Best FTP Guide 2017 – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Part 1

Best FTP Guide 2017 - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes by Electronic Arts

This 2017 free to play guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is thought to be for new accounts. This is Part 1 of a series for new and also advanced players in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, we will also update and expand this guide regularly.
We start with rebels because those have multiple purposes, e.g. Lando and STH are scoundrels you need for events, Wedge and Biggs are good pilots, and five rebels together will master the Palpatine event. Furthermore if you follow this guide, you get the pilots and ships for the zeta mat challenge and Jedi to unlock 5*-mods in the mod store. You will also get EP, Vader, TFP, RG and Tarkin who will open the doors to the R2D2 event. Both your arena squad and fleet will profit from synergies.

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Best FTP Guide 2017

1. You may want to manipulate your time zone so you have your collection/fighting time at more convenient hours. See below when these hours are.

2. After you start a new account, pull a chromium pack for 350 crystals. Optional: [If you don’t get a good toon, you may want to start another account until you get one (best might be Rex, Chirrut, Baze, Lando, Qui-Gon Jinn (QGJ)). You may want to avoid to become level 28 (arena start) for some days and just collect energy and buy gear salvage from shipments. Only use cantina energy on Lando shards and buy Boba shards in cantina store. Participate in events if possible. This creates a stockpile of credits, ability mats and gear salvage that will be very helpful once the arena race starts at level 28.]

There are different spots to farm your toons: Hard nodes, Cantina nodes, Cantina Store, SquadArena Store, Galactic War (GW) store, Guild Store, Fleet Arena Store (lvl 60).

3. Farm Lando in cantina 1-E

4. Farm Boba Fett in cantina store to 7*

5. Farm STH in the Squad Arena Store to 7*

6. Farm Biggs in GW store to 7*

7. Farm Jedi Consular (7* if you want to use him as a pilot or for the Yoda challenge, but no haste) and Chewie (4* is minimum, 5* recommended, because of crit mod challenge) from hard nodes. Optional: Royal Guard/First Order TIE Pilot (FOTP, lvl54 req). But gear is more important than shards generally speaking.

This leads to your Arena team of Lando (Lead), Biggs, STH, Boba Fett, JC

Always keep level, abilities and most important gear of your arena team to maximum!

(While JC is a very good pilot, he is not very good as an arena toon. We want to replace him soon and only star him for the mod challenge (optional Yoda event) and as a pilot. You can let him fall behind in gear once you have another arena toon.)

8. In Guild store farm Rex (req. lvl 60, as an alternative lead against debuffing teams) and alternatively Sun Fac orDarth Maul (5 dark side ships+pilots are needed for the Zeta mat challenge later), see details in point (13).

Farm IGD (Ima-Gun Di) to 5* for for the Defense Mod Challenge (only to unlock 5-dot-mods, don’t farm def mods) [7* optional for the Yoda event]. Don’t spend too much gear on him, you don’t need him other than for the challenge/event. Skip IGD if you farm another Jedi like Ezra or Old Ben but see the note on cantina toons below.

Before lvl60 you can save tokens or buy prototype mats. Farm Luke Skywalker (Farmboy) for the Commander Luke Skywalker (CLS) event (time this with the other toons needed for the event, see below).

9. Farm Princess Leia in Squad Arena Store after STH is 7*. Also farm IG-88 so that you have him ready at lvl 70. IG-88 5* would also be sufficient. This gives you a Team for the Credit Heist event of Lando, STH, Boba, Chewie, and IG-88 at lvl 70.

Farm Mace Windu 5* after IG88 5* for the Defense Mod Challenge (to unlock 5-dot-mods).

Farm Tarkin (GMT) as your Fleet Commander, for the Rancor raid and for the R2D2 event (see below).

10. After Lando ist 7*, farm Kylo Ren in cantina 4-C and also gear him (as a fighter against Dooku that provides stun and healing immunity).

Farm TIE fighter pilot (TFP) in cantina 4-B to about 5* (dark side pilot). Continue to 7* later for the rancor raid and events that require empire such as R2D2.

At level 69 farm Wedge Antilles from Cantina 6-F.

Not before you have a reasonable mod situation, farm Old Ben for the Commander Luke Skywalker (CLS) event (time this with the other toons needed for the event, see below).

Note on cantina toons: If you want to farm 330 shards from cantina, you need about 1000 cantina fights. So 8’000 cantina energy for the 8 energy guys. That’s an equivalent of 500 mods á 16 cantina energy (tier III) you don’t farm. 12 cantina energy node toons cost as much as 750 mods. So don’t farm a cantina toon if your mod base is not settled.

11. Farm 5-dot-health-Mods as soon as you manage tier III of the health mod challenge. You should use half your cantina energy on mods and the other half on char shards now.

12. Farm ship plans in GW store for Biggs’, FOTP, TFP, Ahsoka’s, Sun Fac’s (optional), JC’s, Umbaran Starfigher (Fives’ ship) after Biggs is at 7* and you achieve lvl 60. TFP, FOTP and Umbaran appear not as often as the other plans, so prioritize these. Farming ship plans until your fleet arena team is all 7* will grant you access to a lot of mats (zeta) and shards (Wedge and all the other pilots). If Biggs is 7* before you are lvl60, safe the tokens.

13. Farm Wedge (char shards), Slave I, TIE advanced x1 and Chirrut Îmwe in Fleet store. If Vader shards occur in fleet store, also buy them (stop at about 6* 40/100 until you have the shards for rewards). Level all ships equally so you have them at 3 stars each on lvl68. You will need this for the challenge which rewards you a 2nd reinforcement place, so you can use 7 ships.


