Plague Inc. Guide – Bio-Weapon with no Genes

Plague Inc. Guide - Bio-Weapon with no Genes

Plague Inc. by Ndemic Creations

We have been around in Plague Inc. since the start. And one of the reasons for our success is the knowledge we’ve gained and shared with other players. There is a basic set of knowledge that we feel everyone who picks up this game should know. And we thought we would share that with the Plague Inc. ommunity! This counts for every type of player, totally beginner or advanced player. Please feel free to share this information for Plague Inc.
Whether you want to challenge yourself, or playing a version that doesn’t allow you to do genetical engineering (hello android!), here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you slaughter every human on Earth in Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. Guide – Bio-Weapon with no genes

  1. Start in China. We find it convenient, as it is huge, full of people, with quick and direct connections to the rest of Asia, Europe, and Oceania/the Pacific Islands. It also has a harbour that will help spread the disease quickly.
  2. Build your points to 15: Get Water 1, Gene Compression 1&2
  3. Build your points to 20: Get rash, sweating, skin lesions
  4. Build your points to 15: Get Gene Compresssion 3, Deactivate modified genes 1
  5. Build your points to 30: Get water 2, Deactivate modified genes 2&3
  6. Build your points to 30: Get drug resistance 1, genetic hardening 1. By that point, the cure should be on the way, but nothing to worry about just yet!
  7. Build your points to 35: Get Cold resistance 1 and Heat resistance 1
  8. Build your points to 25: Get Nucleic Acid Neutralisation 1&2
  9. Wait until every country is infected. If necessary, add more cold/heat resistance or any transmission trait that will help you. Just make sure you pop every DNA and cure bubble.
  10. Once every country on Earth is infected, build your points to 50: Add necrosis and Nucleic Acid Neutralisation 3
  11. Keep an eye on the cure, as well as on your DNA points: You have to make sure you have at least 30 points. Wait for about 70% of the world to be infected, make sure no country is under 20% infected, and Unlock Annihilate Gene.
  12. A LOT of people will start dying. You will get more DNA points, but the cure will advance: add insomnia, paranoia… all the way to paralysis to slow the cure. If you have enough points, get coma as well. Or any lethal symptom, really.
  13. Enjoy seing the remnants of humanity dying.

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Do you have more Tips and Tricks for Plague Inc.? Then please get in touch in the comments. We will then steadily expand this article, to offer a comprehensive guide to the game.

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