Wedge Antilles Review – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Wedge Antilles is the newest attacker class character and he has synergies with a rebel team. On the whole, he is on par with the, now nerfed, First Order TIE Pilot, once he gets his debuff up. Which, unlike the TIE Pilot, he can. In this Review we show you exactly what is good and bad on Wedge Antilles, but don’t miss our other reviews in the Guide Section.

Wedge Antilles Review

In Arena, like all attackers aside from Rey and Leia, he has no real place. Even at gear 9 (fitted with a fusion furnace) He has only 21k of health and protection. Although he hits decently he still doesn’t hit that much more than full health support or tanks. His debuff is nice for focus fire adding nearly 1k per hit. His AOE is fairly weak and not useful for finishing off a character that is hiding behind a taunt unless that enemy has almost zero health.

Wedge Antilles in the Arena

In the first of the arena battles all of the auto and one of the manual battles ended in a loss. Because our opponent has a gear 10 omega maxed rey, no team without Leia can win on auto, but our  included a control fight as well. You can see that the team fared significantly worse when Rey was replaced with Wedge Antilles.

Against non Rex, super-maxed teams, Wedge fares better, but the team would fare better with Leia or Rey as well. The Arena 3 team available was very weak so our only bothered to record one battle.

Wedge Antilles in the Raids

In raids, Wedge Antilles fairs pretty well thanks to his debuff. (Note the bug where Leia is attacked through stealth with only expose, and not death mark). Toward the middle of the P1 Battle you can really see the difference Wedge’s Antilles debuff made to the damage. Please note that all of the Raid videos were our last battles of the day and were sub-optimal groupings.


Wedge Antilles a Rebel Attacker with a strong offensive opening in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Wedge Antilles in the Challenges

In challenges, Wedge Antilles is a solid attacker but because there are no level 80 challenges, no challenges are a challenge save maybe the AGI Gear Challenge (Where you fight Savage Opress with your healers).

Conclusion: With a fusion furnace, Wedge Antilles is a solid attacker, but like all attackers save Leia and Rey, flounder in the age of high health/high protection/decent damage tanks and support. You will likely not use him in Arena, but he is a solid B/C/D/E team on most Raid fights.

It’s interesting to note that at gear 9, Wedge Antilles needs 3 pieces of raid gear (Droid Caller, Security Scanner, & Nubian Design Tech) to get to gear X. One hopes that after fitting all that, when he shoots you get a guaranteed kill; But something tells us that’s not likely.

Wedge Antilles requires a previous purchase history of at least $200 to show up as an Aurodium Pack in your data cards and then another $100-$300 worth of Aurodium Pack purchases (Our Wedge Antilles cost 30k crystals, or roughly $200. And then another $100 to level and gear).

At the present time we do not consider the purchase “worth it”. However, when the clones were Aurodium they weren’t all that “worth it” either and now just look at Rex & Fives go! So if money is no object, this is maybe a good investment, otherwise you are probably better off with refreshes and getting a FOTP (Maybe by the time you hard mode farm him, CG will have given him some potency and a little more damage)

Thanks to user The Consulars for creating this review for Wedge Antilles.

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What do you think of Wedge Antilles in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes? Is he good or bad? Do you have any suggestions or feedback? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. i dont know how you can even consider replacing rey with wedge on a team that has zero synergy with him….. bad testing = bad review.

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