Improvement Tips for Raiding – Summoners War

Improvement Tips for Raiding - Summoners War

Summoners War: Sky Arena by Com2uS

So! You managed to get your first r5 team up and running and a stable one at that in Summoners War! Good job! And now you are looking to improve further but not sure what to focus on? With FRR just around the corner, here are some of the things we have learnt so far and tips that might just assist you with that in Summoners War!

Summoners War – Improvment Tips for Raiding

1) Ideally, you only need/want your cleanser on vio

Can’t stress this point enough, the more vio mons you got on your team = more turns = faster stuns; or a different way of looking at it : You want to make every turn of your mons count. Although with that said, I’ve seen slow high dps mons on vio work. However, 2 vio mons is our personal limit, be it the DD or the healer. Still, try to put Colleen on double/triple revenge.

2) Overall efficiency

If you are running a single healer, try to stack up more def first before hp (±1500 Def & 25k-28k Hp) and well, of course speed too; this is because the heals give more back since your def/HP Ratio is higher, you feelin’ me? However, this doesn’t matter if you are running Effective-HP-Healers like Bella & Colleen, but would come into play if you use ATK-based healers like Mihyang or HP-based healers like Chasun. Regardless, our colleen (202) is still too slow for stable runs, i’d prefer it around 225ish. For the cleanser, 200ish should be good.

We’ll sidetrack here a while, here’s a very interesting post that goes into the details of effective Hp – Point V elucidates the points above very clearly.

3) Resistance isn’t futile

We have seen teams with complete 100% res doing amazing in raids – yes that includes the DDs too. This is just due to the more ‘uptime’ each mon has on average. Some good Tolerance runes/grinds lying around? Put them to use!

4) Use them Enhance/Fight/Determination Runes

In relation to point 3), use them if you got them! even a set of each help out a lot in the bigger picture. your pandas/theasses/darions are perfect canditates!

5) The DDs should be pretty standard: XL/Hwa/Brandia/Homu/Stella/MHW/etc.

If you don’t have those,

Bethony/ (high burst)

Don’t have personal experience, but her name comes up when referring to good DDs

Rigel (good dmg burst/immunity)

We like Rigel because when maxed, his S2 deals decent burst damage. Even though he has an immunity passive, if and when he gets silenced, it wouldn’t come into effect.

Ardella (mini XL)

Triple revenge would be a decent build for her but the stats you need are crazy! Skip her if you are still making your main DDs good. She also has the same passive problem like Rigel.

Loren (heal block/def&atkspd debuff/atk bar reduction)

Loren, we feel, has good potential although you’d need good runes for her to do good dmg. Otherwise her kit offers a lot, but alas, she too, has the passive problem.

Wind BK(brand/buffs)

He is good for brands and buffs but you also need to bear in mind, if the boss absorbs the buffs and heal block isn’t applied, your runs would be longer, because he’d heal more.

Argen (watered-down XL)

No experience with him as well but have seen teams with him and he deals decent dmg.

There are multiple ways to rune your DDs, be it Vamp/Fatal/Rage + Blade/Rev/Guard/Fight, it depends on your team’s sustenance. Our favourite is Vamp/Rev. Though rage/fatal would give more bang!

6) We feel…an ideal team should comprise of

{FL} : Darion/Dias(dmg red.), Lisa/Kona/Delphoi/Cleanser, Colleen(absolute must), Panda(totally replaceable)

{BL} : XL(not very replaceable), Hwa(relatively replaceable)

But we always work with what we have…

  • We prefer a 4-man FL as this provides a better chance for revenge debuffs to happen more often
  • If you don’t have a XL, Fire Homu with Eruption is also an option. We went with double brand wind homu as we wanted to see if it helps speed up runs – might swap to eruption though.
  • Mihyang is also an amazing raid mon, in terms of obtainable mons. It could either be a vio mihyang + swift cleanser, vice versa, or if you really must, both on vio. I’d rune her fatal/broken/broken with def/atk/atk if you have enough spd or spd atk atk/def getting HP from subs or vice versa
  • Mons with S1 Debuff are the best, where atk break & heal block are the most important ones
  • If you’re looking for more dmg/contribution, you could look to replace Panda with branding mons like Stella, or if you’re in need of more heals, you can replace him with Bella, etc. Also we don’t personally like chasun much in raids but that might just be me

If you have more tips and suggestions for raiding in Summoners War, please feel free to write a comment below. Find more Reviews and Guides to Summoners War in our Guide Section.

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  1. Best game ever! What other games would you recommend? I’ve been playing SW for six months straight and wish I’d known about it A LOT earlier! What other games am I missing out on? If you missed a year of HOH in SW you are at a serious disadvantage and I hate that I didn’t know about it earlier. And recently I played Happy Wheels
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