Guide – Marvel’s Avengers Academy

This is our Guide and Gameplan for Marvel Avengers Academy – Civil War in this first week, based on what we know (observation from the game). Feel free to use this, or comment, or post your own gameplan below. This Guide is for especially for free 2 play players of the game to progress faster and invest  their time right. There are maybe better ways to start and progress in Avengers Academy, but this is our way we want to share with you.

Guide – Marvel’s Avengers Academy

  1. Keep Everyone Busy With Mission Board Crafting Materials take precedence (esp Widow Stars; they seem to be the main bottleneck to unlocking IW). Properly time/skip the 8 Hr Missions. We also need the Vibranium for event currency, so keep at it at all times.
  2. Have Widow search for cloaking devices She needs 3, and it takes 4 hours each so that’s 12 hours. Best get this done ASAP in order to clear her for missions or other things if necessary. NOTE: If you can’t search for it, do the story missions first! Tony will say something about giving Nat her own suit. Then you can search for cloaking devices!
  3. Fight Hydra Goons We need Ultron Bots for this, so get crafting. The mission board drops crafting materials so start hoarding now! It has come to our attention that bots and shield guys are single use, so keep hoarding!

At this point we should be both fighting Hydra thugs and doing the event missions to hoard Vibranium and crafting materials.


Objectives: These are done in order.

  1. Unlock (ugh) Team Iron Man Poster We need its drops, so best aim for this first.
  2. Unlock Iron Widow We need her to build Ultron bots, which in turn are needed to fight Hydra thugs which drop Vibranium daggers which in turn is needed for Panther which in turn is needed for Shield agents. Iron Widow also contributes by making a shorter Pepper quest available. We also need Daggers from thugs to unlock the embassy, so after unlocking the poster IW is our top priority!
  3. Unlock Wakandan Embassy and Panther Statue Wakandan Embassy drops Kimoyo Cards for Black Panther, and the statue looks boss (statue doesn’t drop anything, so possibly can be delayed until after Panther is unlocked).
  4. T’Challa, Son of T’Chaka Unlock Black Panther! Yassssss
  5. Start training Shield Agents Last Priority.

So today we will be doing:

  1. Keep the event missions busy
  2. Have Widow search for cloaking devices

In order to:

  1. Unlock (sigh) Team Iron Man poster
  2. Unlock Iron Widow

Future Plans (after IW unlocked)

  1. Craft Ultron bots to fight Hydra thugs
  2. Keep doing event missions
  3. Aim to unlock Wakandan Embassy.
  4. Then aim to unlock T’Challa.
  5. Finally, unlock the Panther Statue.

Thoughts? We might update as new things come to light. If Panther can be upgraded then perhaps we’ll need to slot in upgrading him as an objective, but right now we’re just focusing on unlocking everything.

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