CSR Racing 2: Tempest 3 Tier 1-5 Guide

CSR Racing 2: Tempest 3 Tier 1-5 Guide

CSR Racing 2 by NaturalMotionGames Ltd

The new Tempest 3 challenge for CSR Racing 2 has been released with the 1.19 update since a couple of days. In this post our attempt is to help you in beating the new Tier 1 (T1) to Tier 5 challenges in the new Tempest 3 for the game. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below and we will try to help you. You can find a general guide to CSR Racing 2 with more tuning and other tips in this post.



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Tempest 3 Tier 1-5 Guide – CSR Racing 2

Tier 1

In T1 challenge all racers are given the new Mazda MX-5 Miata.

To receive the car, you must first complete all time trials (T1 to T5) and click on the new event (Sneak’s challenge) in Tier 1.

All players are locked to Mazda MX-5 Miata and the car cannot be changed to anything else.

All races cost 2 fuel pips and there is a total of 50 challenges including:

  • 1/4 drag races
  • 0-60 mph sprint challenges
  • speed trap challenges

The below link is to the file summary of all races, applicable PP restrictions, recommended upgrades to meet PP restrictions, recommended tuning settings to complete and used shift patterns.

Also there is a table summarising the rewards for completing all challenges.

General rule of thumb – upgrade and fuse cars from bottom to top (starting with stage 1 to stage 5).

Link to the document:

CSR2 Tempest 3 – Tier 1 Guide

  • All fusion parts awarded in the challenge are Mazda only.
  • Tuning settings and shift patterns reviewed and revised where applicable.
  • Please note that all upgrades, tuning settings and shift patterns valid for maxed cars only!

Tier 2

This part is to illustrate how Porsche Boxster (1*) can be used to complete Tempest 3 – Tier 2 with ease.

There are many cars in T2 tier that we can choose – other than WRX STI and KJ’s Rocket Bunny who are too slow – but you would do yourself a disfavour if you don’t select the Boxster.

Frankly speaking, Porsche Boxster (either 0* or 1*) should be your go-to car for any T2 related content (events, trials, etc.) since it is the fastest and one of the easiest cars in T2 to race with.

And yes, IMO it is worth its weight in gold (755 to buy) – the only car in-game that is worth saving your gold for!

So, without further ado please check the below link to the guide that will walk you through all challenges in Tempest 3 / Tier 2:

CSR2 Tempest 3 – Tier 2 Guide

Tier 3

This part is similar to the Tempest 3 – Tier 1 – Mazda MX-5 Miata challenge.

This time however we are free to choose any T3 car from our garage.

We’ve chosen BMW M4 Coupe (2*) due to the following reasons:

  • Availability – since it is 2* car we assume that a lot of us have it already from either bronze or silver crates.
  • Can be bought for cash – the non-starred version can be purchased for in-game cash ($200,000) and stripped for fusion parts (U/R/E) and stage 6 upgrades.
  • BMW M235i Coupe (T2) – can be purchased for in-game cash ($75,000) and stripped for fusion parts (U/R/E)
  • The BMW M4 is fairly adjustable and when you get to the last 10 races (pretty much unrestricted @ 586 PP) it can run 8.4xx maxed (mine runs 8.5xx without S6 tires) which means no issues to secure Petah’s LM Camaro

The race system is fairly similar to T1 (Mazda) challenge but there are also some random fusion parts rewarded (not necessarily for Chevrolet) and some S6 upgrades (1 random and 2 for LM Camaro).

Also the number of gold keys you can win has increased to 6.

CSR2 Tempest 3 – Tier 3 Guide

Tier 4

After breezing through tiers 3, 2 and 5 (all are relatively easy), tier 4 proved to be quite challenging.

Our opinion is that the speedtrap and sprint challenges are imbalanced in comparison to earlier tiers.

Many cars in Tier 4 are quite fast to accelerate (e.g. S15 RB, RX-7 RB, AM Vantage, Trackhawk, M4 GTS to name just the recent) however they quickly run out of steam.

Other cars (e.g. LB/NSX, F40) have great top speed (We can run our LB NSX up to 278MPH, F40 up to 300MPH!), yet they struggle to accelerate to meet the sprint requirements.

Perhaps only Roman’s BR9 (P2P) car would be balanced enough to complete the whole set of challenges, however we’ve made mine elite so couldn’t use it.

So our initial choice was to use Ferrari F40 (5*), which we felt should be the most balanced of all other T4 cars in our collection. And since we had it for a very long time it came fully kitted (maxed).

We were good up to race #47. This 0-60 sprint requires time faster than 1.494 seconds to complete.

We’ve spent hours trying different upgrades, tunings and shift patterns for the F40 to reduce the initial (in 1st gear) wheel spin but the best time we’ve managed was 1.564, still 0.070 seconds short.

Therefore the decision to change car (it costs 200 gold) from F40 to Nissan Silvia (S15) Rocket Bunny. This car is easy to drive, accelerates insanely fast and we’ve built it to be good for 11.5xx final time, well ahead of the Donna Banks’ target time of 12.452 (pink slip race).

So you will notice in our spreadsheet that lines for races starting #47 and up to #51 (pink slip race) are highlighted in different colour to illustrate that we’re using different car (also in comment with applied shift pattern).

