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Marvel’s Avengers Academy by TinyCo

Here you find a Avengers Academy Guide with tips, tricks and cheats for Android and iOS. We want to bring you closer to a FAQ and some tips for fighting and other content of the game. For all beginners in Marvel’s Avengers Academy, we also have some tips for starting present. We’re going to wind up again to the question of a cheat and you’ll find the links to the downloads for Android, iPhone and iPad (iOS). Because this game is a Free2Play game, it makes sense to acquire some tips to progress as quickly as possible. If you know more tips about Avengers Academy, you may also like, please tell us in the comments.

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Useful Links for Avengers Academy

TinyCo FAQ TinyCo’s official FAQ covers general gameplay and troubleshooting issues. It’s updated every time new content is added, so be sure to check it often. It can also be found inside the game itself, in the Settings > Help section.

Our Wiki A database of all the information actually in the game. Written by all of you, for all of you!

Wasp and Learn – Collecting Textbooks 101 For all your character recruiting and updating needs.


FAQ for Avengers Academy

What do I do if I lose my progress? Everyone should save a screenshot immediately of the loading screen, which has an account number in the bottom right which is needed to recover or transfer accounts. Once you have this contact support with your information and they should be able to restore your save.

Q: What is the current level cap?

The current level cap is 33, but there is no new content after level 29 other than a rank for the Avengers Stadium and the experience gain slows down significantly.

Q: I’m at level XX, and the game says I can unlock Character Y at level XX but I can’t figure out how!

A: The game requires you to finish the main quest up to a certain point for each character. Oftentimes, you will be over the character’s minimum level by the time you’ve progressed far enough in the story to recruit them. See the Unlocks Section at the bottom and the wiki for more information.

Q: Last week I was getting so many (credits/books/items/Pym particles) and this week I’m hardly getting any at all!

A: The developers are constantly rebalancing the game for pacing.

Q: Are premium characters worth it?

A: That’s a personal decision. You might decide that, since you’re a huge fan of Spider-Woman, you want to pay a little money to have her in your Academy. The benefits of premium characters are: enhanced credit rewards for some missions, exclusive quest lines, and additional help with some special events. Only you can decide if that makes them ‘worth it’. Most event premium characters are also not worth it for their boost alone. Your main decision should be based on a character you like at a good price, or to support the game, with their bonuses as a nice addition.

Q: I missed the event for Baron Zemo/A-Bomb/Red Hulk. Will I ever be able to recruit these characters?

A: Baron Zemo has already returned for the end of the Civil War event. We have no guarantees that others will return but it is always a possibility.

Q: When will Romance get released?

A: ‘Soon’

Q: Will there be same-sex dating?

A: Probably not with the release of Romance, but probably at some point. The devs have confirmed that characters will have their canon sexualities, and have also said that they are specifically interested in adding more LGBTQ+ characters.

Q: A user said they got shards from watching ads, but I don’t have this option in my game. What gives?

A: The ability to watch ads for shards seems to be in beta right now, and is region-locked. It is also turned off by purchasing shards.

Q: Will I lose my decoration/buildings/costume after the event ends?

A: No, if you bought it then it’s yours. However, they will disappear from the store and you won’t be able to buy anything you may have missed.

Q: My building says it expires in X days, will it disappear after that?

A: No, but it won’t keep producing any items; it will become just decoration.

Q: When will the next update be or the next event start?

A: We don’t know. TinyCo will occasionally give advertise events for starting within a week or a similar time frame, but no one knows the exact time until it’s released.

Q: Will I lose my progress if I reinstall the game?

A: No, the game syncs with you GameCenter/Google Play account, it should be fine. You should however take note of your ID number (the one that appears on the bottom right of the loading screen) and if anything happens, contact support with it and they’ll restore your game.

Q: My game crashes/I have a bug/etc, what do I do?

A: Contact support, they’ll be able to help you better. If you are desperate you can also try to force close the app and reopening it or reinstalling.

Q: How do I unlock zones?

A: Unlocking zones depend on your progress on the main quests, keep completing them until you get the option. See the Unlocks Section and the wiki

Q: I’m trying to build the stadium but it says I don’t have space!

A: The Stadium is huge, you need a space of 7×10 to build it, try moving things around a bit.

Q: How can I get more shards?

