Hoth Rebel Scout Review – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

The Hoth Rebel Scout in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, otherwise known as HRS, is a solid DPS character that is subtly more powerful than he appears, especially with an omega mat on his basic abilities. He is not really a top tier arena character, but he is very solid in GW, and as a B team char on raids. Today we give you a short overview on the Hoth Rebel Scout in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes with videos and explanations.

Hoth Rebel Scout Review

HRS’s abilities are thus:

  • Basic — 40% chance to gain 25% turn meter for all allies ( omega upgrade )
  • Special — 55% chance to stun (omega). On a critical hit, gain 100% turn meter.
  • Unique — HRS gains 45% turn meter whenever an Empire enemy is defeated.

There are two things in this kit which makes HRS subtly dangerous. First is his special. When paired with Leia he has a very good chance of doing this increased damage attack and then immediately being able to follow up with his basic. And then there is his basic which has a 40% chance to speed up your entire team. This ability has a chance to proc if he’s called in for an assist.


The Hoth Rebel Scout in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a single target attacker with crit synergies and speed building abilities.

Hoth Rebel Scout in Challenges

In challenges HRS is a top tier DPS, primarily because so many of the challenges include empire enemies. Thanks to his unique he takes more shots than any other character on the board. In the attacker challenge he’s excellent to take out the droids since his dos will be a little low compared to the rest of your team.

Hoth Rebel Scout in the Arena

In arena, HRS needs special accommodations to be somewhat viable. Specifically, being paired with an advantage giving character or crit chance up. In this first arena example, the first fight made no accommodations and ended in a defeat, the second attempt (on the same video) put Leia in place of Rex, giving HRS a crit chance and the battle was won.

The second arena battle shows HRS against a team you’re more likely to find in the middle ranks and here he fared much better.

Hoth Rebel Scout on Defense

On Defense he’s acceptable as his kit is fairly hard for the AI to screw up. Since we didn’t have a HRS opponent, this shows an arena battle on auto so you can see the decisions the AI made for HRS. Interestingly, Tusken Shaman stands out more than HRS in this video, getting nearly 10 DOTS up on the tank and scoring the killing blow.

For raids, HRS is solid DPS, though not exceptional. His stun is too unreliable to help on phase one tank control, and since he doesn’t have either a team buff, self buff, or a debuff that will work on raid bosses, he’s best relegated to B teams.

Thanks to user The Consulars for creating this review of the Hoth Rebel Scout.

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