Please be aware of this – unless the races are re-balanced you may need to save gold to make the car switch.

CSR2 Tempest 3 – Tier 4 Guide

Tier 5

We feel that our guide to Tempest 3 – Tier 5 is not really necessary as there are theoretically 54 cars (including F2P and P2P) that can run faster than the pink slip race time of 9.078. (if driven at the world record pace.

However we thought it would still be good if only to have a complete view of all Tempest 3 challenges.

For quite long time we considered which car to use – there are many that could go through the Tier 5 with ease (e.g. LB/Huracan, AM DB11, 570-VX, etc.) but finally went for McLaren 720S for the following reasons:

  • It has been a milestone car long time ago (season#20) so a good number of people would win it then.
  • Because it has been available for so long there is a good chance you would have few S6 upgrades for it already.
  • McLaren fusion parts are fairly common and, if needed, you can always buy 570S for in-game cash and strip for more fusions.
  • It is stupidily easy to drive. You can beat all challenges with few S6 upgrades even if you stay at FD 2.0.
  • Recently a golden cup car (current season #49) so again, many people had the chance to pull it from gold crates and build to finish the event.

So yeah, racing maxed 720S in Tempest 3 – Tier 5 felt like… cheating… ;D

If you check the spreadsheet you will notice that full stage 5 (699+1719) would allow you to compete all the way up to race #48.

Add just S6 nitrous (for 701+1887) and you would already dropped dyno to 8.941 (333MPH) without touching the tuning at all.

And we’re sure that you would probably have at least 2 or 3 S6 upgrades for it if not close to / maxed already.

The last set of races (#41 – #51) we’ve used full set of S6 so we could drive the car with our eyes closed and even if we messed something up (or the game decided to drop our PP+EP rating for whatever reason), we would still get the car.

CSR2 Tempest 3 – Tier 5 Guide

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Big Thanks to user FekAll666 and his team for help creating this guide.

Please let us know if you see any mistakes and we appreciate any feedback, thanks! For more guides about CSR2 Racing check: CSR Racing 2: Ultimate Guide 2018 with Tuning Tips and CSR Racing 2 – Beginners Guide.

NEW: Honda LB NSX In Depth

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13 Comments on "CSR Racing 2: Tempest 3 Tier 1-5 Guide"

  1. Re T4 0-60 time to beat of 1.494 seconds. I tuned my GT350R to run 0-60 at 1.122 seconds. 4.17 fd, immediate nox. 662 +478 evo

  2. I am on Tempest 3 tier 3. I am using the Mustang GT Premium. Any information on tunes that can help me get through this level?

  3. Zora Arkus-Duntov | April 17, 2019 at 2:38 am | Reply

    Awesome write up. And 100% agree w/T4 difficulty.
    Sucks that the F40 and Silvia Rocket Bunny are “Crate Only” cars. That effectively could be a game-ender for people since it could be FORVER until you happen to hit on one. I’m in that position now.
    Coincidentally, the Silvia RB can actually be purchased for 2100 gold during this Easter season. But it’s still not enough to complete the top speed traps. I still need the F40 from a random crate. I’m thinking this is “Game Over” for me unless they rebalance the requirements. ?

  4. Edward J Cross | May 18, 2019 at 4:08 am | Reply

    Angel from NuFang has a popup that says “There are campaign races waiting for you in Tier1. Beat them now to progress.”
    How do I do this? I can’t seem to get rid of this message on the map.

  5. T-4 with max RB9 (p2p) it’s very easy, no need to swap cars or adjust tunes to beat speed traps, or sprint traps.

  6. Hello i finished the tempest 3 the last season or the one before and it was really a piece of cake.
    This guide is a pretty amazing i wish i could have it before,but anyway i got my own experience,and i used in t4 the legendary lambo countach with all s6 stages and never struggled with any of acceleration or top speed at any race.
    Also i got the 2016 audi r8 with 4 or 5 s6 parts and got 8.7 which was pretty easy to win all the races easily due to its fast acceleration and very high speed ,could reach 500+ km.i reccomend the r8 since it was the pc car which most of us had it lately with at least 3 s6 and alot of fusions,also to get more fusions you can buy the audi tt or the rs5 with no stars and strip it to get more fusion parts.
    Thank you for this guide and hope you take my note into consideration.

  7. When will Tempest 4 be coming?

  8. Lambo Countach is good, Tempest 3 T4 was easy with it. My spec for 260mph was: E6, T6, I5, N6, B6, Tir 4, Tr 6. 188/2.70/55-45. Other races was a little walk in the park.

  9. Luis Goncalves | April 29, 2020 at 8:51 am | Reply

    Hello, Need help with A110 ate Stage 22! Can someone give me the right tune ?

  10. Matthew Jones | August 7, 2020 at 9:20 pm | Reply

    need help with the 3 star huracan coupe in tempest 3 tier 5

  11. Francois Schneider | September 30, 2020 at 4:27 pm | Reply

    Tier 4 is possible without changing cars using the Jaguar Project 8 (almost fully maxed), which was the Prestige Cup car a few weeks ago. It requires a lot of re-tunes and to remember that with proper shifting + NOS timing it is sometimes possible to beat the max speed stated by the dyno.

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