CSR Racing 2 – Beginners Guide

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We have been around in CSR Racing 2 since the start. And one of the reasons for our success is the knowledge we’ve gained and shared with our Crew members Season after Season.
There is a basic set of knowledge that we feel everyone who picks up this game should know. And we thought we would share that with the CSR 2 Community! This counts for every type of player, totally beginner or advanced player. Please feel free to share this information for CSR Racing 2 in 2018. Constructive feedback is certainly welcome. But we just hope it helps a whole lot of racers improve their earnings and the quality of their garages!

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Beginners Guide – CSR Racing 2

Obtaining Cars

  • Cars purchased with cash or gold have NO STARS and LIMITED POTENTIAL
  • Rare cars (with stars) have more Fusion slots and, therefore, more performance potential
  • Rare cars can be won through crates, beating bosses, or as a season prize
  • Each car acquired, through any means, earns 500 RP (Respect Points)
  • Many racers buy cars in order to strip them for Fusion parts and a chance of S6 upgrades

CSR Racing 2 - Beginners Guide

General Racing in CSR Racing 2

  • Releasing the accelerator at one second before launch provides a good launch for many cars
  • “Perfect Shift” is seldom the best shift point in early gears; experiment
  • “Perfect Shit” if often required in late gears for fastest times; experiment
  • The best time to use NOS is often different from car to car
  • When wheel spin has slowed or ended is often the best time to use NOS in CSR Racing 2

Earning Respect Points (RP)

  • Respect Points (RP) appear in both your personal Leaderboard and the Crew Leaderboard (Crew RP) in CSR Racing 2
  • Your personal Leaderboard is accessible from the tabs of the flyout menu on the left of the screen when in your Garage, the Crew Hangout, or the Map
  • The Crew Leaderboard is found in the Crew Hangout, accessible from your Garage or the Map
  • Personal Leaderboards group together random racers of similar, personal RP earning history
  • The Crew Leaderboard ranks Crew RP of each member in your Crew
  • Personal Leaderboards have prizes, random racers as competitors, & last for a one week Season
  • Personal Leaderboard seasons start on Wednesdays and end on Tuesdays
  • Crew Leaderboards have a two-week Season revolving around the Prestige Cup
  • The Prestige Cup lasts for six days  in CSR Racing 2
  • Individual RP only counts towards your personal Leaderboard AND the Crew Leaderboard
  • Crew RP only counts towards the Crew Leaderboard
  • RP is earned by acquiring cars, stripping cars, upgrading cars, adding Fusions and race wins
  • The more rare (number and type of stars) the car you race, the more RP you will earn
  • Elite cars (those used to get your license of Tempest Challenges) have an added 10% bonus to RP
  • Wildcards increase RP earned by wins during their duration; get every TOken you can and fill them!
  • Try to complete all Cups, Trails and Daily Battles to maximize fun, rewards and RP
  • Live Race wins have the largest RP potential  in CSR Racing 2
  • Higher Tier and professional level of Regulation Races offer the most RP
  • Grinding Regulation races for RP (and Cash) is a recommended gameplay technique
  • Use the Customize screen to increase RP for any car you intend ro race (Freshness)
  • Freshness expires; check it before you take a Car out of your Garage
  • Select your car for each Cup and Trial raced based on their RP earning potential

Gameplay Tips

  • Start your day of Racing with a Daily Battle, a Free Crate and your frist Live win
  • Daily Battles and Free Crates rest in four hours in CSR Racing 2 – get 4 to 5 per day
  • Check personal Goals on the Flyout menu and complete as many as you can in a day
  • Complete every Trail and every Cup for which you qualify every single day
  • Work to get and improve on at least one winning Live Race car – ask for help
  • Collect Crew Milestone Rewards as soon as they are available  in CSR Racing 2
  • Hold your silver keys  for Donna’s increased drop rate offer for the Prestige Cup car
  • Check every car you intend to race for Freshness (RP bonus); Customize as needed
  • Use the Cars in CSR Racing 2 that will ear the most RP for every race (Freshness, Stars, Elite(
  • Work to finish top 10 in your personal Leaderboard for prizes
  • Use Gold only when necessary for Fuel and Removing Fusions
  • The game is about Keys and Cash – get all you can, whenever you can
  • If you have or need help, ASK – odds the great that we know the answer

CSR Racing 2 - Beginners Guide

Original Crew Battles in CSR Racing 2

  • Original content consists of five map regions
  • Each region corresponds to a car Tier, on through 5 (T1 – T5)
  • The player has to complete the Crew Battle in a Tier to unlock the next
  • Each region has Regulation Races, Crew Battles and Ladder Races
  • Regulation races have three difficulty levels with cash rewards
  • Ladder Races have increasing difficulty and cash and can only be won once
  • Crew Battle races have increasing difficult and cash and can only be won once
  • Each Crew member in Crew Battle has their own car in CSR Racing 2
  • The Crew Boss car can be won in a final Crew Battle race
  • “Super NOS” will be offered, for real money, for each Boss car race
  • Using “Super NOS” usually can beat the Crew Boss, but you still must race properly
  • Crew Boss times are KNOWN
  • Build your car to be faster than the Boss and save your hard-earned cash in CSR Racing 2
  • Crew Boss Times:
    • T1: KJ’s Rocket Bunny – 13.391 (1/4 mile)
    • T2: Ashleigh’s CLA 45 – 12.015 (1/4 mile)
    • T3: Kurtz Mustung HPE – 10.588 (1/4 mile)
    • T4: Victor Kidd’s Project 7 – 14.180 (1/2 mile)
    • T5: Shax’ Agera R – 11.958 (1/2 mile)

Source and big Thanks to user Kazzerigan and his crew ‘AverageNoobs’ for help creating and develop this guide.

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  1. Hey guys, many thanks for the great content ans appreciate all the contributors.

    Under Original Crew Tier Racing, as a new player, I would appreciate some help and advice on car selection for each Tier. For example, at the end of Tier 2, I bought the scamness Super Nitrous, won the CLA, but can’t run fast enough with that car maxxed, tuned, and fit with several fusion parts to win the final 4 races in Tier 3 crew and ladder. Can’t even imagine how difficult it is T4, T5…

    So being a new player, and not willing to overspend just yet, wondering which vehicles max build/tune/fuse to the highest potential for T3, 4, 5.

    I cant make up my mind if Hellcat, C7, or SS are best to finish 3.

    Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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