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With Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes “Electronic Arts” brings the Star Wars feel to mobile devices. The app is regularly supplied with new updates. In July, the developers released the new Mod function for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Find out here what is behind these mods in the Star Wars App and learn how to use them correctly. The mods are available for characters level 50th.

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A Guide to Mods

Firstly, mods have 3 rarities for some reason:
Quality Tier


Easy enough to grasp, higher tier = higher stats. This is represented by dots instead of stars, who knows why.
If 2 mods are identical, apart from tier, the T1 version will have 20 offence as a primary stat, and the T7 version will have 200.
Tier 1 and 2 mods come from mod battles
Tier 3 to 5 come from mod challenges
Tier 6 and 7 are not available yet, likely rewards from the next raid


Increased with credits, up to 15. Increasing the level will increase the values of stats on the mod, and increase it’s quality tier at levels 3, 6, 9, and 12 if possible (more on that shortly)
The cost to level up is dictated by the tier of the mod. The number of upgrades required to reach level 15 is the same for all mods, just the cost is different. It takes 50 upgrades to reach level 15. These numbers are all logical, here’s a chart:

Tier Upgrade cost Level 15 cost
1 375 18750
2 750 37500
3 1250 62500
4 2250 112500
5 3750 187500
6 ? ?
7 ? ?

Please note those T4/5 values are from memory, for some inexplicable reason we’ve run out of cantina energy to get some, and can’t see the upgrade cost from level 15 mods.


Quality Tier

This is represented by the colour of the mod, and is normally upgraded by increasing the level of the mod. A new quality tier is achieved every 3 levels, at 3, 6, 9, and 12. An increase in quality tier normally adds a random secondary stat.
Grey, level 1, 0 secondary stats
Green, level 3, 1 secondary stats
Blue, level 6, 2 secondary stats
Purple, level 9, 3 secondary stats
Gold, level 12, 4 secondary stats

What can confuse is the fact that mods can drop with a higher quality tier, but still be level 1. This means that a number of secondary stats equal to the quality tier have been pre-determined.

Mods from mod battles can be grey through green
Mods from T1 mod challenges can be grey through blue
Mods from T2 mod challenges can be grey through purple
Mods from T3 mod challenges can be grey through gold

A green level 1 mod will have 1 secondary stat unlocked already
A blue level 1 mod will have 2 secondary stats unlocked already
A purple level 1 mod will have 3 secondary stats unlocked already
A gold level 1 mod will have 4 secondary stats unlocked already

A level 1 mod with a high quality tier will involve less risk when leveling up. For example, you get a Tier 5, blue, level 1 HP mod from the 3rd tier of the HP mod challenge (not at all confusing). It has % HP as it’s primary stat. It has 2 secondary stats already unlocked, % HP and % prot. This is a decent mod for RG, you know you should invest in it because it has the stats that RG wants (more on this later)
If you got the exact same mod, but grey, you could end up with less desirable secondary stats when you level it up and increase it’s quality tier.
If you level up a level 1 blue mod, it will increase it’s quality tier and add 2 random secondary stats as normal from level 9 and above.

Core Stats

There are some other basics to know about mods. Firstly:

Every mod has a core stat that it represents, but is not necessarily one of the actual stats on the mod.
This is shown by the symbol in the middle of the mod. A HP mod has the health up buff symbol in it, a crit mod has the crit up buff symbol in it.
It is important to understand that a HP mod might not have any HP stats physically on it (more on that shortly)
This core stat is what activates set bonuses, the number of mods required to get the set bonus varies based on the type of mod.
HP set bonuses require 2 HP mods, meaning you can get 3 HP set bonuses on hero using 6 HP mods. Offense set bonuses require 4 offense mods, so you can only activate 1 offense set bonus, and then use the last 2 mod slots to activate a HP set bonus


Secondly, mods come in 6 different shapes. The shape determines that primary stat it will/can have.

Square mods will always have offense as the primary stat
Arrow mods can have: Speed, accuracy %, offense, offense %, defense, defense %, HP, HP %, prot, prot%, crit avoid % (lolwut)
Diamond mods will always have defense
Triangle mods can have: Crit %, crit dmg, offense, offense %, defense, defense %, HP, HP %, Prot, Prot %,
Circle mods can have HP or prot
Plus mods can have: Potency, tenacity, offense, offense %, defense, defense %, HP, HP %, prot, prot%


Amirite? This means stats can be split into 2 categories, basic, and special we’ll call them for want of better names.

Basic stats are:
Offense %
Defense %
HP %
Prot %

Special stats are:
Accuracy %
Crit avoid %
Crit %
Crit damage

The above list can be condensed to this:
Square mods will have offense as the primary stat
Arrow mods will have a basic stat, speed, accuracy %, or crit avoid %
Diamond mods will have defense
Triangle mods can have a basic stat, crit%, or crit damage
Circle mods will have HP or prot
Plus mods will have a basic stat, potency, or tenacity

Specifically shaped mods can be obtained from the mod battles. All mods from mod challenges will be a random shape.
Secondary stats are always random, and will always be a lot less than the primary stat.
It is critical to understand there is a difference between offense and offense %. If your Rey has 2000 physical damage, then 1% of that is 20. A mod that gives her 30 offense is better than one that gives her 1% offense.


Hopefully now you have a better idea of what mods are, and what they can be when you do a mod battle or challenge. They are unnecessarily complex in our opinion, and the strategy to utilising the system effectively is going to be complex too, and reliant on RNG. RNG is countered by spending money of course.
We will talk a bit now about strategy, this is based off what we have thought about so far, and with little experience.

The first thing you want to do is clear the first 3 tables of the mod battles. This unlocks the mod challenges, and gives you a bunch of tier 1 or 2 HP mods.
There is a mod challenge for each type of mod. All these challenges, apart from the initial HP one, require a 3 hero minimum synergy team.
The only one you’re likely to be able to do apart from the HP one is the defense one which requires Jedi, and the tenacity one which requires rebels. The good ones: offense, potency, and speed, require: first order, empire, and resistance respectively.

We consider defense and tenacity set bonuses to be worse than HP at this point, so our recommendation is complete the 3 tiers of the HP challenge, then spam T3 to get a bunch of T5 mods. You will likely find you do not have T5 mods of a certain shape at this point, you should have some T1 or 2 from the mod battles however.
You basically want your arena team fully modded with 6 HP mods each. If you get square mods from the T3 challenge, these will have offense as the main stat so put them on Rey, if you get a circle mods, they will have HP or prot, so put them on RG. Fill in all remaining slots with T1 or 2 mods ASAP so your arena team have 3 HP set bonuses each. Your enemies will weep.
We will probably edit this guide to mods over time, hope it helped guys!

Thanks to user ‘Bigdiq’ for help creating this guide for the mods.

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What do you think about this guide to mods for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes? Do you have any suggestions or feedback? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Really a nice layout of the mod system. I wish EA understood gamers and gave us the info we need, istead of having to write our own handbooks. Thank you for taking the time to do their job. Very much appreciated.

  2. I didn’t understand hardly any of it. I still feel totally confused about the whole Mod thing.
    Can someone not write a much simpler ‘Seniors’ guide for older folk like myself please. (Aged 60+).

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