Realm of Legends Guide 2018 – Marvel’s Contest of Champions

Realm of Legends Guide 2018 – Marvel’s Contest of Champions

MARVEL Contest of Champions by Kabam

Before reading this guide, keep in mind that we did it originally to our alliance, as it has a good number of beginner and intermediate level members. We tried searching for an updated Realm of Legends guide, and decided to make a comprehensive and complete one to help anyone that needs it.

As per title, this guide has the objective to help new players on beating the Realm of Legends (RoL) event quest.

Marvel’s Contest of Champions – Realm of Legends Guide 2018

Overall Information

Realm of Legends is a gauntlet of long fights that has been on the game since day one. In these days, 4* were like 6* nowadays, and almost nobody had a 4* above 2/20.

That’s why it took around a year (or more) for the first player to beat RoL. But this game evolved a lot since then, and Realm of Legends has become easier.

About the champs

As RoL is a day one event, all champs featured are old champs. Though in the meantime, most of them got reworked to be more competitive, their Realm of Legends counterparts didn’t. This means that most of these champs are far easier to fight than you might think.

For example:

  • WS doesn’t have his special bullets;
  • Juggernaut can be stunned while unstoppable and doesn’t have his unstoppable buff at the beginning of each fight;
  • Fighting Rhino doesn’t make anyone want to throw his phone outta window;
  • Storm doesn’t shock;
  • Wolverine’s healing isn’t tied to his power levels.

All those champs are maxed 4*s with a huge amount of health, that why their PI are so high.

They don’t have any nodes on them, either global, linked or local. They can’t even use their special 3 after all. This means that you don’t have to bait any specials if you don’t want.

How to prepare

We strongly recommend that your main attacker is at least 5/50 or 3/45.

When you have your team set, (Please refer to the suggested teams section if you need any help to make a team) make a test run against the first two enemies, Winter Soldier and Captain Marvel. If you can beat both without using any revives and have more than 75% of health left, you’re ready to go.

Before doing your run, make sure that your phone is either charged or charging, you have a free day (or two) to complete it, you’re in a comfortable position and you’re well fed. Please remember that you don’t need to beat all those fights at once. This means that you can make a pause between fights to eat, drink anything, take a shower or even vent your anger after a hard fight. Please don’t fight angry, you’ll likely lose.

Our team

  • 5s Ghost Rider 4/55 unduped
  • 4s Star-lord 5/50 Sig 60
  • 5s Cyclops 1/25 (Synergy)
  • 4s Magneto (Red) 3/30 (Synergy)
  • 4s Wolverine 3/30 (Synergy)

Suggested teams

  • 4s/5s (Main champ) (5/50 or 3/45)(*)
  • 4s/5s (Anti-Wolverine) (5/50 or 3/45)(*)(!)
  • Synergy Champ I
  • Synergy Champ II
  • Synergy Champ III

Main champ: Your ideal main champ is someone with high damage (either by itself or DoT) and regen. Our opinion is regen > damage. Especially as you’re able to undo any mistakes or block damage.


  • Blade
  • Ghost Rider
  • Wolverine
  • X-23

(*)You can bring a higher level champ if you have one.

Anti-Wolverine champ: As wolverine is the hardest fight by far due to his regen, you need someone to deal with his regen.


  • Guillotine (Most obvious)
  • Star-Lord (Duped)
  • Ghost Rider (Duped)
  • Archangel (Duped)
  • Void (Duped)
  • Yondu
  • Doctor Octopus

(*)You can bring a higher level champ if you have one.

(!)You can bring Guillotine as 4/40 or 2/35

Synergy champs: As the name says, you won’t use them for any fight, you’ll bring them solely to power your attacking champs.


  • X Cyclops/OG Magneto/Wolverine
  • OG Cyclops/OG Magneto/Wolverine
  • X Cyclops/OG Magneto/Storm (#)
  • OG Cyclops/OG Magneto/Storm

(#) Best choice team


As I’ve said above, these are long fights. Some of them can easily reach 500+ hits. So patience is required to fight properly.

Be careful as you have a chance to be stunned if you get hit.

Winter Soldier and Captain Marvel: If you’re following this guide, you’ve been fighting them long enough to beat them easily. They’re pretty easy and their function in to introduce you to the other fights.

Juggernaut: He’ll occasionally become unstoppable, just parry or evade him and give him a proper beating.

Rhino: He’s as easy as the first two fights.

Storm: She’s the second hardest fight on Realm of Legends due to her special 2. Mess up and die at your peril. Otherwise, easy to beat.

Vision and Black Panther: Vision is resistant to damage over time, this means you’ll have a longer fight if you were relying on it at previous fights. They’re both easy to predict and shouldn’t cause any hassle.

Scarlet Witch: SW can be pesky. Keep in mind that she’ll inflict a lot of debuffs (and an occasional fury), including heal block and power drain into you and herself. Plan accordingly your healing time.

Wolverine: He’s the true boss and a major pain. We had to fight him in the following day because we couldn’t beat him at the first time. His biggest problem is his healing ability, which is tied to his health.

  • If you’re using Guillotine, just hit him with a special 2 when he’s healing and watch his health drop magically.
  • If you’re using Scarlet Witch or Loki, nullify/steal his regens ASAP.
  • If you’re using Star-Lord, just remember you’re trying to overpower a guy that can regen up to FREAKING 30k of health per tick. You need your dupe ability at max. Lose your combo, and you’ll have to restart. 200 hits can make a dent into him, 300 hits can take him to half health, but you’ll need 400+ hits to beat him.

Black Bolt and Hulk: After bearing Wolverine, thank god they’re as easy to fight as Winter Soldier. Bait Black Bolt’s special 2 for a faster fight. He’ll take 13k damage per use.

When you finish you’ll get the following rewards

3 Tier 4 Basic Catalysts (Though T4Bs are a good thing to get at the moment you finish RoL, there are easier ways to get them)

1 Tier 1 Alpha Catalyst (You’re probably full of them anyway)

10000 gold (You’ll earn more at the fights along the way)

4s Cyclops, 4s Rhino and 4s Ronan (Bragging rights rewards for completionists)

The feeling that your skill has increased

An easy fight to gather Tier 3 potions (Winter Soldier)

Here is another good video guide for the Realm of Legends:

Final notes

If you can’t beat Realm of Legends (or any game mode) now, get stronger and get back to dominate it. You don’t need to follow this guide seriously, if you think you can beat it with a champ that we didn’t list, go for it. The funniest thing in MCoC (and life in general) is to explore the possibilities.

Thanks and credit to user Burn0ut_ for help creating this guide.

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