Bots in CSR Racing 2 – All you need to know

Bots in CSR Racing 2 - All you need to know

Once or twice a week, we get asked by new players about racing bots – typically, “How do I know I am racing a bot?” and “Why do players like to race bots?” We hope this article answers those questions. Please feel free to share this information for CSR Racing 2 in 2018. Constructive feedback is certainly welcome. But we just hope it helps a whole lot of new racers improve their earnings and the quality of their garages!

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All you need to know about Bots in CSR Racing 2

What Are Bots?

The simple answer is that a bot is a computer-simulated racer that appears in live race lobbies. From a more nuanced perspective, they have are semi-mythical creatures, more akin to Sasquatch and the Chupacabra – they are often sighted, but are unpredictable beings that are easily spooked. (See “Etiquette” below.)

How Do I Know I am Racing a Bot?

In the picture below, we have circled information about live racers in blue and bots in pink. Note that the live racers commonly have a racing helmet for their profile pic next to their RP (respect points, if you are really new) and almost always have a crew name below the player name – Monster7248 is a member of the Road runners007 crew and ToxiiKK is a member of the ATP WORLD TOUR crew.

The bots, meanwhile, have what appear to be stock photo headshots (or pictures of cats – no, we cannot explain it) as the profile pic next to their RP score. These photos commonly repeat under multiple bot names; for example, the photo of “Ben” above is also used for another bot, “Joginder.” Besides the stock photos, the other hallmark of a bot is that it does not have a crew name below the name. While you will occasionally run across live racers who are not members of crews, you will rarely run across a live racer who is not a member of a crew AND who has a photo next to their RP. In short, that is what bots look like in the lobby.

You will also know you are racing a bot because the bot accepts the race when your timer hits 20 seconds. Finally, bots do not bet on races.

What is a Bot Lobby?

A bot lobby is a racing lobby largely occupied by bots, rather than live racers. In the bottom photo above, there is one live racer (Monster 7248) and a consecutive run of bots, usually to the right of the live racers.

What’s So Great About Bots?

Glad you asked. There are three things that make bots great: Connection/Time, Keys, and RP.

Connection/Time: If you are new to the game, you might think it is normal to wait a couple of minutes to find a live racer who you can race and actually connect to that racer. It is not. Racing bots is beneficial because you can quickly connect to and complete races. In fact, you can complete a ladder (15 races) of bot races in the time it may take you to complete a few live races – assuming you can connect to live races.

Keys: Finding yourself in a bot lobby is a great way to quickly claim the bronze and silver keys that are available by winning live races.

RP: Depending on the tune of your car, bots will not typically award the same amount of RP as a live race. However, as noted above, you can complete races more quickly against bots. Also, you can win consecutive races against bots without negatively affecting your W/L ratio. (This subject is well-addressed in many other posts in this sub. The shorthand version is that the game penalizes you – by decreasing your RP and making you race faster cars that you cannot beat – if you win too many consecutive races against live opponents. For more information about this, search “swap” or “swapping” in this sub.)

Is There Any Particular Etiquette in Bot Lobbies?

Really glad you asked; while the motivation for this post is largely altruistic, it is also born of increasingly frequent incidents in bot lobbies. There is one rule in a bot lobby and it is this: If you find yourself in a bot lobby with two or three other live racers, do not challenge another live racer. Yes, you may want to take on someone from a legendary crew. Yes, you just received your stock Viper GTS and you want to use it in a live race. Nonetheless, do not disrupt a pristine bot lobby. As discussed at the outset, bots are temperamental creatures who are easily scared away. One of the surest ways to scare them away is to challenge another live racer in a bot lobby. For some or all of the reasons above, a number of players prefer racing bots to live races – in fact, some racers tune certain vehicles for the express purpose of finding bot lobbies. In short, don’t be that guy.

Source and big Thanks to user MisterFrontRow for help creating and develop this guide.

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