Beginner Farmable GB10 Team Guide – Summoners War

Summoners War: Sky Arena by Com2uS

We did some searching and found there wasn’t a guide on the stat requirements for the standard Vero(L), Bella, Bernard, Shannon, +1 Team for Summoners War. The most common farmable +1s for this team are Darion and Kona so they will also be included.

Note that this guide for Summoners War is only for the very first safe GB10 team. Stat requirements change quite a lot once you start running speedier teams or YOLO teams, often with more attack/cr/cd/spd and less HP on your team.

We also have a list of the best monsters in Summoners War you should also not miss.

Summoners War: Beginner Farmable GB10 Team

Minimum recommended monster stats

Assuming max skill-ups

Monster Grade Recommended Rune Set5 Rune Build2 Spd HP3 Acc
Veromos 6 Swift/Energy or Focus Spd/HP%/HP% 160 20k 45%
Belladeon 6 Swift/Energy or Focus Spd/HP%/HP% 160 20k 45%
Bernard 5 Swift/Energy or Focus Spd/HP%/HP% 170 15k 45%
Shannon 5/6 Despair/Energy or Focus1 Spd/HP%/HP%1 130 15k 45%
Darion 5 Full Energy Full HP%4 N/A 20k 45%
Konamiya 5 Swift/Energy Spd/HP%/HP% 130 20k N/A
  1. A note about Shannon’s runes. It is much harder to reach the HP requirements when at 5*, but many people do not want to 6* Shannon. At 5* Shannon can use an alternate rune build of full energy, a mix of energy and focus, or go swift/energy or focus. The Rune build can then be HP% x3 as well.
  2. You will notice that most of these are spd/hp%/hp%, for debuffing units that do not have enough accuracy it is ok to switch slot 6 for acc% if you are able to keep your survivability. One hp% can be switched to a def% rune as well, just be aware that your units may be hit while def-broken.
  3. There are no defense minimums but around 800 makes for very safe runs assuming the rest of the stats are at or above the minimums.
  4. We have found that Darion seems to die less if you use one def% rune, though this may be more of a rune quality issue. If you are able to keep ~20k HP while runeing him hp%/hp%/def% Wewould recommend it.
  5. These rune sets are ideal given equivalent rune quality, however, usually it’s only the 4-set that actually matters. The offset can be anything or even a broken set as long as you reach the stat minimums. More often than not, a broken set will actually give superior stats compared to restricting yourself to a specific offset.

Other +1s (supports only)

This section will include some other common +1s (Nat 4 and below), most of which are useful in other parts of the game

  • Ahman: Ahman has fallen out of favor since he’s hard to rune effectively for beginners and isn’t used much past early game. That being said, his passive is useful if he is well runed.
  • Chasun: One of the best healers in the game, with high HP and some speed she will make your runs very stable.
  • Briand: The extra atk-break, stuns if you put him on despair, and revive also make for safe runs
  • Delphoi: Provides extra immunity and cleanses
  • Acasis: Has a shield that makes GB10 very safe and helps to put DOTS on the boss. Use falls off after early game though
  • Rakaja: A Nat 2 that is very easy to skill and has a pretty good heal. However, there is not much use for him past GB10, although some people have used him in wind rift
  • Talc/Basalt: Def buff and heal. Basalt has additional CC. Both are useful in TOA
  • Decamaron: His passive deals additional damage based on enemy HP. S1 has attack break and S2 has DOTS. He’s useful in hall of water, but we’re not too sure about his uses later game, but he seems like a transition between a support mon and a full DD
  • Emma: Useful in PvP, but rather underwhelming if not skilled up. Good kit but usually at this progression you’re better off using another +1 that you can easily skill up.

Beginner Farmable GB10 Team Guide - Summoners War

Darion vs. Kona

Both units have their pros and cons, we prefer Darion but both units work.



  • Reduces damage so you don’t die in the first place
  • Perfectly happy with Energy x3 runes so he’s very easy to rune


  • Not useful again until raids



  • Can be used in a beginner DB10 team and raids later on
  • Additional cleanse if your Vero is slow


  • Competes for good swift runes
  • Can resurge units out of a def-buff

Additional Notes

  • Given those stat minimums, success rates should be > 80%. They are not hard stat requirements, for example a speedier team can probably go with less HP since Vero will cleanse more often and Bella will heal more often. If your team is able to land debuffs every single time, HP requirements are also lowered. Bernard and Shannon can also get away with ~13k HP. However, the higher speed and HP your units are the higher your success rates will be.
  • Skill-ups are very important to increase success rates. At the very minimum you want Bernard and Bella to both have their S3 maxed, it’s best to have S2 maxed for both, S1 is not really important though. Vero should be fully skilled as well to land DOTS more regularly and stun the trash waves. All nat 2s or those with nat 2 counterparts should be fully skilled, no excuses for them not to be.
  • People have mentioned that Sig can also be an effect +1 for beginner teams. As we believe that he still needs effective runes to work and the rest of the team is likely to need better runes to run him, we will leave him out since this guide is for the very first GB10, and the last thing players probably want to do after fusing Vero is to go ahead and fuse Sig right after. That being said, he is one of the safer +1 DDs to use due to his strong HP leader skill and AoE atk break on S3.


Stat requirements are 20k HP for neutral elements are 15k HP for Wind, Vero + Bella want 160+ spd and Bernard wants 170+ Speed, 45% accuracy for all debuffers (everyone in the main team).

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