Best Heroes 2018 – Lords Mobile

Best Heroes 2018 - Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile by IGG.COM

This is our recommended list of the best heroes in Lords Mobile. This is going to be a guide to the P2W heroes. And which ones are worth Buying, and what levels to buy them too.
Please keep in mind, that from patch to patch heroes could be changed and they will be not so strong as they are now. The other way around, it could be that now bad heroes will get stronger and could be added to this list as the best heroes in Lords Mobile.

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Lords Mobile – Best Heroes 2018

This guide is targeted at the players who are wondering which $5 packs to buy. We do not advocate buying $100 packs unless you feel like you really need the hero. The $100 packs will always be there, it’s not like they will only be available once a month. The longer you delay it, the cheaper the hero will be.

In addition make sure you are buying the braveheart packs before you go down the P2W hero line. The $5 braveheart pack is great value, and the $20 is good too if you constantly find yourself buying bravehearts with gems.

In order of Priority

1. Big Guy

Big Guy is the First P2W hero you should get. He is the cheapest to gold immediately ($276). Construction speed is nice, and he provides a large amount of infantry attack and HP which is very important. It will take a long time before you replace him.

2. Top Tier Army Heros

Army Heroes are the ones that give Army Attack, the best Battle Skill in the Game. These are the heroes you should focus on as they are the endgame heroes. You want all three of these heroes at gold eventually, as they are only heroes that have 3 army stats.

Lore Weaver – Great Army hero and Great in Colosseum
Berserker – Great Army hero and Great in Colosseum
Songstress of the Sea – Great Army hero, $5 gives you 15 medals, $20 gives you 18. Cost goes up significantly with the $100 packs, so Songstress is the best army hero to delay as the cheaper packs give you more medals, and the large packs don’t give very much medals.

If you combine these with the F2P army attack heroes Rose Knight and Bombing Goblin, this will give you 5 army attack heroes, and will make your hero lineup very scary.

3. Colosseum Heros

There are two main Colosseum heroes we want to highlight. Grove Guardian and Witch doll. Both of these heroes don’t need to be gold to be effective in Colosseum, so with just a small purchase you can have a great hero

Witch Doll – Witch Doll is a crazy good hero, she gives MP so your skills go off first, and she has a 5 second petrify. She also gives Construction, research and training speed. Grey/Green is good enough too, but since her administrative skills are so good you want to take her to gold.

Grove Guardian – Grove guardian is a Good anti spellcaster hero and one of the best. Grey is good enough, so just pick up the $5 pack when it appears. We do not recommend pouring lots of money in this guy, there are many F2P ranged heroes that are almost as good as him if you want him for your army.

4. Research/Training Heroes

A good gold research hero takes 330 medals, and gives 25% research boost. A green research hero takes 30 medals and gives a 2.5% research boost. So green research is a good balance if all you want is the research speed for the early boost. We personally buy the $5 pack of research/training speed heroes. If the pack gives 15 medals, it will only take 2 rotations to get you to green.

In order of priority:
1. Dark Follower – 15 medals for both Research and Training Speed.
2. Storm Fox – 15 medals for Training speed and a good army hero
3. Petite Devil – 15 medals for research speed, good in colo, and a decent ranged army hero.
4. Prince of Thieves – 15 medals, and gives you research speed. He has army attack, however he gives army def which is much worse than army hp.
5. Dream Witch – 10 Medals, she has army attack and army hp as well as training speed. However she is very expensive to buy in gold in one go.
6. Vengeful Centaur – 15 Medals for research speed.
7. Femme Fatale – 15 Medals for research speed

If there is anything you are missing in this Guide for the best heroes in Lords Mobile, do not be afraid to let us know! You can tell us here in the comments and we’ll add it asap. For more Lords Mobile Guides, check out our guide-section and if you are new to the game, the Beginners Guide.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. really hate this game. found out it’s a waste time and life. so I recently just started loads mobile and found out that any beginners have no chance of enjoying this game. no protection / rules that will help anyone that is starting out. will always be attacked by people that has been playing for a long long time in this game. can’t grow in this game to fight back. It’s a game for those who can spend lots of money (thousands of dollars) to enjoy. anyone that thinks they don’t have to spend money to enjoy this game is fooling themselves or are willing to waste their life / time (I’m talking about months / years). recently saw one dude on youtube, who was one of the best in the game, even admitted that the reason he stopped playing was because the time and money he wasted could had been put to enjoying life and investing his money to something else to improve himself. try the game yourself. as for me… a month into the game and the enjoyment just keep getting less and less. just glad i never support this game with money and will stop playing. there are other games out there that is better than lords mobile.

    • your openion is very correct i have also spent here lots of money and time and day by day its requires more and more money ,without money you just a source of resource to whome have spent more money than you ,its just a addicted this game .i just want to leave this game …

  2. That’s not true F2P here and I just give my res. to a bank a player in your guild that is P2W and get them back when I come back on. You just have to be strategic. Hide your troops and the only thing he have to fix is your walls not to bad. They never get any thing from me not even food LOL. I never even spent the .99 package nothing.

  3. hy nice detail about minecraft heroes. thanks for sharing this

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