Chirpatine Guide – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Chirpatine Guide - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes by Electronic Arts

Today we have a Chiraptine Guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for you. In this guide we will answer the question, which characters to choose, how to play each phase and what kind of mods you should use. This Guide is our way to beat Chirpatine, so if you have any suggestions or feedback please feel free to leave a comment below.

Please keep in mind, that from patch to patch characters could be changed and they will be not so strong as they are right now. The other way around, it could be that now bad characters will be get stronger and could be added to this list as the best characters.

Chirpatine Guide – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


  • Chirpa
  • Palp
  • Royal Guard
  • STH
  • Sunfac (Chewie works here but its not as good)

Phase 1

 Get all 6 shocks up with the least amount of damage to your tanks.

Turn 1

  • If the small droids attack palpatine even once, retreat (If palp is dying before your tanks in the end)
  • STH taunt
  • Chirpa speed up, palp assists and shocks (reset if this doesn’t happen)
  • Sunfac attacks b2 to hopefully get a counter, which will give turn meter to palp for another shock.
  • RG stuns buffed droid (reset if failed)
  • Palp shocks

Turns until 3 shocks

  • Restart if you get more than one resist
  • Keep hitting b2 with chirpa, sun fac, and STH
  • RG can go for stun of a droid, b2 for counter and possibly speed down, or defense up if you are afraid that st han will die before 6 shocks (you have to have st han up when 6 shocks is completed)

After 3 shocks

  • You are getting enough turn meter on palp to stop going for counter for TM
  • Hit small droids but be careful not to kill them
  • RG defense up if possible when nearing 6 shocks
  • Chirpa can use heal over time to try to keep STHan Alive

Phase 2

6 shocks (Palp getting 100% turn meter on basic)

  • If you have balanced it correctly, b2 counters on STH will give Sun fac enough TM to taunt. This is important because if st han dies before Sun fac can get his taunt up, then the attempt is ruined. If you taunt on sunfac too early you could end up having his taunt expire and the attempt is half ruined. If STH keeps dying without giving enough tm to Sunfac to taunt, you can try taunting sunfac at 4 or 5 shocks, but you may risk having sunfacs taunt expire. Just remember, once han is dead, sun fac has no way of getting turn meter.
  • Eventually either your tanks will either all die, or palpatine will be one aoe away from dying. When this happens, use let the hate flow(offense up palp ability), then retreat your palp.
  • The standing aoe(scatter shot) does about 3k dmg and the flying aoe(barrage) does about 7k damage. So know how much health you have and what ability b2 is about to use to know when to retreat.



  • Speed mods are best because if he goes before palp on turn 1, it helps palp get going faster.


  • Speed isn’t as important as you may think. The only time it really matters is helping you get to the end of phase 1, and most of the tm you get during that phase will be from  sthan and shock anyways.
  • Offense or Critical damage 4 set are best.
  • Crit chance is the best 2 set to go with your 4 set.
  • 2 potency mods or a potency primary cross are enough. You give up too much damage by going all potency. One resist won’t kill you (unless you can’t get to the end of phase 1 without the top cannon going off, then it will lol). My attempt used no extra potency at all.
  • Crit damage triangle, protection circle are the best here.
  • You can try offense arrow and plus if your tanks are tanky enough, but it hurts your survivability.
  • As always though, don’t pick bad mods just to make a set, the secondaries are really important. Crit chance, Flat offense, Flat protection, flat health, and speed to a lesser extent are all very good.

Royal Guard

  • Protection primary on circle, triangle, and arrow, (if you can get potency to 60 without using the cross primary, use protection there too)
  • Health and Defense Sets are good here.
  • 60 potency minimum, 80 potency maximum. More than 2 potency mods and potency cross is the more than enough.
  • Speed Arrow is ok if you want more defense ups, and stuns on small droids.

ST Han

  • 2 potency is good for the tm reduction, 2 health is good as well. Protection on circle, cross, triangle are important.
  • You want to go as fast as you can, while still tanky enough to survive to the end of phase 1. 4 speed is best if you have the tankiness.
  • Speed arrow


  • If your tanks have plenty of health at the end, and palp is the one dying first, then you can use speed arrows to try to apply more dispells and defense ups.
  • Health/defense mods with protection primary on the circle, plus, triangle and arrow.

More good characters for Chirpatine

If you know more good characters or tactics for Chirpatine that should be added to this guide, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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