Understanding ticks and speed – Summoners War

Understanding ticks and speed - Summoners War

Summoners War: Sky Arena by Com2uS

Hello fellow Summoners War players! Today we thought we could take some time to write-up an interesting read about speed requirements for the dungeons in Summoners War. We will try to explain how the speed, attackbar and tick mechanics work in Summoners War, as well as some insights on how you can use this knowledge to your advantage. This piece was inspired because we quite often see a false\* statement in the DAT.

​Understanding ticks and speed – Summoners War

In order to have 2 turns guaranteed before the GB10 boss moves, you need to be twice as fast, so 150+ speed.

In most cases, this is wrong. Let’s see why this statement can be true, but most of the time is not!

​Let us explain something about Attackbar, speed and ticks first. Summoners War’s turn mechanic is based on so-called Ticks. These are in-game states, similar to turns, except sometimes nothing happens during a tick. The game simply keeps stacking ticks until a unit in the field gets a turn. When a unit gets a turn, that also counts as a tick. In order to not get stuck in an infinite loop of stacking ticks without anything happening, something needs to happen every tick to eventually create an event that triggers a turn. This happens in the form of attackbar gain.

Every tick, all units in the field get 7% of their total speed as attackbar. This is the final speed as it currently is, so it includes: substats, swift set, speed totem, leader skills, passives as well as speed buff and break. Once a unit gets to 100% attackbar, it becomes eligible for a turn. However, just having 100%+ attackbar does not guarantee a turn! The unit with the highest attackbar gets the turn. So it is possible all 10 units in the game have 100%+ attackbar, but only 1 of them gets a turn. When that 1 unit takes the turn, all other units still get 7% of their speed added to their attackbar, causing so-called attackbar-overflow.

Generally, in speedtuned teams you want to avoid this. Consider a ‘relay-race’. With full attackbar, your unit is just waiting for the previous guy to finish his turn, while being useless. All overflow attackbar is lost when the turn is taken. Every tick with 100%+ attackbar is therefore basically wasted!

​That aside, let’s take a look at what this means practically. The GB10 boss has 75 speed, so it gains 5.25 attackbar per tick. After 20 ticks, the boss is finally eligible for a turn (105 attackbar). If you want to guarantee that your slowest damage dealer takes two turns before this happens, it needs to have more than 105 attackbar at tick 20. In the ideal case, this means you want to split his turns as evenly as possible. The first turn should be at T10, the second at T20 with more than 105 attackbar.

You might think, ‘well what is the problem? Having your unit move at T10 means he 142.9 speed or more. In order to lapse the boss, it needs to be 150.1 or more. Easy to get.’ This is indeed true, but you will find that if you make all your units faster than 150.1 speed, the boss will still cut your damage dealer? How is this possible?

This is caused by the attackbar and tick mechanics. Remember the relay example? Your fastest unit moves maybe at tick 7. Then the second one moves at tick 8, the third at tick 9, the fourth at tick 10. Wait a minute! Your slowest damage dealer is no longer moving at tick 10 because he needs to wait for his teammates to take their turn first!

​So theoretically, 150.1 speed is enough, but only if the rest of the team is fast enough to move in the ticks before it. So in order to have your damage dealer move twice at 150.1 speed, your fastest unit needs to move at T6, the second at T7, 3rd at T8, 4th at T9 and then finally your nuker at T10. Here’s a spreadsheet with an example:

Refer to the table below to see the speeds per tick:​

T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 T10
Speed > 1428.57 714.29 476.19 357.14 285.71 238.1 204.09 178.57 158.73 142.86

​But what if you don’t want to make your fastest unit move at T6 and still be guaranteed to take two turns? Glad you asked, because that’s fairly simple to calculate!

If your fastest unit moves a tick too late, your damage dealer needs to move a tick faster. So if your Galleon moves at T7, then your damage dealer automatically moves at T11 at the earliest, meaning it has only 9 ticks to fill the attackbar again in order to lapse the boss. So the speed requirement is increased from 150.1 to 166.7. If two of your units are not fast enough to make their tick, your damage dealer needs to compensate for two ticks, pushing the speed up to 187.5 which is the balance point. If everyone is faster than 187.5 you are sure to outspeed the bosstower twice. (edit: since the boss moves after the tower – they have the same speed – the actual speed requirement to cut the boss is slightly lower! See edit2 below for an interactive spreadsheet to mess around with!)

So it is certainly worth it to make your faster buff/support units higher speed ticks, so that your nukers can be slower and still get turns!


151 speed does not necessarily mean you move twice before a 75 speed unit. Making your other teammates faster might allow you to make your nukers slower while remaining speed tuned. Certainly worth looking at if you need some added reliability to your GB10 team!

Big Thanks to player okaydan2 for help creating and develop this Summoners War guide.

Feel free to pop in some comments and give us feedback for this guide for Summoners War. If you’re looking for more, check out our guide-section.

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