CSR Racing 2 – Beginners Guide

CSR Racing 2 by NaturalMotionGames Ltd

We have been around in CSR Racing 2 since the start. And one of the reasons for our success is the knowledge we’ve gained and shared with our Crew members Season after Season.
There is a basic set of knowledge that we feel everyone who picks up this game should know. And we thought we would share that with the CSR 2 Community! This counts for every type of player, totally beginner or advanced player. Please feel free to share this information for CSR Racing 2 in 2018. Constructive feedback is certainly welcome. But we just hope it helps a whole lot of racers improve their earnings and the quality of their garages!

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Beginners Guide – CSR Racing 2

Obtaining Cars

  • Cars purchased with cash or gold have NO STARS and LIMITED POTENTIAL
  • Rare cars (with stars) have more Fusion slots and, therefore, more performance potential
  • Rare cars can be won through crates, beating bosses, or as a season prize
  • Each car acquired, through any means, earns 500 RP (Respect Points)
  • Many racers buy cars in order to strip them for Fusion parts and a chance of S6 upgrades

CSR Racing 2 - Beginners Guide

General Racing in CSR Racing 2

  • Releasing the accelerator at one second before launch provides a good launch for many cars
  • “Perfect Shift” is seldom the best shift point in early gears; experiment
  • “Perfect Shit” if often required in late gears for fastest times; experiment
  • The best time to use NOS is often different from car to car
  • When wheel spin has slowed or ended is often the best time to use NOS in CSR Racing 2

Earning Respect Points (RP)

  • Respect Points (RP) appear in both your personal Leaderboard and the Crew Leaderboard (Crew RP) in CSR Racing 2
  • Your personal Leaderboard is accessible from the tabs of the flyout menu on the left of the screen when in your Garage, the Crew Hangout, or the Map
  • The Crew Leaderboard is found in the Crew Hangout, accessible from your Garage or the Map
  • Personal Leaderboards group together random racers of similar, personal RP earning history
  • The Crew Leaderboard ranks Crew RP of each member in your Crew
  • Personal Leaderboards have prizes, random racers as competitors, & last for a one week Season
  • Personal Leaderboard seasons start on Wednesdays and end on Tuesdays
  • Crew Leaderboards have a two-week Season revolving around the Prestige Cup
  • The Prestige Cup lasts for six days  in CSR Racing 2
  • Individual RP only counts towards your personal Leaderboard AND the Crew Leaderboard
  • Crew RP only counts towards the Crew Leaderboard
  • RP is earned by acquiring cars, stripping cars, upgrading cars, adding Fusions and race wins
  • The more rare (number and type of stars) the car you race, the more RP you will earn
  • Elite cars (those used to get your license of Tempest Challenges) have an added 10% bonus to RP
  • Wildcards increase RP earned by wins during their duration; get every TOken you can and fill them!
  • Try to complete all Cups, Trails and Daily Battles to maximize fun, rewards and RP
  • Live Race wins have the largest RP potential  in CSR Racing 2
  • Higher Tier and professional level of Regulation Races offer the most RP
  • Grinding Regulation races for RP (and Cash) is a recommended gameplay technique
  • Use the Customize screen to increase RP for any car you intend ro race (Freshness)
  • Freshness expires; check it before you take a Car out of your Garage
  • Select your car for each Cup and Trial raced based on their RP earning potential

Gameplay Tips

  • Start your day of Racing with a Daily Battle, a Free Crate and your frist Live win
  • Daily Battles and Free Crates rest in four hours in CSR Racing 2 – get 4 to 5 per day
  • Check personal Goals on the Flyout menu and complete as many as you can in a day
  • Complete every Trail and every Cup for which you qualify every single day
  • Work to get and improve on at least one winning Live Race car – ask for help
  • Collect Crew Milestone Rewards as soon as they are available  in CSR Racing 2
  • Hold your silver keys  for Donna’s increased drop rate offer for the Prestige Cup car
  • Check every car you intend to race for Freshness (RP bonus); Customize as needed
  • Use the Cars in CSR Racing 2 that will ear the most RP for every race (Freshness, Stars, Elite(
  • Work to finish top 10 in your personal Leaderboard for prizes
  • Use Gold only when necessary for Fuel and Removing Fusions
  • The game is about Keys and Cash – get all you can, whenever you can
  • If you have or need help, ASK – odds the great that we know the answer

