Sun Fac Review – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

With the dps nerf and protection buff in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, the arena meta has shifted to high survivability characters. Intended or not this has buffed several pay to play characters, who are becoming mandatory meta characters in top level arena. Sun Fac firmly solidifies this meta, offering a solid, more survivable replacement for Qui-Gon Jinn.

Sun Fac Review

Sun Fac’s abilities are thus:

  • Basic: Deal damage and dispel all positive status effects on the target and if any effects were dispelled Sun Fac will regain 15% (20% w/omega) of his max health.
  • Special #1: Taunt for 2 turns and inflict offense down on the target for 1 turn (2 with omega) with a 55% chance to remove 40% turn meter.
  • Special #2: Deal physical damage and recover 25% of max health if the target is suffering any negative status effects.
  • Unique/Passive: 50% counter chance with 15% more damage and inflicts critical chance down for 2 turns when he attacks outside his turn.

Sun Fac in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a Geonosian Tank that punishes attackers with a variety of negative status effects.

On using Sun Fac, we found his taunt to be a liability since he effectively becomes stun locked, preventing him from using his abilities to regain his health. Special #3 is roughly the same as his basic, dealing just a little more damage.

On defense, Sun Fac is fairly weak. Most opponents would treat him as a QGJ and keep him stun locked as best they can. The AI also likes to use his 2nd special (heal if negative status effect on the target) right off the bat, even if he’s at full protection and health. The AI likes to follow that up with a taunt instead of debuffing the, by now taunting, enemy RG.

Since we don’t have an enemy Sun Fac we can show you, here is an arena video showing our arena team on auto so you can see the decisions the AI made for Sun Fac (Special 2, Special 1, Finally his basic).

Even locked at Gear 8 (needing raid gear: Mk 5 droid caller), Sun Fac has around 32k health and protection giving him almost 10k more damage he can take than QGJ.

On offense, where you are in control, Sun Fac makes enemy RG teams almost trivial childs play. Just using Sun Fac’s basic alone is like having QGJ’s Humbling Blow available every single turn ( minus team offense up of course ).

Sun Fac in the Arena

Here are three arena battles agains the #2, #3 and #4 teams on our Arena. Sun Fac occupies the slot previously held by QGJ.

Sun Fac and Challenges

On Challenges Sun Fac really doesn’t have a useful slot. Even the tank challenge you’re better served by a turn meter reducer.

Sun Fac and Raids

On raids Sun Fac is invaluable in phase one where he can easily take down enemy taunts, and throw up his own taunt if a team mate gets death marked. His ability to regenerate health also keeps the pressure off your healers.

On the rancor itself we didn’t find him that useful. His #1 special (taunt/offence down/ 40% turn meter reduction) didn’t make a huge impact because turn meter reduction and offense down was always resisted (though this may just be bad RNG, the sample size isn’t large enough)

Sun Fac cost us personally around $700 (US) to obtain as a seven char character through chromium pack purchases. Your results, of course will vary.

The PTW protection meta could just be a temporary transition as everyone transitions from gear 8 to gear 10. But for now at least, Sun Fac has a place in this meta and for people with the resources and will to obtain him, he is arguably worth the cost given his utility in both arena and raids.

Thanks to user The Consulars for creating this review of Sun Fac.

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What do you think of Sun Fac in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes? Is he good or bad? Do you have any suggestions or feedback? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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