Realm of Legends Guide – Marvel’s Contest of Champions

In this Guide for the Realm of Legends in Marvel’s Contest of Champions, we present you the best way to beat this feature. The Realm of Legends is not easy and who ever designed it, did a great job, is has the right combination of difficulty vs reward and teaches you how to improve in the game.

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Realm of Legends Guide

Here are some 7 basic tips for you to beat the Realm of Legends in Marvel’s Contest of Champions:

  1. You need units and revives and health potions. Plan 25 revives, 1000 units and a whole day.
  2. Stay calm and take breaks.
  3. Save revives and be prepared to close the game and restart
  4. RNG – Luck is huge – you need the right champions such as Duped Starlord 3 or 4 Star, Doctor Strange 4 Star (maybe 3 Star), Guillotine 3 or 4 Star for Wolverine, Duped Scarlet Witch and Duped Black Widow and a full BP / zero-damage block team (we tried +30 bp team and it wasn’t enough). Getting the best champions is out of your control so don’t be discouraged, if you simply don’t have these champions.
  5. You need anti-perspirant – put this on your thumbs and fingers. Let it dry and rub it off. Sticky fingers make mistakes.
  6. Pause the fight – and take a break, when your inner voice says you’re tired or anxious or worried.
  7. Finally, have fun and enjoy the challenge. In retrospect, we think it’s a lot of fun and a great way to improve your skills in Marvel’s Contest of Champions – even if you don’t complete it.

Our Team to beat the Realm of Legends

2* Cyclops 3/30 (Duped x3)

3* Guillotine 4/40 (Duped x25)

3* Star Lord 4/40 (Duped x24)

3* Black Bolt 4/40

4* Black Bolt 4/40 (Duped x20)

This team has synergy that has a 100% Block Proficiency for Star Lord (with theBlock Proficiency mastery maxed). I used Star Lord for every fight but Wolverine and Black Bolt. On Wolverine I used Guillotine, and on Black Bolt I used our own 4* Black Bolt.

Mastery Setup for the Realm Legends



We tailored our masteries solely around 1 fight: Juggernaut. Our goal was to get his energy to go up as slowly as possible (Tech Mastery in Defense) while keeping him stunned for as long as possible while he was unstoppable (Parry and everything in that branch). We also gave ourself an out, if he landed a heavy with Stand Your Ground.

Fighting Startegy for the Realm of Legends

We used this strategy on 6 of the 11 fights (Winter Soldier, Captain Marvel, Storm, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, and Hulk). Any slight variances we will denote in the fight descriptions.

Our main focus was keeping Star Lord’s streak alive to keep his duped ability active. This meant that we blocked a lot. When the fight opened we would block right away. Sometimes we would Parry, sometimes they would dash back, and very rarely they would get immediately into a heavy stance. You have tobe very aware at the beginning of the fight because if they get into a heavy stance you have to dash back.

When the enemy attacked, we would block the first hit then as soon as he lands the hit we would dash back.We did this because there is enough of a lag between the enemies first attack and second that he won’t hit you when you dash back. It is helpful to do it this way because you ALWAYS avoid their heavies (which are far faster than any normal fight).

We only used Star Lord’s L2. They did not block his L2 at the end of a 5 hit sequence so we would go M-L-L-L-M-L2 and it would land every time (with the exception of Hulk).

For the most part we just blocked the enemies’ specials. That way as soon as the special ended we could rush in and attack. Allowing them to hit you with specials while you block helps to increase your energy.

Any time the enemy would use a heavy we would dash back and hold block. If you don’t hold block your champion begins to walk forward and you can accidentally walk into a heavy (especially from Captain Marvel, Storm, and Scarlet Witch). Then when the heavy attack finished we dashed in and started attacking.

We Parry a lot when fighting. Whenever we inflicted Parry we would dash in and start attacking.

If you feel comfortable evading an enemy’s specials that is fine, just make sure you don’t do anything too risky.

Specific Fight Strategy for the Realm of Legends

Winter Soldier: We used the basic fight strategy on Winter Soldier. The only variation was we would evade the bullets from his L1 because we had an increased chance at getting a critical hit on our next attack. This is not necessary, just personal preference. If you happen to Parry his L2 he actually gets two hits on you instead of one. This delay can backfire and when the parry expires Winter Soldier can hit you.

Difficulty: 3

Captain Marvel: We used the basic fight strategy on Captain Marvel. What changes with Captain Marvel is fighting her after her L2. When she activates her L2 DO NOT ATTACK her. For some reason she counters those attacks and can kill you easily. Be patient after her L2 and continue blocking.