CSR Racing 2 - Beginners Guide

Original Crew Battles in CSR Racing 2

  • Original content consists of five map regions
  • Each region corresponds to a car Tier, on through 5 (T1 – T5)
  • The player has to complete the Crew Battle in a Tier to unlock the next
  • Each region has Regulation Races, Crew Battles and Ladder Races
  • Regulation races have three difficulty levels with cash rewards
  • Ladder Races have increasing difficulty and cash and can only be won once
  • Crew Battle races have increasing difficult and cash and can only be won once
  • Each Crew member in Crew Battle has their own car in CSR Racing 2
  • The Crew Boss car can be won in a final Crew Battle race
  • “Super NOS” will be offered, for real money, for each Boss car race
  • Using “Super NOS” usually can beat the Crew Boss, but you still must race properly
  • Crew Boss times are KNOWN
  • Build your car to be faster than the Boss and save your hard-earned cash in CSR Racing 2
  • Crew Boss Times:
    • T1: KJ’s Rocket Bunny – 13.391 (1/4 mile)
    • T2: Ashleigh’s CLA 45 – 12.015 (1/4 mile)
    • T3: Kurtz Mustung HPE – 10.588 (1/4 mile)
    • T4: Victor Kidd’s Project 7 – 14.180 (1/2 mile)
    • T5: Shax’ Agera R – 11.958 (1/2 mile)

Source and big Thanks to user Kazzerigan and his crew ‘AverageNoobs’ for help creating and develop this guide.

More tips and tricks for CSR Racing 2

Do you have more Tips and Tricks for CSR Racing 2? Then please get in touch in the comments. We will then steadily expand this article, to offer a comprehensive guide to the game. Also check out our CSR Racing 2: Ultimate Guide 2018 with Tuning Tips and our CSR Racing 2 Guide with Tips, Tricks and Cheats.

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2 Comments on "CSR Racing 2 – Beginners Guide"

  1. Hey guys, many thanks for the great content ans appreciate all the contributors.

    Under Original Crew Tier Racing, as a new player, I would appreciate some help and advice on car selection for each Tier. For example, at the end of Tier 2, I bought the scamness Super Nitrous, won the CLA, but can’t run fast enough with that car maxxed, tuned, and fit with several fusion parts to win the final 4 races in Tier 3 crew and ladder. Can’t even imagine how difficult it is T4, T5…

    So being a new player, and not willing to overspend just yet, wondering which vehicles max build/tune/fuse to the highest potential for T3, 4, 5.

    I cant make up my mind if Hellcat, C7, or SS are best to finish 3.

    Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. Patrick Kent | April 14, 2020 at 7:31 am | Reply

    Hi Sean, I’m not a member of any community, but I have played this game for quite some time, and through experience and reading a few guides here and there, I’ve learned a few tips that made playing this game easier. Hit them up below:
    1. This is a highly repetitive game. There may be a lot of cars to play with and tune, but the basic of the game is the same, and unless you want to spend money, there is only one way to get good in this game: by playing everyday, collecting cash, gold coins, fusion parts, and stage 6 upgrades, and keys in the process. And it takes a long time. If you get bored easily playing this game, this might not be for you. But in the long run, every game is as repetitive as it gets. So the key part to play this game is patience. The main storylines are here to stay, it’s not going anywhere. If you can’t hit the boss time yet, don’t pay for anything. Keep playing, and you’ll get the upgrades eventually.

    2. You use silver keys on and only on seasonal prize cars. It guarantees the reward car after 15 spins, which cost 750 silver keys. Don’t try spinning it if you don’t have enough silver keys, it will only end in disappointments. You don’t get a lot of luck in this game. If your main goal is to win the whole thing, make sure that either: (a) you have enough fusion parts for the car brand (through previous trials, daily races, free bronze crates), (b) you have an abundance of bronze crate to spin for fusion parts or stage 6 upgrades (more on that later), or (c) the brand of the prize car (John Cooper, BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini) has a type that can be bought for cash, so you can buy, maybe fully upgrade if you have extra cash lying around, strip for fusion parts, and repeat. If none of the 3 applies, your prize car will end up as that–a prize car. It will take a long time to upgrade it to its full potential, but as prize cars are rare cars, in the long run (or if you get lucky quick) you can use them to race tempers. If you’re not there yet, tempers are the new adventures after you clear the 5 Crew Bosses. Much like the world championships in CSR 1, but less forgiving and more costly if you lock in the wrong car (you get to choose a car to race in the Tempers, but switching car on the go costs 250 gold).

