Accuracy Guide – Summoners War

Greetings, Summoners War community today we have an Accuracy Guide for you, which is very valuable and filled with interesting information.
Off the backs of some giants, and through some data gathering of our own, We’ve prepared for you an extensive Accuracy Guide for Summoners War on effective accuracy caps for PvE, along with the reasons and theories behind them.
Summary: 85% accuracy is the hard cap, anything above it is a waste. 45% accuracy is the cap for 99% of all PvE encounters (55% for DB10), any excess is almost never needed. Slot 6 accuracy runes may be generally worthless.

Accuracy Guide – Summoners War

The Current Theory on Accuracy

A simple google search of how accuracy mechanics work in SW is best answered by this result. Long story short, if the debuff activates, the chance it is resisted is MAX(RES-ACC, 15%), where MAX is the larger of the two values. This theory has been hotly debated, but the post points to this post in the SW forums (which has some nice examples of the use of the formula), who reported this formula from comments from a developer. This means that if you know the resistance of a monster, you only need that minus 15% as your accuracy for the highest application rate.

The Tests on the Theory

We said in the paragraph above that this theory is hotly debated. Basically, we tested the differences of accuracy on effect rate, and found that 82% ACC, 94% ACC, and 36% ACC all had identical resist rates. Let that sink in – on floor 100 of Trial of Ascension Hard, 36% ACC and 94% accuracy both had the exact same effect. In fact, we were able to calculate our resistance to be 48.6% +- 2.0%, assuming the current theory is correct. Pulling data from the raw information (more on that in a second), the resistance of these monsters was 49% – perfectly within the margin of error. There have been other extensive tests on accuracy done, and they all give the same results.


The New Data for Accuracy in Summoners War

All of the above is just a summary of our current findings. We know that our current theory predicts and explains the behavior of resistance perfectly with all the data we’ve had for PvE. We have no reason to believe it works differently for PvP, but we haven’t found anyone who’s tested that as extensively as we’ve tested PvE. 85% is the absolute maximum accuracy you’ll ever need – anything over that is unnecessary. Now, however, we also have a compilation of all of the stats of the monsters you encounter in PvE. For the purposes of this post, we’ve gone through the data and summarized monster resistances – since we know we only need 15% less accuracy than they have resistance to cap it.

(Read: x monsters at y% resistance):
Magic B10: 1 at 75%, 2 at 39%, 8 at 25%, 2 at 15%
Light B10: 2 at 39%, 1 at 35%, 8 at 25%, 2 at 15%
Dark B10: 1 at 75%, 2 at 4%, 8 at 25%, 2 at 15%
Fire B10: 1 at 75%, 2 at 39%, 8 at 25%, 2 at 15%
Water B10: 1 at 75%, 2 at 39%, 8 at 25%, 2 at 15%
Wind B10: 1 at 75%, 2 at 39%, 8 at 25%, 2 at 15%
Giants B10: 1 at 160%*, 5 at 60%, 6 at 50%, 8 at 49%
Dragons B10: 5 at 70%, 1 at 69%, 12 at 60%
Necropolis B10: 4 at 60%, 6 at 50%, 7 at 49%
ToAN: 202 at 60%, 40 at 50%, 493 at 49%, 235 at 30%, 297 at 27%, 92 at 24%**
ToAH: 210 at 60%, 29 at 50%, 486 at 49%, 234 at 30%, 297 at 27%, 97 at 24%**
Raid 1-5: 3 at 30% (all heads/units have the same stats)

* – this is the middle golem boss, and none of us are actually quite sure what 160% resistance is supposed to mean. If the formula above holds true at resistances above 100%, this would mean that unless you have 60% accuracy you cannot land a debuff on him. We know from experimentation this isn’t the case, but this is literally the one outlier in the entire game like this.
** – there are a handful of other monsters in ToA with resistances in between these, but these are by far the most common.

So what does this mean? It means that accuracy caps (for PvE), given the available data, are much lower than 85%. And it varies based on what you want to do. 15% accuracy is all anyone needs for raids, 45% accuracy is all that’s needed for ToA, Necro and Giants, 55% is all that’s needed for Dragons. There are a handful of exceptions – the middle boss in Giants (which needs further testing), a few monsters in ToA (water ninja, dark garuda) have additional resistance from a passive skill which is not included – but for the vast majority of things that matter, 55% accuracy is more than enough.
What should you do with this information? Well that’s up to you. Personally, next FRR we’re removing all of our slot 6 accuracy runes on everyone but Galleon (PvP monsters can have 100% resistance) and putting more useful runes on them, like HP%, DEF% or ATK%. We do a lot of ToA, but 45% accuracy can handle literally every ToAN and ToAH monster except those with resistance as a passive skill, and that is super easy to get with just a focus offset. The only monsters who are getting 55% accuracy are our DB10 team, but that’s also fairly easy to get without slot 6 ACC runes.

Thanks to user Tokuro for creating this Accuracy Guide for Summoners War.

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