A: For now the only way to get shards is by leveling up (4 shards per level) or in some specific quests. Some people also have the option to watch ads but this depends on your region and device. If you have an iOS 3D Touch you can press and hold on each character to receive a one-time drop of 1 shard per character. If you use Android you can also use the official Google Opinion Rewards app to answer surveys for Google Play credit. The only other way is buying them.

Q: How do I get more textbooks/hero item drops?

A: The game seems to guarantee that there will always be at least one mission on the board with textbooks or hero items. So your best bet is to first have a lot of finished missions ready to collect. Then collect the textbook/hero item mission first, and a new mission with items should appear. If it can be done quickly, then complete it. If it’s a Heroic or other undesirable mission, then trash it. Then collect another finished mission and see what that mission looks like. Repeat this process to try to cycle through as many quick missions with item drops as you can. Wasp and Learn – Collecting Textbooks 101 Has more information.

Q: How do I add or move sidewalks?

Go to the campus layout editing by clicking the four green arrows in the bottom left corner. Then in the top left corner there is a button with a gray square and a plus. Tapping this will turn on sidewalk editing. Tap a tile to add a sidewalk, or remove one if there is already a sidewalk there.

Q: How do I change the costume my character is wearing?

A: Tap on the character you want to change to go to their action selection screen. In the bottom left corner there is a button with a green hangar. Tap this to cycle between costumes, including appearances from earlier upgrade ranks. This button only appears when a character is not busy.

Q: What costumes are available in the store?

A: You can buy Frost Giant Loki or Superior Iron Man for shards. You can also view Undercover Black Widow and WWII Cap but they are not available yet.

Q: How do I store unwanted decorations and buildings?

A: Click and hold on the object you want to store to go to the editing menu. Then click the button on the left that appears with a green arrow going in to a box to store the item. To retrieve items in storage go to the same arrow and box icon on the campus editing screen in the bottom right corner.


Q: Can I upgrade event buildings after the event has ended?

A: No. Event buildings are permanently at the level they were at when the event ended.

Q: Can I upgrade event characters after the event has ended?

A: Yes, but it depends on the type. A free character from a smaller event (British Invasion) that is upgraded with coins can still be upgraded after the event ends for the same cost. A free character from a large event (Civil War) will not be available to upgrade until at least a month after the event, and will use a special item that is only on heroics. It is significantly easier to upgrade them during the event. Event premium characters are available to upgrade immediatly after the event for a very high coin and textbook cost, and it is recommended to upgrade them during the event. The two early unlock characters Winter Solider and Spider-man will not be available to upgrade until they are unlocked from normal progression and are no longer early access.


Unlocks Marvel Avengers Academy

Some of the most frequently asked questions are how to unlock certain characters and zones. This section will cover the basics on how to unlock everything as well as links to their wiki pages. For the most part this information can be found on the wiki. If you are at the level requirement and don’t see it unlock keep doing story quests until something changes. It will usually be clear when it starts to go towards a new character. If you don’t have the required quest go to the linked Wikipedia page and hit previous quest until you find one that you have, and then follow the path from there.


Asgardian Zone: Complete the quest Clear the Air


I haven’t seen questions for anyone before Captain America as they’re pretty rapidly after each other, so I’ll start here. Use the wiki if you need previous characters.

Captain America:

Level Requirement: 6

Mission Requirement: Cap’s S.H.I.E.L.D Pt 4

Ms Marvel:

Level Requirement: 10

Mission Requirement: Freak Out


Level Requirement:20

Mission Requirement: The Task at Hand


Level Requirement: 20-23

Mission Requirement: Ant-Plan

Maria Hill:

Level Requirement: 23

Mission Requirement: Student Of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Are there cheats for Marvel Avengers Academy?

Frequently the question is asked, whether there are Cheats for Marvel’s Avengers Academy to progress more quickly. We have to deny, however, because the app is funded through in-app purchases. So, if you want to progress faster and easier, you have to use real money.

On the Internet, however, you find numerous hacks for Marvel’s Avengers Academy as for example, an APK that allows you to get unlimited coins. But beware, these are not legal, and often hide Viruses and Trojans, which is a great danger, because they can cause unwanted costs for you. If you want to progress faster in Marvel’s Avengers Academy, use our tips instead of searching for cheat codes.

More tips and tricks for Avengers Academy

Do you have more Tips and Tricks for Marvel’s Avengers Academy? Then please get in touch in the comments. We will then steadily expand this article, to offer a comprehensive guide to the game.

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