Lords Mobile – Mall pack value analysis

Lords Mobile - Mall pack value analysis

Lords Mobile by IGG.COM

We’ve started doing value analyses of the packs we’ve been coming across in Lords Mobile, we figure if we get some use out of it, so will others, so here we’ll compile our findings so far. Basically we’ll try to find the packs that make the most efficient use of your money. The prices are in US-Dollar for the US version of Lords Mobile but we think, you can compare this list also with other currencies.

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First an important metric; the value of gems in terms of speed up time;

24h = 1500G = 1.04G/min
3d = 4400G = 1.02G/min
7d = 10kG = 0.99G/min
30d = 40kG = 0.92G/min

In other words, if you’re using gems efficiently, you should be able to get about 1 minute of speed up out of every gem, maybe more. For familiar stuff just double the gems/min.

Mall pack value analysis for Lords Mobile

Sweet deal – 20$

8k Gems (133+h)
700h worth of speed ups
10k VIP points
10K Holy stars
12M Gold (+some other rss)
480 material chests.

So this pack gives about 833 hours of time for 20$, plus some other useful stuff.

Gem packed 5$

17k Gems (283+ hours of speed up)

In other words, 4 of these are 1133+h worth of time. So from a pure time-gain perspective this pack is superior to Sweet deal. Also Gems are more versatile in their use.

Gem packed 20$

58k Gems (966+ hours)

So clearly, this pack is strictly worse than the 5$ pack. Only buy this pack if you always buy the 5$ pack and still need more gems.

From a speed-up perspective it’s only about 15% better than sweet deal. Considering the other items sweet deal contains, you should only buy this pack if you need loads of gems very fast for purposes other than speed-ups. Or if you’re already buying every rotation of sweet deal and need more.

30-day supply chest 10$

10500 Gems (175+h)
360h of speed-up (240 of which are research only)
12M Gold
30M other rss

So this pack contains about 535H of speed-up and some rss… after a month. It’s about 30% better than Sweet deal speed-up wise, but doesn’t contain anything else to write home about. Unlike sweet deal. Another downside of this pack is that you can’t use the speed-ups on command, so if there’s a watcher event this pack isn’t gonna help you. It’s also strictly worse than the 5$ Gem packed one. This pack is okay, but definitely not as good as it’s made out to be. Only get if after Gem packed, and if you care about holy stars and VIP points and gear, probably after sweet deal too.

Time is Gems 20$

28k Gems (466+ hours)
165 hours
110 hours research
110 hours training
6M Gold
4.5M Other rss

So what we have here is 851+ hours of speed up and basically nothing else. it’s 2% Better than sweet deal in that regard and offers none of sweet deals other value. It’s also strictly worse than both Gem packed packs. The only reason to buy this that we can think of is that you already buy all the sweet deals, all the gem packed ones and all the 30 say supply chests, and for some ungodly reason still need more speed ups right now. Otherwise it’s just not good value.

Instant Progress! 5$

2K Gems (33+ hours)
30 hours
20 hours research
80 material chests
Some rss

*cough* 83+ Hours of speed-up and 80 material chest. Not even close to half as good as sweet deal. Never buy this.

Research reports 5$

2k Gems
30 hours research
1 10% research boost (1 hour)
80 mat chests
some rss

So yeah this is junk. 62+ hours and some mats. Even the research boost isn’t all that interesting since we’re pretty sure its additive. That’s to say if you already have 300% research speed up this makes that 310%. We’re not 100% on that though, but even if it’s multiplicative it’s not that great. In that case getting 10% off of research still means you’d need to do 24+ days of research in an hour to make this better than sweet deal speed up wise, let alone better than Gem packed. Please leave a comment if you know for sure if this boost is additive or multiplicative.

Hoist the sales 1$

Now whether this pack is worth it depends on the chests, so let’s calculate their expected value (which is what you’d get on average if you were to open a million of them basically). To get this just multiply the chance of getting something with their value. We’re using this.

So what we get;

1344 Gems
5 Shiny surprise avg;
2650.4 Gems
5 Fortune Chest avg;
3025 Holy stars
19200 Energy
3.495 hours

3M Gold

So this contains on average about 4k Gems, or 70+hours of speed up. considering you also get about 3k holy stars and 19k energy this pack contains really good value. It’s strictly better than Gem packed on average for gems alone, but, you’ll also like have to buy this one a lot to get to that average since there are some outliers. Regardless, if you buy anything, buy this.

Lord’s party 1$

1344 Gems
4 Chest of splendor avg;
3595.2 Gems
5 Fortune Chest avg;
3025 Holy stars
19200 Energy
3.495 hours

3M Gold

So that’s, on average almost 5k Gems (82+ hours). Pretty good if you ask me. Granted, in reality you’ll probably either get a bit less or a lot more than that because of the probability distribution but however you look at it this pack contains great value. Probably the best value in the game.