    3. I believe I mentioned bronze crates? You use bronze keys only on prize cars, or on events. Save them up. Don’t use it on regular crates (it’s free every 4 hours). Don’t even use it on Legends crates. It’s not worth it.

    4. You use gold keys the same way as silver keys–on special events. It guarantees the prize car after a number of spins (the number of spins and the cost for a spin varies a lot between events), so don’t spin it if you don’t have the enough keys. Save them up.

    5. Don’t be disappointed if you get a car that you already have. They are useful for scraps. For me, I’ll let it collect dust, and when I have the money (or if I can use the extra cars to get parts for prize cars), I’ll fully upgrade them and then scrap it. Higher upgraded cars yield more parts. Just don’t put any fusion parts or stage 6 parts on it (duh).

    6. You spend gold coins on 3 things: fuel, stripping fusion parts, and event cars (there are some events in which you can buy the cars with gold coins). Do 1 and 2 only on extremely necessary circumstances. Number 3? If you’re short on parts, you can buy the same car again, upgrade, strip, and repeat when needed. Other than those 3, you guessed it, save them up.

    7. Live races and showdown races are great places to collect bronze and silver keys. Showdown are more straightforward, you upgrade your car as far as possible and face up different opponents. You get a set of prizes after a number of races, and a different set based on your winnings. Live races, however, are more tricky. I read that you will need to set the tuning so that you can easily run faster than the dyno time. There are also the brackets of the dyno time to pool the players (I might give you the source but there might be unnecessary implications, you can look them up, or if you can hit me privately and I’ll share them with you), so you might want to set the dyno time at the upper end of the bracket without setting it a bracket up (Sounds complicated than it really is. Think about MMA. You’re middleweight, which is 171 to 185 lbs, so you will want to weigh 185, not 171, and definitely not 186, which will make you class you a class up. It’s like that). And that’s the point. You don’t want to tune your car as fast as possible. Just enough to get the upper end of a certain time bracket, then make sure you can run much faster then the dyno time. Sounds complicated? It is. Very. But is there a way? Always. The simplest way by tuning your car in the same bracket as another friend (preferably from the same crew), and meeting up at the live race lobby. You may need to exit and enter a few times so you both get in the same lobby, but if you do it right, you can swap wins with your friends and whoever wins, both of you can rack up bronze and silver keys, and your crew gets the crew RP. This is one of the few conditions you can spend some extra gold coins for fuel.

    8. As I mentioned, Temper races are the less forgiving version of World Championships, but it can reward you with more boss cars (not very good cars, but can help you win temper races for the next stages, and of course, give you bragging rights, because unlike prize cars, you win boss cars on merit). Plus, they’re purple stars, so you can get extra RP using those cars. It’s a long, gruelling process (I think it’s 40 or 50 legs with 2 gas each), so don’t rush it. There’s a complete list of temper boss times, so you can look it up, or you can hit me on private line. Make sure you can hit the time, and if you hit a wall, you guessed it, leave it. Wait until you get the upgrade, then try again.

    9. Before you enter temper, you will need to get the “Elite” licenses. It involves choosing your car, race a one legged race, and if you clear the time, your car will be branded Elite. 1 car for each tier, and you get an Elite license to race the temper crew, and the cars you use will be branded as Elite cars and reward you extra 10% RP point. Sounds nice? It is. BUT! You can’t race the temper crew using those Elite cars. And they didn’t mention it until you get the Elite license. Ouch. So what do you do? You don’t use your best car for your Elite license. Just a car to clear the time, and you’re set. 3 temper stages (so far, but who knows what the new update will bring), with 3 Elite licenses, so you will need 4 fast cars from each tier (1 for each Elite license and 1 for the temper crew–yes, you can use the same car to race all the temper crew stages). Long? Yes. Gruelling? Very much so. That’s why I haven’t played it for a long time. i just focus on the trials and prize cars. Maybe I’ll do it if I have extra gas and time.

    I guess that covers pretty much most of your basic routine on this game. Sorry for the long post, didn’t know it would be this long. There are still other topics to discuss, like the new Ford restorations and the Legend cars, but I guess it’s for another time.

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