Act 5.2 Guide – Marvel Contest of Champions

Act 5.2 Guide – Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel’s Contest of Champions by Kabam

For all players looking for info on act 5.2, we made it to 100%, and decided to share our thoughts and strategies in this guide for Marvel’s Contest of Champions. We didn’t go into profound detail about the absolute perfect champ to use against every enemy, but we did our best to explain the global nodes and harder fights, and also give some tips on champs or ability types that would come in handy.

Here’s our strategy and walkthrough guide for 5.2. If you’re interested, you can find our walkthrough for 5.1 at the link below.

Act 5.1 Guide – Marvel Contest of Champions

DISCLAIMER: Due to the increased difficulty in sections 4-6, we were unable to get 100% exploration. We fully explored 1-3, then did one pass through 4-6, studying the maps for this guide.

Act 5.2 Guide – Marvel Contest of Champions


We used a combination of these champs to complete 5.2: r5 Thor (sig 99), r5 Elektra (sig 79) r5 Scarlet Witch (sig 79), r5 Wolverine (sig 79), r5 Capt. America WW2 (sig 99), OG Daredevil (sig 59), and r5 Vision AOU (sig 99)

5.2 MVP

There wasn’t really a champ that outshines everyone else, but our personal MVP was Scarlet Witch. In the first few sections, her special damage was bonkers, and against global nodes like buffet and masochism, they were more of an annoyance than a SW killer. Special mention goes to Daredevil, who is key for two bosses: Hood and The Collector. More on that in those specific sections.


In all 6 sections of 5.2, the class bonuses have been reversed. But take note, this bonus reversal will not reflect when you go to choose your champ for a fight. You just have to remember that the class wheel is now reversed (mystic over science over skill over mutant over tech over cosmic over mystic).

5.2.1 – WEIRD SCIENCE Revives Used: 0


Power shield prevents you from doing any damage from regular attacks, but your special attacks do 400% more damage.


Four runs for 100% completion, but the end is a bit tricky. The second portal you come to will give you four exits, but you don’t need to take exits A or B. Take exit D the first time to clear the entire path, then take exit C which will land you as close as possible to the boss. End paths like this are a common theme in 5.2, so pay attention to where you need to go.


Focus on champs who deal big time damage with their specials. We used Scarlet Witch and Thor for most fights, utilizing their L2 specials which would take at least half of the enemy’s health off. Off the top of our head, Cosmic Spidey and Rocket Raccoon would also work well. Bleeders like Wolverine and Drax will still bleed the enemy, so they’re also a solid option. Even though you’re not dealing damage with your regular attacks, you can still register a critical hit. So champs like Crossbones will continue to generate fury charges.


No one worth mentioning, this was an easy chapter.


Psylocke increases her crit rate by 100% when she lands a crit hit. Also, whoever enters the fight with a greater percentage of total health gains an attack bonus equal to the difference in health from their opponent. It’s a pretty straight forward fight, just avoid her little poke at the end of her heavy attack.

5.2.2 – STRANGE BEDFELLOWS Revives Used: 3


Same as 5.2.1, only now your special attacks also get 50% more damage if they’re a critical hit.


Four paths for 100% completion. Each path has a unique buff, so let’s go over them one by one.

Path A – A 50% chance for critical hits to cause your power to leak over time. Mystery champs are Psylocke, Black Bolt, Black Widow, OG Daredevil, Gamora, Iron Fist (removes +25% attack and health from Iceman and Electro), and Rocket Raccoon (removes Special 2 bias and power gain from Hood).

Path B – The boost is called Bane of Damballah, which gives the enemy +50% damage and 10% life steal if you have a buff. But it’s not a big deal as long as you don’t get hit. Mystery champs are Dr. Strange, Magik, Scarlet Witch, Loki, and Venom. This is the hardest path in our opinion.

Path C – Heavy attacks are not interrupted. Mystery champs are Karnak, Juggernaut, and Rhino.

Path D – +100% regen. Mystery champs are X-23, Groot, OG Deadpool, Ironman, Old Man Logan, Venompool, Wolverine (removes +50% attack and health from Iceman and Electro), and Iron Patriot (removes unblockable L2 and increased crit hit rate from Hood).

