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MARVEL Contest of Champions by Kabam

New York City’s neighborhood just got a lot safer with the amazing Spider-Man!

Spider-Man is a science champion whose abilities and fighting style puts him in the bracket of a Glass Cannon, much like Electro, who is also a science champion. Unlike other science champions, Spider-Man does not possess a lot of health when fully maxed out. He relies more on his damage and adept fighting style. While his fighting style is very agile, a lack of defensive abilities leaves him vulnerable and exposed. It takes a small amount of skill to master his special moves and fully exploit his damage potential. Spider-Man makes good use of both his passive abilities and special moves to really dish out tons of damage. His passive ability allows him to put one proc of armor break on the opponent(which does not stack but can be refreshed). This armor break may only come from critical hits.

Understanding Scale: 4/10.

Spider-Man Special Abilities

His first special Web-Slinger, launches 2 webs, followed by 3 punches which knock the opponent away upon successfully landing. During the course of this 5 hit combo, he has a chance to proc weakness on the opponent as well as increasing his critical hit rate. This is the go-to ability for many Spider-Man players as it applies a Weakness proc on the opponent and can be used after a 5 hit combo. However, it is advised to be aware of Willpower opponents, as they will gladly take the Weakness proc and heal up from it. It is best to block this special attack but with enough practice, if you manage to dodge his first 2 webs, he will not follow up with the 3 punches, giving you the opportunity to strike first.

His second special Swingin’, is a two-part special. First, he launches a web into the air at a 45 degree angle and then proceeds to swing from the web to hit his opponent for a lot of damage and knock the opponent away. This special also has a chance to increase his critical hit rate. Although this special is very slow to hit and can be easily blocked, it can do a lot of damage if it connects and even more so if it is a critical hit. To ensure that it connects, wait for the opponent to charge you. As soon as your opponent is about to make contact, launch your special attack and you will hit your opponent almost every time.

His third & final special Thwip, Thwip, Pow!, is a three hit combo where Spider-Man first sticks his opponent with a web, launches him into the air(almost like a balloon) and then brings them back down, only to smack them into the wall. This special also has a chance to increase his critical hit rate. Although it does a lot of damage, there is nothing quite special about using this special attack. Since his other special attacks provide an opportunity to proc debuffs on the enemy or do massive damage, this special is quite lackluster and doesn’t have the bang that you would expect.
All in all, his specials are very versatile and should be used with his basic attacks to create a good combination of hits.
The safest one being that you proc an armor break on the opponent through your basic attacks and use Web-Slinger to deal maximum damage in 5 hits.
The other option, which is high risk-high reward, is to have an “Evade” proc on yourself, have an armor break proc on your opponent and use Swingin’ to hit your opponent for tons of damage.
Damage Output: 6/10


Spider-Man’s Signature Ability

Spider-Man’s Signature Ability Spider Sense is arguably the most annoying signature ability that all of you have come across. It is passive defensive in style yet can be used aggressively by interrupting your opponent’s combination. Spider Sense allows Spider-Man to evade any basic attack, level 1 and level 2 special attack from his opponent at random. This means that he will not take any damage from one particular hit but instead dodge back on his own and leave his opponent swinging in the air ! Although the % chance for such an evade is very small, it is still very prominent and can upset the rhythm of the best of players and leave them open to be hit. Since the evade chance is completely random, it may trigger at any moment and even during any multiple hit special. See, when your character is hit by the first hit of a special, he is stunned temporarily until your opponent finishes his special. However, in this case, even if he is stunned temporarily by the first hit, he still has a chance to evade any & all further hits from his opponent’s special, giving the player a chance to control him before his opponent’s special is over. This can get frustrating for some players. Hence, it is preferred by most players to use their level 3 special on him as he cannot dodge those. The other alternative is to stun him (using a special attack or parry) and then using your special attack to ensure that it connects.

Signature Ability: 7/10

Spider-Man Champion Rating

Overall, Spider-Man is a feeble champion who can really dish out a lot of damage if played to his strengths but the player must avoid making too many mistakes as a lack of maximum health may leave him dead very quickly as only his signature ability can save him from continuous combos of his opponent.

Champion Rating: 6/10

Are there cheat codes in MARVEL Contest of Champions?

Let us now briefly talk about MARVEL Contest of Champions cheats. We are often asked whether there are cheat codes for the app. This does not exist, unfortunately, because MARVEL Contest of Champions is a Free2Play game, so you have to use real money to buy the premium currency.

From time to time available on the Internet, are so-called hacks, with which one you should get unlimited premium items. These are not only illegal, but often hide viruses and Trojans that can do much damage to your phone or tablet. For this reason we do not recommend the use of so-called MARVEL Contest of Champions hacks or cheats.

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