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MARVEL’s Contest of Champions by Kabam

This is our recommended list of the best champions in MARVEL’s Contest of Champions. Some of them are good for the Alliance Quests or Story and some of them are very strong for the Arena and some are really good for all of that. These are the champions you should invest in, that means: promote and improve them.3
Please keep in mind, that from patch to patch champions in this list could be changed and they will be not so strong as they are now. The other way around, it could be that now bad champions will get stronger and could be added to this list as the best champions.

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Best Champions for MARVEL’s Contest of Champions

The best champions separated for each class for PvE and PvP.

tech Top 3 Tech Champions for Story/Alliance Quest

  • Ultron
  • Star-Lord
  • The Vision

Top 3 Tech Champions for Arena

  • Star-Lord
  • Ultron
  • The Vision

Cosmic Top 3 Cosmic Champions for Story/Alliance Quest

  • Thor
  • Gamora
  • Venom

Top 3 Cosmic Champions for Arena

  • Thor
  • Gamora
  • Ms. Marvel

skill Top 3 Skill Champions for Story/Alliance Quest

  • Black Widow
  • Daredevil
  • Hawkeye

Top 3 Skill Champions for Arena

  • Black Widow
  • Daredevil
  • Hawkeye


Mutant Top 3 Mutant Champions for Story/Alliance Quest

  • Wolverine
  • Colossus
  • Storm

Top 3 Mutant Champions for Arena

  • Storm
  • Colossus
  • Wolverine

science Top 3 Science Champions for Story/Alliance Quest

  • Yellowjacket
  • Captian America WWII
  • Captian America

Top 3 Science Campions for Arena

  • Yellowjacket
  • Captian America WWII
  • Electro

Mystic Top 3 Mystic Champions for Story/Alliance Quest

  • Dr. Strange
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Guillotine

Top 3 Mystic Champions for Arena

  • Dr. Strange
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Guillotine

Dr Strange is one of the best champions in Marvel’s Contest of Champions.

Top 5 overall Champions for Story/Alliance Quest

  • Dr. Strange
  • Star-Lord
  • Ultron
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Captian America WWII

Top 5 overall Champions for Arena

  • Dr. Strange
  • Yellowjacket
  • Captian America WWII
  • Ultron
  • Scarlet Witch

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More good Champions

If you know more good champions that should be added to the list as the best ones, please feel free to leave a comment below. If you have any suggestions or feedback for this list, also leave a comment below.

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  1. bobbymcpancakes | June 28, 2016 at 2:57 pm | Reply


  2. What about war machine

  3. Hulk is pretty awesome. I have him duped and only 4 of 5 rank and he is a beast.

  4. How about red hulk ???

  5. When you say The Vision and Daredevil, do you mean a specific version or both/any versions of these champs (e.g. Classic Vision or Ultron Age Vision and Classic Daredevil or the Netflix version)?

  6. For vision is classic version

    • Yeah, I’ve heard recently that the classic versions are always better. I’ve also been told you can’t get a (Classic) Vision other than a 2 star version, unless you buy one from the shop…

  7. Black Panther (Civil War)?

  8. Scarlett Witch, Black Widow, and Ultron are definitely best and even better when they are together.

  9. I have a four star star lord not duped should I get him to rank4

  10. what about nightcrwler you can dodge any attack and then he is fast enough to do hit as well

  11. how about Crossbones and Karnak and Loki and BP civil war? Crossbones’ overrun lets him do 50% more attack, Karnak’s 1st special attack has true strike allowing him punch regardless of any of the other person’s buffs, Loki can steal buffs and BP civil war has reflective armour

  12. Karnak? How can anyone forget about Karnak…

  13. Hi Mobilesector, When are you publishing an updated list? A lot of champions have been added since this was published. Thanks.