The 2nd portal you come to is a situation similar to 5.2.1. Take path A the first time, then path B every other run.

Path A – Hyperion (stun immune, heavy attacks can’t be interrupted) and Cable (+100% regen, stuns reduce the duration of stun by 20%). You’ll also face the path B champs on this path.

Path B – Iceman, Electro, and the boss: Hood. Each champ has incoming boosts that can be removed by taking the appropriate path. Fun fact about Electro: since your basic attacks do no damage, you don’t take any shock damage. So use someone with a projectile special and you’ll never take shock damage against him.


Same as 5.2.1, focus on champs who deal mega special damage. Scarlet Witch was an absolute beast for us, we used her for a lot of fights. If you get lucky with buffs and a critical hit, you can one shot some enemies.


Path B gave us the most trouble. Magik’s limbo will kill you quick, and Scarlet Witch and Venom weren’t any fun either. Iceman is always a pain, but we would suggest using Scarlet Witch if you have her. Hopefully you’ll get lucky and get a regen to counteract the cold snap. We used 3 revives, mostly due to bad luck, getting hit with specials.


Hood is boosted by four nodes: L2 bias, unblockable L2, increased power gain, and increased critical hit rate. These boosts can be removed by taking the appropriate path. The best strategy against Hood by far is to use Daredevil. Not only can he fully evade the unblockable L2, but Hood’s invisibility is useless against a blind guy. Definitely use him if you have him.

5.2.3 – THE DON Revives Used: 6


Every 7 seconds, the next buff you trigger is automatically removed. If a buff is removed this way, the enemy generates 5% of their max health. Nullify effects also have a 65% chance to fail.


Five paths for 100% completion. We’ll highlight the toughest paths below.


Reading the global node, you would think the strategy would be to not bring buffing champs…but it actually doesn’t matter. If you’re in Act 5, you know how to evade. And evade triggers dexterity…and dexterity will activate buffet. So don’t worry about it, bring who you want, they’re gonna regen no matter what. You just have to fight your way through it. It’s also important to note that the regen is not a buff, it’s an automatic health gain, so you can’t nullify it.


Phoenix, Storm, and Quake are all on the shortest path, and they all start with two bars of power. Other than that, you’ll find a left side path that has Dr. Strange who is stun immune while you can’t reach over two bars of power. There’s also a Cyclops that locks you at two bars, and Luke Cage and Abomination with +20% enhanced abilities all on the same path. On the right side path, there’s a Dr. Voodoo and Punisher with Spite (they get power gain and unblockable specials if you have a buff), and then an Unstoppable Colossus and Spider Gwen with +20% enhanced abilities. But those boosted nodes can be removed by taking the appropriate path.


Joe Fixit has +45% armor and his double down ability becomes permanent. He’s a straight-forward fight.

5.2.4 – LINES IN THE SAND Revives Used: 5


This is the exact opposite of Buffet. Once every 7 seconds, the next debuff you apply to your opponent is immediately nullified, and they regen 5% health.


Five paths for 100% completion, each with their own unique buff. We’ll go over them one by one.

Path A – 8 enemies on this path, and they all have Optimist and Pessimist, granting them armor up, fury, and health steal if they’re above 75% or below 25% health.

Path B – You’ll start with a Black Widow and Gamora with enhanced crit rate and damage, then it’s Dr. Voodoo and Psylocke with Transducer (you get more power from hitting the opponent, but your power leaks over time), and your power is drained every 30 seconds. After that is Magik and Dr. Strange with enhanced abilities and Buffet, then a Spider-Man who reduces the duration of stubs every time he gets stunned.

Path C – You’ll start with a Black Widow and Gamora with enhanced crit rate and damage, then it’s a Rocket Raccoon and Star Lord who don’t get their combo meters reset, and ignore armor and evasion above a combo of 15. After that is Magik and Dr. Strange with enhanced abilities and Buffet, then a Hulk with Optimist and Pessimist.

Path D – 8 enemies with Limber, who reduce the duration of stubs every time they are stunned.

Path E – 11 enemies with Caltrops, causing you to bleed for 6 seconds if you dash back.


