Tempest 1 and 2 Guide for new players – CSR Racing 2

Tempest 1 and 2 Guide for new players - CSR Racing 2

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This guide is written with the intention of showing newer players what cars to pick for the Tempest 1 and 2 story lines, with the goal being to win all 10 boss cars with the least amount of stress possible. Following this guide will ensure that the player will never get stuck and rely on a lucky pull from a crate in order to beat a race or a boss. Following this guide will allow the player to win all 10 boss cars without spending money on super nitrous, because your cars will be so fast, the boss races will be laughable.

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CSR Racing 2 – Tempest 1 and 2 Guide for new players

This is not a guide to tell you every single car which can complete the story lines. That guide is simple: Every car that can be pulled from a crate can beat Tempest 1 and 2 with the singular exception of the T1 Toyota 86. Don’t use that car.

In this guide you will be given our recommendations for what cars to use for Tempest story in each tier. You are free to use any other car to compete time trials, however, our recommendation for time trials is to have 1 time trial car be a car that can be customized, and the other being your best Live car for that tier.


Maxed: Car has all stage 6 and is fully fused.

Credit to Kimon for maxed car times, which can be found here.

Credit to Fatalstryke for Boss times, which can be found here.

Tempest 1

Tier 1: 1-star Golf. Maxed time: 11.792. Boss time: 12.300 No other car recommended.

Tier 2: 1-star Boxster. Maxed time: 8.501. Boss time: 10.999

Alternate car: 0-star Boxster, which is bought with gold. No maxed time available, but it is under 9 seconds.

Tier 3: 2-star Mustang GT. Maxed time: 8.632. Boss time: 10.011.

Alternate car: 2-star BMW M4. Maxed time: 8.614

Tier 4: 3-star 2015 Nissan GT-R. Maxed time: 12.351. Boss time: 13.700.

1st Alternate Car: 4-star 2015 LB GT-R. Maxed time: 12.190.

2nd Alternate Car: 3-star Aston Martin Vanquish. Maxed time: 12.223

Tier 5: 3-star Lambo Huracan. Maxed time: 8.274. Boss time: 10.967.

1st Alternate Car: 5-star Lambo LB Huracan. Maxed time: 8.227.

2nd Alternate car: 4-star Maclaren 570-VX. Maxed time: 8.289.

With the notable exception of the Boxster, which is stupidly overpowered, every single one of our recommended cars, including all alternates, has a dealer bought version, for CASH, that you can buy and strip for parts and stage 6 pieces. No keys needed. No hoping for a lucky stage 6 from a crate or daily challenge. Cash, and cash only, will allow you to max out every single car we recommend, again, except for the Boxster. Tempest 1 is actually pretty easy using these cars. Tempest 2 will probably require you to buy and strip about a dozen cars in each tier.

For those who do not have, or do not have enough gold to get a Boxster, our answer is pretty simple: Tempest isn’t going anywhere. The races don’t expire. Wait until you get one. No, I’m not going to recommend another car in that tier. Not having a Boxster is a very clear sign that you are probably not ready for Tempest 1, and almost certainly not ready for Tempest 2.

Tempest 1 and 2 Guide for new players

Tempest 2

Only vehicle change is for Tier 3. If you followed the guide, you won Amelia’s M4, and you will swap that car in to replace the Mustang GT.

Tier 1 boss time: 12.037.

Tier 2 boss time: 10.214.

Tier 3. Amelia’s LB M4 maxed time: 8.243. Boss time: 9.003.

Tier 4 boss time: 13.125.

Tier 5 boss time: 10.800.

Before going into the boss races, you should be comfortably driving your car about 0.200 under the boss time, except for Tempest 2, T1, where you may no be able to squeeze quite that much out of the car. Just be able to reliably drive the Golf under 12 seconds and you’ll be good.

Big Thanks to player SincroFashad for help creating and develop this CSR Racing 2 Guide.

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Do you have more Tips and Tricks for CSR Racing 2? Then please get in touch in the comments. We will then steadily expand this article, to offer a comprehensive guide to the game.

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