Best FTP Guide 2017 – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Part 2

Best FTP Guide 2017 – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Part 2

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes by Electronic Arts

This is Part 2 of the 2017 free to play guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which is thought to be for new accounts. This series is for new and also advanced players in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, we will also update and expand this guide regularly.
This time we talk about Modding in general and Squad Arena strategies. Find more guides about Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in our guide-section.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Best FTP Guide 2017

Modding in general

  • Don’t overestimate set bonuses. The amount of bonus a cc set gives you (5%cc) can be compensated by a single secondary stat. A CD set is great, but only in addition to a CD primary triangle, not instead of it. A speed set will give you max. about 15 speed which is nice, but you shouldn’t sacrifice your secondaries for it.
  • Your attackers usually need to be fast and hit hard. The most important slot is the triangle (holo-array). Don’t put defense, health or protection on it (there are exceptions like DN). Offense (value in numbers, not percentage) is a very good secondary stat for them. CD is usually the best.
  • Chars that want to land a debuff need potency.
  • Tenacity is rather bad. The chances that you resist a debuff are minimum 15%, no matter how high the enemy’s potency is. If the enemy has 80% potency and you have 65% tenacity, the chances to resist are still 15%, so you win nothing. Only if the attacker has low potency and you have a very high tenacity value, there will be a difference. E.g. the enemy has 45% potency and you have 65% tenacity, your chance to resist will be 20%.
  • Pos. 1: Transmitter (Square) The Transmitter has a fixed primary: offense. This position should therefore be used for good secondaries like speed, protection, offense (value in numbers is better than percentage), crit chance, health.
  • Pos. 2: Receiver (Arrow) For the arrow, the speed primary is very good for most attackers and supports (+30 speed at 5-dot-mods). You can buy these in the mod store, even if they are grey. Protection is very good for most tanks. The other primaries are usually not taken.
  • Pos. 3: Processor (diamond) The processor has a fixed primary: defense. Use it for good secondaries.
  • Pos. 4: Holo-Array (triangle) This is a very important slot. You can get 36%CD from it or 23,5% protection.
  • Pos. 5: Data-Bus (circle) Usually, you want a protection primary, speed secondary circle.
  • Pos. 6: Multiplexer (cross) While in many cases, protection primary is very good, you can also use offense for attackers that do physical damage or potency for attackers that need to land a debuff (combined with potency sets).
  • If you see a 5-dot-mod in the mod store, only buy it if it has a speed secondary (or if it’s a speed arrow). Green mods will get one upgrade so a +5 speed can get additional +6 = +11 speed. Blue get two upgrades so they can be 5 speed, +6, +6 = +17 speed. Purple get three upgrades so they can get 5 speed + 6 +6 +6 = 23 speed and gold get 4 upgrades with a maximum of 28 speed. That’s very unlikely so also green and blue mods are a good buy with a speed sec. Upgrades happen at levels 3, 6, 9 and 12. Don’t upgrade more than 12 other that you need the set bonus.

Squad Arena Strategy

  • Find out what the payout of your daily opponents is. Find your shardmates in reddit, EA forum (pvp) or via / contact data.
  • Try to fight not before 2 hours (for 10 fights) or 1 hour (for 5 fights) before your payout. Avoid those guys with a similar payout/payout right before you (if you fight 2 hours, fighting after their payout is okay).
  • Once you are a little advanced (lvl70+ maybe), you should be able to react with different setups to different enemy teams.
  • E.G. use Rex lead if the opponent crits a lot. AoE crits like Lando’s give your team a lot of turnmeter. Vice versa, don’t use Lando against Rex lead enemies.
  • If the enemy uses a lot of dispel (Rex, Chirrut, GK), debuffers are probably useless. Counter it with sheer damage (Wiggs Chaze R2Z2). Vice versa, use triple cleanse (Rex Chaze GK DN/CLS) against teams with a lot of debuffers.


GK – General Kenobi, DN – Darth Nihilus, TFP – TIE Fighter Pilot, FOTP – First Order TIE Pilot, SF – Sun Fac, STH – Stormtrooper Han, Chewie – Clone Wars Chewbacca, Chaze – Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus, Wiggs – Wedge Antilles and Biggs Darklighter, R2Z2- R2D2 with zeta on numer crunsh, Z2Z2 – R2D2 with both zetas, CLS – Commander Luke Slywalker, RG – Royal Guard, JC – Jedi Consular, JE – Jawa Engineer, Windu – Mace Windu, IGD – Ima-Gun Di, QGJ – Qui-Gon Jinn, RT – Resistance Trooper, RP – Resistance Pilot, CD – critical damage, CC – critical chance, GW – Galactic War

We hope you enjoyed this second part of the best FTP Guide in 2017 for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, for more information, take a look at part 1. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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