Time to put your big boy pants on, this section is where 5.2 really starts. You’ll notice above that we used 5 revives…that was just for one run through on the easiest path, path A. Similar to Buffet, don’t worry about Masochism. The stuns you generate from parry will trigger the regen, so use whoever you want to.


All the enemies you face are between 15k-18k PI, so basically…if you mess up, you die. You’ll have to face Magik up the middle twice, 5 of the 8 champs on the Limber path are evade champs, and the Caltrops path will force you to bring a team of bleed immune champs.


Remember all of those unique paths we talked about? They all boost Storm, who gets all of those abilities unless you clear that specific path and remove the boost.

5.2.5 – INSURRECTION Revives Used: 12


Whenever a champ is struck, they receive a curse that deals 2.5% of their opponent’s current health per second. Every 10 seconds, the curse passes to the other player.


Five paths for 100% completion. Once again, we’ll go over the paths one by one.

Path A – Five champs who cycle between building energy or physical resistance, then four champs with +20% enhanced abilities.

Path B – Five champs with true strike, then four champs Ragnarok (gain fury when you stun them, and also armor break you if they stun you). This is the path we took for our one run through.

Path C – Six champs who mirror your buffs every 7 seconds, and also increase their buff duration. Then four champs with enhanced abilities.

Path D – Six champs who reverse any regen buffs you have, then four champs with the Ragnarok buff.

Path E – Four champs who trigger arc overload every 20 seconds, followed by three champs who increase their special attack damage as time goes by.


From here on out, you must play perfect. If you get hit, you die. If the curse gets placed on you, you’ll die within a matter of seconds. Time your combos and specials to make contact when the curse gets passed to you so you can get it back to your opponent as fast as possible. Once again, We only did one path, and it cost us about 12 revives.


They’re all hard. >:(


Netflix Daredevil is boosted by all of those buffs on the paths we just mentioned. Taking that path will remove that buff.

5.2.6 – ABROGATION Revives Used: We don’t want to talk about it


In addition to Bane, the defender excels at things like heavy and dash attacks.


Once again, there are six unique paths. Once again, each path has a unique buff.

Path A – Nine champs on this path. Villains here gain cruelty, and heroes don’t gain power. Surprise surprise, all the enemies are villains.

Path B – Eight champs here. You can’t gain more than one bar of power, and the opponent gains power when you unleash a special.

Path C – Six champs on this path. Your power is drained every 20 seconds, and you gain more power from hitting the enemy, but your power leaks over time.

Path D – Six champs on this path. Their attacks are unblockable if they’re under 25% health, and they reduce damage proportionate to missing health.

Path E – Nine champs on this path. Power gain is increased by 50%, and all special attacks cause random effects on both champions.

Path F – Eight champs on this path who have an increased crit rate, and special attacks get +50% damage on crit hits.


The best strategy here is your wallet. Also, see 5.2.5 strategy, it’s the same global node.


They’re all hard. ( Be mindful of Yondu on paths E and F, bring a bleed immune champ. Paths C and D will lead you to an Iceman.


Over the next few months, there will be several writeups and YouTube videos on how to defeat The Collector, so we won’t delve into him too much. We can say that Daredevil is very useful, since he’s able to auto evade the Collector’s special 1 and 2 since they’re projectiles. Other than that, go in and do as much damage as possible before you die, rinse and repeat. We wouldn’t heal over 50%. The Collector isn’t boosted by anything other than the global nodes.


Things just got real in Act 5. Our suggestion would be to go in and get 100% exploration on sections 1-3, they’re easy enough. Then do one run through on 4-6 to get the completion rewards. After that, build your stash of revives and pots, and hit the rest one at a time. We would recommend 10-15 revives and a good handful of pots per path. The exploration rewards are lackluster, and don’t warrant spending to get it done quickly, we’ll likely have a few months to get it done. Also, at a minimum we would recommend only bringing 4 star r5 or 5 star r3 champs to these fights, the enemies are just too strong for anything less. As far as the design goes, the first three sections were pretty fun, but these last three were definitely very challenging, and we’re sure they’ll be very frustrating on the harder paths. We’re not looking forward to the increase in difficulty that 5.3 and 5.4 bring.

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