Character Guide – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Character Guide - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes by Electronic Arts

Today we have a character guide for beginners and also advanced for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. In this guide we will answer the question, which characters in the game are good and which are not. This means which characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes you should farm and invest in. This character guide reflects the position of the majority of top players.
If there is “don’t farm” it doesn’t mean that a char is bad. It only means that considering lack of resources it’s better to farm other chars for beginners.

Some chars are p2p, check it on You should also check our other Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes guides in the Guide-Section.

Character Guide

Clones – good at arena, GW, raid (some are p2p)

Cody – farm, only with other clones
Clone Sergeant – farm, only with other clones
Echo – farm, only with other clones
Fives – farm, strong char, used in different squads. Need Omega in 1 skill and crit damage with crit chance. And don’t forget about potency
Rex – farm, a strong leader for arena, good in raid, needs potency and speed

Droids – strong at arena and GW

The best squad – HK-47 leader, B2, java engineer, IG-88, IG 86 (or Chief Nebit, Grievous, MagnaGuard)
B2 – to farm, very useful and strong char at arena, dispels buffs, often gain 100% turn meter. Perfect against tanks. Advice – put a crit damage set and crit avoidance
General Grievous – a long time to farm, you can deal without it, though a good leader against AOE crit Meta
HK-47 – farm, the best leader to droids (leader skill at maximum). Needs damage and potency
IG-100 MagnaGW – do not farm, although there are some strong squads with him
IG-86 – farm (needs crit damage)
IG-88 – farm (needs crit damage)

Empire – now they weak as a squad, farm only for events and potency mods

Darth Vader – do not farm, though with Palpatine he can hit really good 1 or 2 times. He is very difficult to get 7* and hence is kind of an achievement. Buy his shards in shard shop if you are not farming General Grievous
Emperor Palpatine – farm. Very strong at arena. Good leader for empire, needs speed (should go first!) and some potency if he is not a leader
General Veers – do not farm
Grand Moff Tarkin – do not farm, though he is a good leader for empire squad and performs good at GW and arena. We need to wait until devs strengthen other Empire chars
Magma-trooper – do not farm
Royal Guard – farm, one of the best tanks at many levels. At the very top he is not a serious problem if he is against. Needs potency
Snowtrooper- do not farm
Stormtrooper – do not farm

Ewoks – do not bad at arena, GW and raid

Chief Chirpa – farm, but with other Ewoks
Ewok Elder – farm, good in rancor raid with Teebo especially (needs speed and HP)
Ewok scout – farm, not bad in the raid, but not great (needs potency and speed)
Teebo – farm, the best leader in rancor raid, needs potency and speed

Geonosians – some good chars

Geonosian soldier – farm. Strong dd, goes often, calls an assist. Need him at GW, deals good at arena and in rancor raid. Needs crit chance and crit damage. A very useful char that is easy to farm
Geonosian spy – do not farm
Poggle the lesser – do not farm, his time has passed (though he can perform ok with droids and other geo as a leader)
Sun Fac – farm, heavy tank, dispels all positive effects with autoattack

Character Guide - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Java – should be good in a new raid. In addition you need them for crit damage mods

Chief Nebit – farm, good with droids
Dafcha – farm for the new raid and mods
Java – farm, he is also good at rancor raid
Java Engineer – farm, obligatory with droids at arena
Java Scavenger – farm for the new raid and mods

Jedi – their potential is above average

Aayla Secura – farm, good at rancor raid and arena (need a crit chance and crit damage)
Ahsoka Tano – do not farm, not so really strong, but not weak. Farm if you like her
Barris Offee – farm, useful at low levels as a healer, but not much
EEth Koth – do not farm
Yoda – farm, not bad at arena and in rancor raid (speed and potency)
Ima-Gun Di – Farm as a jedi leader at arena. May be good in a new raid
Jedi Consular – to farm slightly, useful at low levels
Jedi Knight Anakin – farm, strong with clones, jedi, good leader, very strong at arena (needs crit chance and damage)
Jedi Knight Guardian – do not farm
Kit Fisto – to farm, if you need a potency buff in rancor raid
Luminara Unduli – farm at low levels, leader skill is ok
Mace Windu – do not farm. don’t ask why))
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) – farm, one of the best leader skills for arena, counter for many squads
Plo Koon – do not farm
Qui-Gon Jinn – to farm, one of the most useful chars, is good at arena, GW, raid. Good leader. Needs speed, potency and damage. And an omega at 1st skill

