Realm of Legends Guide 2 – Marvel’s Contest of Champions

Realm of Legends Guide 2 - Marvel’s Contest of Champions

Marvel’s Contest of Champions by Kabam

This is the second Guide for the Realm of Legends in Marvel’s Contest of Champions, we present you another way to beat this feature. The Realm of Legends is not easy and who ever designed it, did a great job, is has the right combination of difficulty vs reward and teaches you how to improve in the game.

Don’t forget to check out our first guide for the Realm of Legends for Marvel’s Contest of Champions, which is also a good way go beat the Realm of Legends.

For starters, you will want to make sure that you have farmed revive potions and healing potions from the main story line before getting started. Consumable items change every time you complete the map, so keep that in mind. The more free crystals you have going in, the better, there’s no such thing as being too prepared.
You should be practicing against Winter Soldier, a lot. If you can’t take him down in one  go, you aren’t ready for ROL. Winter Soldier is the easiest and most predictable enemy there is for this match.

Here are 5 basic tips for you to beat the Realm of Legends in Marvel’s Contest of Champions:

1.        You need units and revives and health potions. You can hold unlimited in your overflow stash, for up to 13 days, there’s no such thing as too many. Planning the run around Aq, Aw and your potions could be a challenge. Plan 25-30 revives, 1000 units and a whole day, try to make sure you have enough time as the fights are LONG.

2.        Stay calm and take breaks. Walk away, stretch, wash your face etched , if you feel nervous or anxious at all.

3.         Force closing NO LONGER WORKS. If you find yourself losing the fight, and you force close the app, your hero will go to 50% of their starting life, and the enemy will go back to what they were at when they started the fight. Resort to this only if you would rather use heals, or are using a healing hero. (Works well if guillotine doesn’t get enough souls for more than 1 L2 vs wolv)

4.        You cannot Parry Stun enemies on their specials, and over time, constant Parry will wear down your life. Make sure you evade as much as possible, or use a healer including all specials.

5.        All of the ROL enemies will only use their L1 and L2 special only. Don’t be afraid to get them to red, as long as you know how to evade the rest of the specials.

Champion Options


The image of teams is not in any specific order. It simply provides many different options for teams to complete the challenge.

Regarding Wolverine,
Guillotine is almost necessary, but if you can keep a combo with Starlord, you can do it. If you can nullify every regen as it happens with Scarlet Witch, you can do it. Hell, if you want to just hold block for a few hours and throw revives at the game with Electro, you can do it. If you want to use Doc Strange and just L3/attack during fate seal, you can do it.

As you will see from our many, many options, there is a trend. Crit chance and Crit damage. Both of which will help you end these fights much faster.
All fight moves are recommended to be SWIPE TAP TAP TAP SWIPE SPECIAL or MLLLMS. Most of our heroes are recommended to use their L2 special.

Star-Lord: (fastest) MUST BE DUPED. Any signature level is fine, higher is better. He gains increased damage while maintaining a combo. If you get hit, it’s reset. A 4/40, sig 20 SL will finish off Winter Soldier in 250-350 hits depending on your mastery tree.

Guillotine: Used only for Wolverine. 3* or 4* is fine, dupe doesn’t matter, but you will want her as high as you can get her for ranks, details for the fight are below.

Scarlet Witch: (second fastest) MUST BE DUPED. High Signature ability is a must. Incredible champion. You will want to focus on her 2nd special as well, play aggressively, but keep an eye out for enemies coming out of a “stun lock”.

Doctor Strange: Stephen Strange. When he has the Blue Armor, use it to your advantage and play defensively. When he has the Yellow Sword, he hits like a train, try to play very aggressively, hit with L2 or L3, when he has the Purple Circle, he gains both power gain and life the steal, play aggressively as well, and recover some of that life. If you use his L3, you will FATE SEAL the enemy and they won’t gain any beneficial effects while it’s displayed. If you need to use him to fight Wolverine2, you can only use L3, and only attack normally when fate seal is active.

Wolverine: Preferred duplicated, but not mandatory. His bleed stacks will gradually cut down your enemy, but you are looking at around 800 or so hits for winter soldier from a 4/40 Wolv. When duplicated, he can take several hits before dying due to his stacking regen. If he’s not duped, he still regens, just way less.



The recommended Mastery layout we’ve selected uses 47 points. Leaves you up to 12 more if you have all available masteries in the game (level 60 with all 4 story acts at 100%)

Attack Masteries

Advanced offensive (LC and DE) are not necessarily a great idea anymore since the WP nerf. 3 Pierce will help greatly when you hit a massive crit on a special attack, and the rest are pretty straight forward.