  14. Be aware! Kabaam announced major updates on the skills and their impact rate scheduled on 3/1/2017. Based on the changes communicated in their forum, majority of ranked champions will be downgraded especially Scarlet Witch, Thor, Dr. Strange, Black Widow, and Ultron. Some of changes look to be huge…

  15. My 4 star duplicate Crossbones is really strong, tore through the most recent event quest on normal like it was nothing

  16. @steez my grannie could tear through eq on normal

  17. X-23 is awesome guys …

  18. Where’s Dormammu, Doctor Vodoo, Archaengel, Iceman and Psyloche

  19. Crossbones is a beast.

    Guillotine as well.

    What is about Gambit? Or Rogue?

  20. It depends on what you need, your strategies and teammates

  21. Justin Davis | June 25, 2017 at 7:21 pm | Reply

    I like cable, he’s pretty awesome if you know how to utilize him.

  22. Star lord is a beast

  23. No i wont give you myname | July 28, 2017 at 8:20 pm | Reply


  24. Gbabybackribs | August 20, 2017 at 2:50 pm | Reply


  25. Ive used Cable for quite a while. His charge attack has the longest range in the game and it stuns the enemy and it gives a effect that hurts the oppoment overtime. Cable aslo has good renegation. If you stun them first with charge attack then use your second skill you make this aswome combo where the oppoment takes damegde from 3 diffrent effects at the same time. Why is he not on this list.

  26. Thomas, that’s a simple one: This list was made before Cable was released…

  27. Who are the three best . beast, Unst colossus, gamora and black Panther(normal)

  28. Top 3 Tech Class would be:
    1. Iron Man
    2. Vision
    3. Ultron

    Top 3 Cosmic Class would be:
    1. Hyperion
    2. Thor
    3. Captain Marvel

    Top 3 Science Class would be:
    1. Hulk
    2. Spider-Man (Peter/Miles)
    3. Captain America & Captain America WW2

    Top 3 Mutant Class:
    1. Storm
    2. Wolverine
    3. Cyclops

    Top 3 Mystic Class:
    1. Doctor Strange
    2. Dormammu
    3. Scarlet Witch

  29. I wish to see more amazing champions in this Marvel: Contest Of Champions game:
    Top 5 Wishlist of female characters are:
    1. Clea (She as an awesome Sorcerer of the dark dimension and is one of the best mystic class superhero of all time and she is also the better half of Doctor Strange and daughter of Umar & niece of Dormammu in the dark dimension world)
    2. Emma Frost- She is as clever as fox, she is the sexiest of all marvel females, bitchy, super-manipulative, strategist and an Omega level telepath that rivals Professor X & Mr Sinister due to extreme level of skill and experience)
    3. Hela (Queen Of Hel)- In the movie Thor Ragnarok (She is also archenemy of Thor & likes)
    4. Spectrum- she was once took over the mantle of (Captain Marvel) in Avenger comics issues
    5. The WASP- an epitome of greatness & the 1st ever avenger along with Hulk, Iron Man, Ant Man,Thor & Captain America
    Top 5 Wishlist of male characters are:
    1. Ant Man’s alter ego (Giant Man) as displayed in the movie Captain America Civil War
    2. Quicksilver (Faster than speed of time clock & light and an awesome Anti-Hero/Villain)
    3. Sam Alexander (Nova) (amazing levels of energy projection, telekinesis & has the ability to survive in space)
    4. Adam Warlock- (The Ultimate Superhero of the Guradians Of The Galaxy team, who shall ultimately defeat Thanos along with other superheroes in the movie Avengers: Infinity War)
    5. Apocalypse (The Best there is and the one of the strongest Villain in the whole Marvel Universe)

  30. Sorry i forgot to mention Skill Class:
    mt Top 3 Skill Class would be \:
    1. Daredevil
    2. Winter Soldier
    3. Black Widow/Elektra (Tie)

  31. How about Infinity War Cap

  32. Uh, Hello? DOMINO!?!?

  33. um aegon

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