Super savings 5$

2k Gems
50 fortune chests avg;
30250 Holy stars*
192000 energy
34.95 hours

Some rss

Some time wise it’s crap (70ish hours), but you can definitely consider buying it for the holy stars and energy. As we astutely pointed out, this expected value is heavily influenced by the jackopot. In other words, if you just buy this pack once you’re likely to get around 10-15K stars. If you buy it 10 to 20 times however you’re far more likely to get about 30k stars on average. Now let’s take for example;

Reach for the stars 20$

8k Gems
10 Wishing star avg;
25114 Holy stars

10k Holy stars
140 material chests.

So this contains 133+h of speed up and 35114 Holy stars. This is quite bad compared to Super savingsas you’ll almost always get more value out of that one, even if you get a comparatively low amount of holy stars. If you consistently buy star packages, never buy this one (or, spoiler alert, any of the other ones) unless you buy super savings every time and still want more stars.

The Labyrinth 5$

2k Gems
3K Holy stars (yes, really)
5h speed up (Again, yes, really)
12.5M Food
1M Gold
3.75M Other rss.

This pack is worse in every single way than Super savings. It’s literally 10 time as bad. Why does this pack exist? Oh wait, we know, to take advantage of people with a gambling addiction. Stay classy IGG.

Star of Hope 20$

8k Gems
25K Holy stars
12 hours
240 mat chests

It’s less embarrassing than “The labyrinth”, but still not good. Just buy material madness and super savings. Pass.

Carpe Diem 20$

8k Gems
50 Happy hour avg;
266 hours
158.3 hours research
158.3 hours training

600 Material chests
30M Gold
25M other rss

So this pack contains on average 715+ hours of speed-up, some of which is limited to training and research, along with 600 material chests and some rss. It’s vaguely comparable to sweet deal, but with less holy stars and VIP points and 120 more material chests, also, only 400 of the hours of speed-up are useable on anything. We’d get sweet deal over this one for those reasons.

Boot camp 20$

8k Gems
1 Training boost 20% (1 hour)
700h of training speed
150 mat chests (queen bee, bon appeti, tidal titan)
20M Gold
60M Food
50M other RSS

This contains 833+ hours of training speed. More if you pop the 20% boost. 480h of those are 24h though so only really usable for T4, or T3 with multiple barracks or barracks lvl 25 (we think) without wasting part of it. It contains less materials than sweet deal, but those it contains aren’t in sweet deal so if you really need those specifically, are planning on using your speed-ups for training specifically and don’t mind the lack of holy stars or VIP points, then this one is okay since it has the 20% boost and some rss. Otherwise just buy sweet deal.

Super Bonus 5$

2k Gems
3 Chest of splendor avg;
2696.4 Gems

45h speed-up
180 mat chests
2M Gold

So on average this one gives about 4700 gems and 45h, so around 123+ hours of speed up. If you bought 4, you’d have 333 less hours of speed ups than sweet deal, but 240 material chests more. Also, no VIP points, no Holy stars. We figure you’re better off buying material madness for material chests anyway so probably just ignore this one.

Strike a deal 5$

2k Gems
3 Shine surprise avg;
1590.24 Gems
45 Hours
180 mat Chests.
2M Gold.

So 104+ hours total. 180 Chests. A slightly worse Super bonus. Same arguments apply, you can’t reasonably buy this for speed up since there are so many better packs, and there are better material packs out there too.

Monthly surprise 5$

2k Gems
3 Chest of splendor avg;
2696.4 Gems
5 Happy hour avg;
26.6 hours
15.83 hours research
15.83 hours training

5 Monstrous chests.
100 mat chests (Shaman, Saberfang, Bon appeti, Tidal titan, Queen bee)

Firstly, 136+ Hours. 546 compared to 833 for Sweet deal. So like 35% worse. Thing is, this contains Monstrous chests which drop guaranteed ultra rare materials. It even drops it at the same rate/$ as material madness (which is “the material pack”). Material madness wins out when it comes to mats. It contains 1k mat chests total and more of the ones in this pack too per $ (except shaman, but the 5$ shaman pack contains 40 ultra rares so you should probably just get that if you need it), but if you need these mats specifically it’s not that much worse than material madness and you get some decent speed ups/gems to boot. We’d say it definitely contains better material value that Sweet deal because of the monstrous chests. So overall it’s a decent pack to buy depending on your needs.

Other packs, like the monster ones or the material ones we can’t really look into, since the totally legitimate businesspeople at IGG haven’t released their drop rates. They only pretend they did.

For Gem/time packs the best are the 1$ ones, and then Gem packed and sweet deal if you like the other stuff it contains. For Holy stars it seem super savings is king and anything else pales in comparison. You also don’t have to feel too ashamed at buying Monthly surprise since it contains a decent balance of mats and speed-up.

Thanks to MisterOverhill for help creating this guide for Lords Mobile.

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Feel free to add things in the comments. We’ll probably add things later if we come across other packs that fall into these kinda categories and are worth looking into, to make this into a somewhat comprehensive reference.

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  1. nice calculations! The research boost or any other boosts are always additive. Would be interesting to see your review about this new pack “Bursting with Riches”, which I consider one of the best value packs.

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