How to fight Korg – Marvel Contest of Champions

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Korg, the newest annoying defender, just became available in the Featured Grandmaster Crystals yesterday. Since we dueled Korg (duel target Sheto Brown) many times to learn the fight, we decided to share our perspectives. In this article, we’re going to show you how to fight Korg in the safest way possible (in our opinion). By the safest way, we mean a way that you don’t have to either intercept or evade his special 1, which is one of the hardest specials in the game to evade.

How to fight Korg – Marvel Contest of Champions

Korg’s crowd excitement is why he is hard to fight against. There are two ways for him to gain his crowd excitement: hitting him when he is blocking or triggering dexterity on non-special attacks. To not hit him when he is blocking, well, you just don’t hit him when he is blocking. To not trigger dexterity on non-special attacks, you need to hold block and bait out heavy attacks. Although Korg’s heave has two hits, you only need to dodge once. As soon as he fires the second part of his heavy, you dash in and do your combo.

Many people are having a hard time to evade his special 1, but what if you don’t have to evade it? Korg’s special 1 is only unblockable when he has at least one crowd excitement charge. As long as you don’t give him any crowd excitement charge by hitting his block or triggering dexterity, his special 1 will not be unblockable. Remember to keep holding block has he would not be as willing to throw his special 1 against a blocking opponent.

Korg has another ability called the rock shield, which basically decreases your damage when rock shield is active. When duped, Korg also has a decent chance to shrug off debuffs when rock shield is active. As a smart player, we’re sure you noticed a phrase that we used: “when rock shield is active”. You can deactivate his rock shield by hitting Korg. As a result, if you want to deal the highest possible damage against Korg, you need to use your special attack when his rock shield is down, which is indicated by a grey timer. For any big debuff (Void sp1, Sparky sp2, SL sp2, etc), you should also hit it when he rock shield is down so he won’t shrug it off.

You want to push Korg to his special 2, because it’s much easier to dodge, and you can have a clear window to dash in after the animation, unlike his special 1, which is unreliable to always dash in after the animation. The good news is that Korg is quite loose with his special 2. The important thing is to not trigger dexterity when you are baiting his sp2. A little trick we found was to leave your block open for just a tiny bit longer after launching your specials. He usually throws it during that tiny window.

What if you accidentally triggered his crowd excitement? The best way is to wait it out if you can. The timer isn’t that short, so you will need to be patient. Keep baiting out heavy, but don’t push him to a special 1 until the crowd excitement timer is off.

This is already a very long article, but we believe it benefits everyone if we can cover the all the hard parts. Just a few other things: you can parry him when rock shield is down, but in an alliance war scenario you can’t rely on parry; when he is duped, use Medium Light Light Light Light combo when rock shield is active, and MLLLM when rock shield is down; some people may wonder about Korg on an unblockable sp1 node, but usually only the initial kick is unblockable, and the three gunshots are blockable (99% positive); don’t accidentally trigger dexterity when you are dodging the first part of his heavy.

We don’t know which champion would be great at fighting Korg, so definitely leave your opinion in the comment section (we do think sparky will struggle because you can’t build poise without triggering dexterity; domino might be good).

Korg will likely be a top-tier defender next season, but we do hope this post will make it a lot easier for you all. Also, here is a guide video to help you visualize this post:


Bait heavys to not trigger dexterity (OR JUST ERASE THE MASTERY FOR THE FIGHT???) and use specials when rock shield is down.

Thanks and credit to user Best_Jhinx_NA for help creating this guide.

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