Further Cantina Store farms:

  • Farm QGJ (after Ahsoka). This will give you a 5-Jedi-Team: IGD (L) JC Ahsoka QGJ Windu. Do the defense mod challenge as soon as all are 5*.
  • Farm Fives (after QGJ), he is a very good pilot

15. One of the following:

  • Darth Maul (Guild store, Fleet store) and his Scimitar (Fleet store). Very good reinforcement pilot, can be a game changer but is also countered by Fives/Ahsoka.
  • Sun Fac (Guild store, Fleet store) and his ship (GW store). Very good tank but costs a lot of gear. Fast farm DS ship, also very useful as a tank (ship).

16. If you have a good rank, spare crystals can be used to buy Baze shards (50 shards x 50 crystals = 2500 needed for a 3* Baze). This would lead to the Chaze combo (Baze+Chirrut).

Short summary for the best FTP Guide 2017

Pre-Level 60

  • Hard mode nodes: JC 5*, Chewie 5*, if you have energy left also RG, FOTP
  • Cantina nodes: Lando 7*, 5-dot Health Mod and/or Kylo, TFP
  • Cantina store: Boba 7*
  • Arena store: STH 7*
  • GW store: Biggs 7* (save the rest)
  • Guild store: IGD (save the rest)

Post-Level 60

  • Hard mode nodes: JC 7*, FOTP, RG
  • Cantina nodes: Wedge 7*, TFP 7*, Old Ben
  • Cantina store: Ahsoka 7*, QGJ 7*, Fives 7*
  • Arena store: Leia 7*, IG-88 5*, Windu, Tarkin, Chief Nebit
  • GW store: Ship Plans: Biggs/Wedge/JC/FOTP/Ahsoka/TFP/Fives Umbaran, Sun Fac (optional)
  • Guild store: Rex, JE (optional Darth Maul, Sun Fac, depending on you dark side ships)
  • Fleet store: Wedge/TIE advanced x1/Slave 1/Vader (optional Scimitar, Sun Fac)

Additional Hints for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 2017

  • Think twice if you start with a different time zone.
  • Collecting/Refreshing hours are: 0 h (all activities reset, Arena and GW store refresh, shipments, new challenges), 6h (shipments, GW store refresh, Arena store refresh), 12h (free energy, free cantina energy, all shops refresh, shipments), 18h (collect arena reward, free energy, new shipments, guild + fleet + arena store refresh), 19h (collect fleet arena reward), 21h (collect free energy, guild + fleet store refresh)
  • Spend crystals on cantina and energy refreshes. 3x normal energy for each 50 crystals and 1-2x cantina energy for 100 crystals each would be very good.
  • For a first good rank in arena and fleet arena, also use crystals to buy a refresh (50 crystals for 5 tries). Get a pole position.
  • No further chromiums needed but the first 😉
  • Aim to have 5 Rebels at 7* Palpatine Event.
  • Aim to have 5 Jedi at 5* for the Def Mod challenge. Tier II will allow you to buy 5-dot-mods in the mod shipments, Tier III will increase the chance for 5-dot-mods in the shipments. One star is enough, you don’t need to farm these mods, just unlock tier III. G7 lvl65 Jedi should be sufficient.
  • Aim to have 5 Empire toons at 7* for the R2D2 event (EP Vader RG Tarkin TFP).
  • Aim to have Leia, Luke Skywalker (Farmboy), Old Ben, STH and R2D2 at 7* for the CLS event.
  • optional: Aim to 5 Jedi at 7* for the Grand Master’s Training Event. (however, Yoda is not really needed)
  • Aim to get Critical Damage Mods: after all other priority characters have been farmed from these locations, farm Chief Nebit from the Arena Store; Dathcha from the Galactic War Store; Jawa Scavenger from the Cantina Store; Jawa Engineer from the Guild Store; and Jawa from hard/cantina nodes. Improve these characters to 5*, level 60-65, g7 and complete Tier III of the Criticial Damage Mod Challenge.
  • Aim to get Speed mods (soon after lvl85): Finn (also good for the hAAT raid with zeta), Poe, Rey, RT, R2D2)
  • After lvl85, aim to get Thrawn: Farm Hera, Chopper, Zeb, Ezra, Kanan (for 7* about g8-g9)
  • The starting characters not mentioned in this guide (e.g. Talia) may be needed for the challenges and nodes, but should be kept as low as possible and be replaced as soon as possible. Level 50 and gear V would certainly be enough.
  • Find your arena shard chat to coordinate payouts. Google the name of your opponents’ guilds plus “swgoh” and see if they/their guild mates entered contact details in Enter your own contact details there.
  • visit for further explantions and calculators

Zeta Challenge: (hard, probably need lvl 80+ but start preparing earlier)

Aim for 5 dark side ships:

  • TFP, FOTP, Slave1, TIEx1 and Scimitar/SF
  • Aim for 8x 5* ships (Biggs, Wedge, JC, Ahsoka, TFP, FOTP, Slave 1, TIEx1, optional Scimitar/Sun Fac)

Guild in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 2017

  • Enter a good guild early. 30k raid tickets a day are maximum, if you guild does not reach at least 25k you should change it. If you get the chance to enter a heroic AAT guild, do it. Look at the guild activities and plan your resource spending accordingly.
  • Look at your guild activities and prepare yourself. Always provide 600 tickets. 540 are given by free energy (120 cantina energy refill + 45 bonus, 240 energy refill + 3×45 bonus). For more you need to invest at least 50 crystals.
  • There are some tricks, e.g. the next day will be “galactic war”, you just start the first GW fight and retreat (via settings button). That gives you the daily challenge, but saves the GW for the next day. By this, you can collect 36 GW knots as guild activities.

Best Endgame Teams in SWGOH

That’s it for Part 1 of the best FTP Guide in 2017 for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, stay tuned for Part 2!

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