Defense Masteries

The regeneration from Salve and Recovery totals about 600 life regen within the first 60 seconds of a fight. It will help you recovering lost health from parry early in the match, or from the previous match. Block Proficiency helps with the reduced damage from parry, as well as overall reduced damage from blocks.  Perfect block is ONLY there to get to unlock Stand Your Ground. 2 is the recommended minimum, if you have the points to get it to 5, do so.

Utility Masteries

Petrify at 3 is glorious to slow the enemy power gain, and Pacify at 3 will help reduce negative effects while SW is stunned. The rest are generic which everyone should have anyways.

If you require further mastery help, ask for “Mastery Help”  in the MCoC InfoBot, and you will find Baker&Corp Mastery, who are more than willing to help you.

Fighting each Enemy (In Order)

Winter Soldier: Pretty straight forward. Parry at the start of the match, evade for the rest. Watch for his specials, they are very easy to evade, getting the timing down here will make the rest of the fights much easier.  If you can’t take him in one shot, you need some more practice before moving forward with the event. Unless your pockets are asking to be emptied.

Captain Marvel: Same as Winter Soldier, almost. She gains damage with increased power, so try to keep her below a red bar. She also is able to recover much quicker from casting her L2 special, so after she uses her L2, stay back, don’t rush in, or you will get caught in a 5 hit combo.

Juggernaut: Possibly the hardest enemy in ROL. Some will set the goal of being able to take out these first 3 heroes entirely before they are ready for a full ROL run. Don’t waste revives until you can get him near half health in one fight. Now to the actual fighting. Parry, Parry, Parry. You should try to keep him on his wall the entire time, don’t let him corner you. If you do get pushed into your corner, use L3 special and you will reset to the middle. You need to use caution when he goes Unstoppable. Even if you have max stun masteries, Unstoppable lasts longer. We tend to Parry, hit twice and then Parry again followed by a 5 hit combo. Stand Your Ground helps a ton in this fight, some may opt to change the defensive mastery tree to add max SYG. He has a weird tendency to go immediately into a heavy at the start of the fight. This took us off guard every time we saw it. Beware. Don’t parry his specials. Enemies are no longer stunned when you parry a special.  Instead, block/evade his specials and then Parry his medium attack. The other tip is to try to get him to his L2 so that he got Unstoppable half as often. This is easier said than done. Be prepared to lose a couple of times very quickly. The beginning of the fight is the hardest part because he can push you back so easily from the middle of the arena. Revives will be spent, so make sure to farm them by searching the main story tiles for revives on paths.

Rhino:  He is very good at pushing you back against your wall so Parry is a must. You must use caution after he uses his specials and going in for an attack, he seems to recover very quickly and is able to block your attacks, so best to wait for his next attack and parry it.

Storm: Identical to Captain Marvel with one addition: Do not attack her after her L1 or L2, unless you know you can get in and start your combo while she is floating back down. Her L2 is devastating and much faster than her L1. If you can bait her L1, do it.

Vision: His L1 is very quick and unless you are experienced at evading it, just block, you will take zero damage blocking his L1 and L2 as they only cause damage when burning energy.  

Black Panther: Same as Winter Soldier, but don’t get hit or you will bleed out.

Scarlet Witch: The second hardest enemy as your own attacks backfire when you get a crit hit. She can Poison, Bleed, Heal Block, and even stun you.  Even if she is stunned, her ability still triggers. There is no other way to say this than, don’t get hit, and get lucky with the crits. If you have a poison immune (robot or hulk) as part of your team, they may be who you want to bring. If you don’t bring an immune, and receive either a poison or a heal block debuff, it’s best to wait, parry, and evade until the time runs out on it.

Wolverine: Use Guillotine to beat Wolverine. Use her L2 only, and you have to ensure that she has 2 Souls when the second swing of her sword lands. Mystic Dispersion Mastery could help in this, but isn’t required. Once her L2 is ready, swing it using the MLLLMS, or immediately after a Parry, while he is stunned. Then watch him die very quickly. You will need to continue attacking aggressively, as every crit will trigger another regen stack. His regen is also based on his power bar, so try to keep it full if you can (don’t bait specials).

Black Bolt: The only Suicide hero out there. Do everything in your power to get him to his L2, aside from that the fight is the same as any other. Several L2 activations and he will KO himself for you. (26k recoil per activation) The key with Black Bolt is to not dash back once he gets to his L1, just block so you don’t accidentally get hit. Attack him a lot when he is blocking (but never end with a Medium, or you will get hit). Fighting him was very much the same as fighting Vision.

Hulk: He’s the Hulk, we are all Puny God’s to him. There’s nothing different about this Hulk fight than others you may have faced, besides the sheer amount of damage he dishes out towards the end of the fight. He may very well kill you blocking through a 5 hit combo.

We hope this second Guide to the Realm of Legends will help you to beat this Marvel’s Contest of Champions feature. What is your strategy for the realm of legends? Let us know in the comments.

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