Domination Events Guide – Madden NFL Mobile

Domination Events Guide - Madden NFL Mobile

madden-nfl-mobile-logo2A while back we got the famous 99 OVR Rob Gronkowski from the Domination live events in Madden NFL Mobile the last season. What we’ve gathered from doing them is the fastest way to get all the needed collectibles in the shortest time possible. Here are some tips to help you get through the dominations event in Madden NFL Mobile:

Tip 1

Run the clock the way we ended up doing most of our live events is by running the ball as far as we can, meanwhile running the clock down. This doesn’t allow the opposing team to get a drive in and possibly score. (We use HB DIVE WK for our run play.)

Tip 2

It’s not cheating! In live events and season mode, there is a little glitch that you can do to let you re-try your play. If you fumble a ball, throw a pick, throw an incomplete pass on 4th down, don’t get a 1st down on 4th, or just want to try it again, before the play is complete do this. Close your application. (On iOS double tap the home button and swipe the application up) then just open madden mobile back up and your play should be reset. WARNING – this doesn’t work for any h2h.

Tip 3

Manage your Stamina A good way to get the most amount of attempts in the live event is to manage your stamina and experience. What we do is, we grind experience prior to Wednesday or Friday (Domination Days) so that after a few plays of the live event on those days, we level up. When you level up it’ll refill your stamina, allowing you to do more drives.

Tip 4

Know the teams Make sure that you have knowledge of the Domination team because it’ll help you greatly in your drives. We’re not sure if this is exactly how it works but, when we got our drives in, it ended to give us cards with similar traits of the team (I.e. giving us a throw power card for Aaron Rodgers on the Packers or a Strength card for Gronkowski on the patriots) Our last card we needed was Offensive Acceleration and we got it last week from the Broncos.

Tip 5

Be Patient we know it’s cheesy, but truthfully it helps. You’re not going to get all of them in 20 drives (unless you’re Jesus Christ himself) so you have to just take your time. Personally, it took us 3 months of playing constant Domination to get all the cards. They will come to you eventually.

Extra Tips

  • Quicksell the extra cards you’ve already used (Unless you’re planning to exchange them for gauntlet sets) •
  • Use Cover 3 for defensive plays •
  • Don’t get aggravated •
  • Even if you don’t get the cards you want, you get around 1k gold each drive.

Good luck.

These are all strategies that have worked for us. This doesn’t necessarily mean they will work 100% of the time, like Tip 4

Anyway that’s it for today, we hope this is a useful guide for the domination events in Madden NFL Mobile. If you have any questions, please comment them, and good luck Maddening!

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