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Nute Gunray is one of the arena store characters that everyone ignored until Leia became a thing with the protection buff and DPS nerf. DPS averages down fast once a character dies and Leia is one of the few attackers capable of surviving a fight so even though Rey may totally outclass her on DPS, Leia’s DPS is better over the entire fight because Leia lives.

There are two problems with Leia though. She is highly RNG dependent, she can do as little as 2k in turn or as much as 15k. She also loses a turn to keep her stealth up.

Nute Gunray Review

Now here is where Nute makes things interesting. Leia already has a decent crit rating, she will usually give everyone crit chance up, and then Nute Gunray in the leader position gives Leia an additional 55% crit chance + a 30% turn meter gain on a critical hit. And Leia shoots three times and an omega on her basic has a 50% chance to give her an additional 10% turn meter with every shot.

So it’s entirely possible that if the RNG gods are kind to you that Leia will just roll a happy string of 3 shots and take out the entire enemy team without taking a single break.

That won’t happen, but its possible.


Nute Gunray Overview

So off the bat, here is our Nute Gunray.

You’ll notice there’s no omega mat on his basic. We could have fixed one, however Nute Gunray on defense will always use that stupid grenade, and that grenade does not grant stealth. Even with a fusion furnace getting him to the next gear level he has no health or protection and even with a RG, the other team will easily nuke him. The omega would help on offense of course where you would just stick with basics, but D is important in arena and its important to realize that Nute Gunray exists only for his leader ability. He likely will not get a single shot off, or his grenade.

We did Omega Nute’s leader ability though. That’s was worth 3 tokens to find out if this was a good combo.

We’ll note that our Leia is Omega Mat maxed on all of her abilities save her leader.

The first video is a control fight. We matched our opponent’s lineup and ran an auto battle so you could see how the team performs without Nute Gunray.

Now here is the same team with Nute Gunray as lead instead of Rex.

It’s important to realize that rex is a natural counter to Leia in that his leader gives the team 7% turn meter (15% for clones) every time someone suffers a critical hit, which Leia is dishing out in droves. You’ll see we fared quite a bit worse than the control team.

Nute Gunray in the Arena

The second two battles are against non-Rex opponents. In the Arena3 battles there are several times Leia gets a string of 5 shots off in a row, absolutely obliterating the enemy RG.

And how did that “perfect team” of Ben, RG & Fives fare? They lost, but not terribly so, a human player could have pulled off the win. Maybe if we had Ben’s abilities higher than 3 it would have made a little difference.

Conclusion: The Nute Gunray/Leia combo is a deadly pair against most arena teams. However, presently Rex is her foil as he will turn her crits into turn meter gains. The combo holds its own pretty well on D against most non-Rex teams.

On offence Nute Gunray is useful, providing additional, relatively safe DPS and will do this better once fitted with an Omega on his basic. That said, there is nothing that can save Nute on D. As long as the first move is a grenade toss, he will be exposed and easy for the human opponent to remove from the board.

Given how easy Nute Gunray is to obtain and star up, you should probably expect to see this combo on your galactic war in the near future (PS — Think Plo and Ventress for counters). Given that this team performed well against the #3 and #4 ranked teams, Nute Gunray with Leia is a viable arena meta combo.

We need to state that Nute’s health, protection, damage and utility are sub par and without Leia to pair with Nute Gunray really isn’t the best attacker to level. The grenade is useful on the rancor fight just to keep a debuff up on the rancor but you have to be insanely lucky to get it to stick.

Thanks to user The Consulars for creating this review of Nute Gunray.

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