot of rallies are Inf/Cav hits (against players not DNs) so you’ll be training a lot of those more than other troops. Both Inf and Cav requires ores.

Feel free to pop in some comments and give us feedback for this guide for Lords Mobile. If you’re looking for more, check out our guide-section.

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