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Best Mastery Guide 2018 – Marvel’s Contest of Champions

Marvel’s Contest of Champions by Kabam

Today we present to you the best Mastery Guide in 2018 for Marvel’s Contest of Champions. You should also take a look at our 2017 Mastery Guide that has mastery setups that work in 2018 too. We’ve summarized what we’ve found for your convenience with the goal in mind of min / max’ing game for the game in 2018. We got different types of mastery setups for you, so you can choose which one is the best for your roster and play style in Marvel’s Contest of Champions. We used Alsciende’s mastery planner for all the setups you see here.

Best Mastery Guide 2018 for Marvel’s Contest of Champions

15/6/3 Regular

Almost every mastery setup we show you here will have these 24 masteries points as a standard. It doesn’t matter what your progress is in the game, these masteries will help you in Marvel’s Contest of Champions.

Cheap Point Saver

For the midgame, we suggest these mastery setup, if you still working on getting enough points for the expensive builds. This mastery setup will help you beat most of the content in the game.

Evade the Arena

If you don’t like the Arena at all, this is the right mastery setup for you. This build completely removes PI boost from your mastery selection.

Team Setups

At AQ and AW you will get the best rewards and most players playing that part very serious. For teams the Attack Setup ist very useful for both AQ and AW (we know that there are some differences but this setup will work anyways).

Attack Team

Defense Team

Arena Farmer

Arena points are set through PI, which can be influenced with the correct masteries. With this build you will end arena fights very quick and it’s very good for the PI grind.

Solo Player

If you wan’t to play the game alone without joining an alliance ever, this mastery setup is the way to go. We do not recommend this, alliances are very important and make everything easier in the game.

Mystic Player

If you got many of these good mystic champions in the game, we got this setup for you, which will get you the most out of these champions.

Don’t touch me

This is a very squishy mastery setup for Marvel’s Contest of Champions, if you don’t take damage you will beat almost everything. But beware it’s not easy to master and hard to play but otherwise very effectiv.

If you find this helpful and would like to say thanks do it in the comments. If you have any more ideas for this 2018 mastery guide for Marvel’s Contest of Champions, let us also know this in the comments and we will this add this. Don’t forget to check out the 2017 mastery guide and this post for individual mastery setups.

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