Secret’s and Shadows Challenge Tier 1 Guide – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Secret's and Shadows Challenge Tier 1 Guide - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

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We managed to beat tier 1 with g12 talzin, assajj, daka, zombie and R4 spirit. It needed some tries but we think we got the strategy down and we were incredibly satisfied, so we wanted to share this Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes low budget guide to this event’s 1st tier. Tier 2 is of course a no-go for us, but tier 1 is possible with a modest investment. Note: We didn’t move mods around. It helps a lot. Assajj, and daka don’t even have 6E. The rest do. If your sisters are better developed, you probably don’t need this guide. Still, if you choose to read it, awesome!

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Secret’s and Shadows Challenge Tier 1 Guide

Gear was g12+5 on daka, talzin, g12+3 on zombie and assajj, r4 on spirit (might not be neccessary). For this one, you are going to require the Talzin lead and all associated zetas. Load up spirit with dmg (helps in later phases).

Your squad placement is important. Zombie can revive 2 sisters on sidious AOE and we want those to be talzin and daka. Therefore, you need to organize the placement of your squad before you enter the match. From left to right: Talzin->Daka->assajj- >spirit->zombie. This way, when sidious AOE comes, talzin and daka will be resurrected.

So, first 3 waves are self-explanatory. You only need to watch out in wave 3 where the droids hit hard (hard for g12 characters). You don’t want to trigger any zombie revives before making it to sidious.

When you make it to sidious, your primary goal is the following: get 8-9 stacks of plague on him with your specials before his second AOE (potency helps here). You can’t do anything against the first one. It will hit you, everyone except spirit will die, talzin and daka will come back. Spirit will start with foresight, so she can evade the first sidious AOE and actually most consequential attacks as well because she gains foresight at the end of her turns. After sidious wipes everyone but spirit, then zombie, daka and talzin will be back on the board with near full turn meter because of the deaths. You want to resurrect assajj with daka, use the guard ability on zombie to give everyone speed up, then start throwing as much plague on sidious with your specials (which give plague, even the guard ability gives plague) as you can before his next AOE. That usually comes on his second turn after he hits you with the 1st AOE, so he will use one basic, then on his next turn, the second AOE comes.

In an ideal scenario, what should happen is he wipes you first, then you get 8-9 stacks of plague on him, and he will die right before he can take his 2nd turn and use the next AOE (which would clear you for good).

What is interesting, is that even if you don’t kill him in time, you can still clear him with just spirit and zombie, because spirit will almost always evade his AOEs and using her basic, you can keep calling dead sisters to assist, whittling him down. The problem is that Vader and co. wipes your zombie+spirit duo in the next stage before you can resurrect more sisters through talzin lead. You can only succeed with this budget team if you have all 5 sisters alive when sidious is defeated.

The rest of the waves are fairly easy. Nihilus is no problem even if he annihilates someone other than zombie. Plague will get him.

Sidious stage is quite RNG, but if you make your team fast, it is possible. Since we only really need plague, spirit might not even need relics but someone should test this out. You might need a few tries.

We found another good Secret’s and Shadows Challenge Tier 1 guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroesin in this video:

Thanks for reading and good luck!

We hope you enjoyed thisSecret’s and Shadows Challenge Tier 1 Guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and you learned something new. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. Find more Guides to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in our Guide Section.

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