Nightsisters – do not farm except for Old Daka

Asajj Ventress – do not farm, not so strong
Nightsister Acolyte – do not farm
Nightsister Initiate – do not farm
Old Daka – to farm, good with her stun and revival. Needs speed and potency
Talia – farm slightly at low levels, the initial weak char

Rebels – Meta right now

The best squad – Wedge leader, Lando, StHan (should go first), Palpatine, Biggs (Jka)
Admiral Ackbar – farm, good leader. Needs speed and HP
Wedge Antilles – farm, one of the strongest chars now, a great synergy with Biggs, strong AOE, a lot of speed and good leader (the best we’d say. If you have enough speed and doesn’t need +15 speed from Lando leader). Needs crit damage and speed
Biggs Darklighter – farm, but only with Wedge, good against those who crit. Needs crit damage and speed
Han Solo – farm, useful with his first turn shot. Needs potency, crit chance and crit damage
Hoth rebel scout – farm, a good char
Hoth rebel soldier – do not farm
Lando Calrissian – farm, good leader and very strong AOE, a top char now. Needs crit damage, crit chance and speed
Lobot – do not farm
Luke Skywalker – do not farm
Princess Leia – farm, not bad with Akbar leader, still too much RNG (can perform both great and bad). Needs speed and crit damage
Skarif Rebel Pathfinder – probably do not farm. Slow for tanks without auto taunt
Stormtrooper Han – farm, one of the most powerful tanks. Needs speed, potency and resistance (in descending order). Nowadays meta – whose StHan goes first – wins

Resistance – to farm some chars, needed for speed mods

Finn – do not farm
Poe Dameron – the fastest tank, hence good at arena. Needs speed and potency
Resistance Pilot – do not farm
Resistance Trooer – do not farm
Rey – farm, a very powerful DD, but her value and usefulness are now falling with the introduction of new content. Needs speed, crit damage and some crit chance

Scoundrel – farm some characters

Boba Fett – farm for the future, promised to be rebalanced. Strong leader
Cad Bane – do not farm, not so good, still can be used in important events if other chars are locked
Chewbacca – do not farm, though can be used as Cad Bane
Dengar – farm for rancor raid. Good tenacity down skill. Need crit chance and speed (tenacity down does not depend on his potency, only crit)
Gamorrean guard – do not farm
Greedo – do not farm
Han Solo – see above.
IG-88 – see above.
Lando Calrissian – see above.
Mob enforcer – do not farm
Nute Gunray – do not farm, still had a very good synergy with Leia when he is a leader
St han – see above.
Zam Wessel – farm for arena, but only in scoundrel squad

Character Guide - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Separatists – all the characters have been discussed above

Sith – not so good right now

Count Dooku – do not farm, used to be very strong at arena. Though if you like him he is ~ 6\10. Good leader
Darth Maul – do not farm, although he is strong against Jedi. No good synergy
Darth Sidious – do not farm, his time has passed
Darth Vader – see above.
Emperor Palpatine – see above.
Savage Opress – do not farm

The First Order – not so good

Captain Phasma (she is a woman) – farm, one of the very useful for all the activities. For the raid needs potency and doesn’t need speed (her basic only grants TM to a boss). Not bad as a leader at low and medium levels
First order officer – do not farm
First order stormtrooper – do not farm
First order TIE Pilot – farm, but it’s a long time, and generally had a weak synergy with other. Needs speed and crit damage
Kylo Ren – do not farm

Tuscen – their time has not come yet

Tusken Raider – do not farm, though as a dd he is ok and can perform well at rancor raid
Tusken shaman – do not farm
URoRRuR’R’R ‘- what is this? Do not farm

Chars out of categories

Ugnot – decide yourself 🙂 (do not farm, though there is a legend he will be good in a new raid)
Coruscant Underworld Police – do not farm

Charachters to farm first (not a strict order)

Galactic War shipment – Teebo, Captain Phasma, Ig 86, Luminara (low levels), Dathcha, Biggs

Arena shipment – St Han, Ig 88, Hk 47, Admiral Ackbar, princess Leia, Chief Nebit

Cantina shipment – Qui-Gon Jinn, 5555 Fives, Old Daka, Jawa Scavenger, Poe Dameron

Cantina battles – Geonosian soldier, Lando, Obi-wan Old Ben, Jawa, Jedi consular (for low levels), Kit Fisto (for potency buff), Aayla Secura, Wedge, B2, Royal guard, Jedi knight Anakin

Guild shop (don’t buy gears, you’ll get it from raids) – Rey, Jawa Engineer, Dengar, Ewok Elder

We hope you enjoyed this character guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and if you have any question or want to give us feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you and have fun playing!

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