Difficulty: 7

Juggernaut: Like we said above, we tailored our masteries specifically for this fight. We cannot stand this fight. We had tried it some 30 times before this with very little success. Our goal was to get his health half way down and that is when we would really give the Realm a go. That is the advice we pass to you. Don’t waste revives until you can get him near half health in one fight. Now to the actual fighting. We Parried him and Parried him and Parried him again. We had to keep him on his wall the entire time because he is so good at pushing me against mine. We still used our L2 on him whenever we got it because it pushes him back quite a bit. Stand Your Ground saved me at least twice, and maybe 3 times in this fight. He has a weird tendency to go immediately into a heavy at the start of the fight. This took me off guard every time we saw it. Beware. Don’t parry his specials. His Unstoppable meter doesn’t go down if you parry his special. Instead block/evade his specials and then Parry his medium attack. When we did it correctly and with our mastery setup we could get him to use his special, parry a medium, dodge back, parry his next medium and immediately start attacking. It worked well and we got up to 235 hits in one combo, 374 in one fight. The other tip we have is to try to get him to his L2 so that he got Unstoppable half as often. This is easier said than done. Be prepared to lose a couple of times very quickly. The beginning of the fight is the hardest part because he can push you back so easily from the middle of the arena.Revives will be spent, so make sure to farm them by beating Winter Soldier and Captain Marvel a lot.

Difficulty: 11

Rhino: We deviated from our basic fight strategy against Rhino. While we would normally dash back after his first attack, Rhino reacted differently and kept coming at me. We would compare his fighting style to Thanos. He is very good at pushing you back against your wall so Parry is a must. When we finally did beat him it was because we started to Parry his medium attacks almost every time. We also had to treat his specials differently. We couldn’t attack him right after they expired because he almost always blocked our attack. We just had to wait until he went into a heavy stance or we Parried him to attack.

Difficulty: 10

Storm: Identical to Captain Marvel with one addition: Do not attack her after her L1 or L2.

Difficulty: 8

Vision: We deviated from our basic fight strategy against Vision. His L1 is too quick and we accidentally dodge back sometimes right into it. To beat Vision we beat him up until I got to his L1, then we tried to punch him while he blocked against the wall to get his energy up. The less time he spent with a green bar, the better. When he does have a green bar DO NOT EVADE. You are asking to get hit when you dash back.

Difficulty: 9

Black Panther: We used the basic fight strategy on Black Panther.

Difficulty: 4

Scarlet Witch: We used the basic fight strategy on Scarlet Witch. Get Willpower to level 2 and you won’t have to worry about any of her buffs (even if she stacks poison with heal block).

Difficulty: 5

Wolverine: We used Guillotine to beat Wolverine, but our strategy was the same as our basic fight strategy. Her energy goes up fast enough that we didn’t worry about not getting to her L2 in time. Then when we got to her L2, I parried Wolverine and activated it. Then we watched him die very quickly. We only had to land her L2 twice and he died. 47 hits in total. To have a greater chance at activating Wolverine’s Regeneration, evade an attack of his right before you’re going to use her L2, or wait (if possible) until he is already regenerating to land her L2.

Difficulty: 1

Black Bolt: For Black Bolt we fought him with ourown 4 star Black Bolt. We did so because of Black Bolt’s stun on his L1. When we attacked Black Bolt we made sure to stun him when he got to his L1, then attacked him to get his energy up so he would have to activate his L2. Then we watched him kill himself while using his L2. The key with Black Bolt is to not dash back once he gets to his L1, just block so you don’t accidentally get hit. We attacked him a lot when he blocked. Fighting him was very much the same as fighting Vision.

Difficulty: 2

Hulk: We used the basic fight strategy on Hulk. The difference with Hulk was he blocked Star Lord’s L2 at the end of a 5 hit sequence. To land Star Lord’s L2 we didn’t go M-L-L-L-M-L2. Instead I went M-L2. It landed every time once I changed to that sequence.

Difficulty: 6


Revives Used in the Realm of Legends

Winter Soldier – 0

Captain Marvel – 0

Juggernaut – 9, Twice he killed me with a heavy to start the fight. Watch out! The other times were because he’s really really really really tough.

Rhino – 5, His fighting style is so different that it took a couple fights to get used to it.

Storm – 1, She landed her L2 once when we wasn’t paying attention.

Vision – 2, He landed L1s too many times and I couldn’t get our streak high enough.

Black Panther – 1, We thought we killed him and he killed me with a special when we was setting our phone down.

Scarlet Witch – 0

Wolverine – 1, We didn’t get his regeneration to activate the first time we fought him.

Black Bolt – 0, He did kill our Star Lord with an L1, but we switched to Black Bolt and won with no revives.

Hulk – 2, One to revive Star Lord at the start and the second from a lack of focus.



We hope this Guide to the Realm of Legends will help you to beat this Marvel’s Contest of Champions feature. What is your strategy for the realm of legends? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. They recently took Leadership (block proficiency) out of the available synergy bonus, though. And nuked Willpower. How does this change your strategy? Can it still work without 100% BP?

  2. No, now you have to learn how to fight

  3. what L2 is? or M-L-L-L-M-L2?

  4. Medium kick, low x3 and medium, L2 is special 2.

  5. So much different then when i beat the realm. Number 11 to Beat it. DarkPumpkin Once Leader of GOA. There was no Shard System or Mastery back then. Electro was how you beat Wolverine lol 1 out of the top 10 used Dr Strange but there was never video or pic proof. Miss the Game, sold my account for 5k back in September 2015. Nice break down by the way.

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