Simple Rune Guide 2017 – Summoners War

Summoners War: Sky Arena by Com2uS

Something we’ve been working on for a long time is a handy, set-independent quick reference for new players wondering what a specific rune might be good for and if they should vendor it or not. In this overview for Summoners War 2017 you will find any rune and for what kind of monster it is useful for. This guide is not only for new Summoners War players, maybe some advanced players will find some good information here too. This guide will help you to choose which rune is the best in any situation in Summoners War.

What special use cases did we miss? Specifically monsters we may not have (nat5s generally) or special types of builds (RTA?) that might use an unexpected rune combination? Please leave a comment below

Summoners War – Simple Rune Guide 2017

Slot Type High subs Kinds of monsters
246 Any non flat HP/DEF/ATK 6* legendary Save for reappraisal even if stats are shitty
Any Any non flat HP/DEF/ATK RES Save really good resist rolls for raid monsters if the other subs are good.
46 Any, even flat HP/DEF/ATK SPD PVP ATB boosters. Anything you can get that hits speed 3-4 times.
2 SPD HP, DEF, ACC Fast support units
2 SPD ATK Bombers, Mihyang, Hwahee
2 SPD CR, CD Oracles, speed scaling attackers (chimera, ninja)
2 SPD 6*, any Save if you are early game, even white runes, as these are rare. As you move into midgame, you’ll eventually find yourself vendoring the bad ones.
2 ATK SPD, CR, CD Attackers
2 ATK DEF, HP Vamp bruisers, raid DPs, fragile necro DPS (harpies)
2 HP/DEF SPD, RES, DEF/HP primariy raid front liners (Dias, etc.), also supports where you have enough speed from subs
2 HP ACC, RES HARD TO USE – likely sell unless 6* with amazing rolls
2 HP CR, CD HP scaling damage dealers (beast monks, Ermeda, Elpuria), vamp bruiser nukes
2 HP/DEF ATK Bruisers, vamp nukes, raid DPS, necro monsters with low defensive stats (harpies)
2 DEF CR, CD Defense nukes (Copper, Bulldozer), vamp bruiser nukes
4 ATK SPD, ACC Bombers
4 ATK CR, CD Seara, bombers, Mihyang, Hwahee
4 ATK DEF, HP Mihyang, Hwahee
4 HP/DEF ACC Strippers (Praha, Aquilla, Triton, etc.)
4 HP/DEF HP, DEF, ACC HARD TO USE – generally you want SPD on these, but if the rolls are high enough they can make up for it.
4 HP/DEF SPD Support monsters, speed is priority but hp/def/acc/res are good secondaries
4 CR SPD, HP, DEF CR based supports like Verde, maybe undines. Maybe non-bombing oracles if really good subs. Speed scaling attackers until you can get a CD rune.
4 CR ATK, CD Any attacker until you can get a CD rune
4 CD HP Hp scaling nukes like beast monks, bruiser or vamp nukes built to be a bit tanky
4 CD DEF Def based nukes like Copper, Bulldozer
4 CD ACC, RES HARD TO USE – generally vendor these
4 CD ATK, CR, SPD These are your dream nuke runes.
6 RES Any Don’t use these unless you get amazing sub rolls and can use them on a raid unit
6 ACC Any Can be used early on on supports like Bella, Galleon and Baretta, but I would just use Focus instead. Can be used late game with really good subs on PVP monsters like Galleon, Zaiross, etc. – but I don’t.
6 DEF/HP SPD, HP, ACC General support units, these are the runes you want
6 DEF/HP RES, HP, SPD Raid supports and FL tanks
6 DEF/HP ACC Strippers (Praha, Triton, etc.)
6 DEF/HP ATK Bruisers, vamp nukers, raid dps that need to be tankier, necro glass cannons (harpies)
6 DEF CR, CD Def based nukers (Copper, Bulldozer), vamp bruiser nukes
6 HP CR, CD HP based nuker (beast monks, Khmun) where you are running them on a tankier, more support-y build but want some threat, vamp bruiser nukes
6 ATK SPD Mihyang, Hwahee, bombers, speed based nukes
6 ATK ACC Bombers
6 ATK CR, CD Dream nuke runes

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