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A lot of people have asked us for tips on how to work the mission board to maximise drops through 4hr missions in Avengers Academy. So we thought we write a guide on Marvel’s Avengers Academy. No doubt many here already know all this but for those new to the game Avengers Academy this will hopefully help you. Don’t miss our other Guides for the Avengers Academy.

The Algorithm

The first thing to understand is how the mission board works in Avengers Academy. The mission board does its best to give you missions you can complete. To do so it uses an algorithm which primarily checks two things – what characters you have involved in incomplete tasks on the board already, and what spots are available on your campus.

If a character is already on the mission board and their task is incomplete (either in progress or not started) the algorithm will try not to give you a new mission involving those characters. The longer the task is the lower the chance of that character appearing again. Generally very short actions (under 10 minutes) are not heavily weighted as the algorithm figures you can knock those over quickly and move on. The algorithm ignores completed tasks in an incomplete mission, so if one of your characters has done their part they can appear in a new mission.

Secondly it checks the locations you have available and tries not to give you missions that need occupied spots. Important to note is that in this case it checks what’s actually going on in the campus, not which spots the missions on the board require. All that matters is whether the spot is full or empty in your campus.

Note that each mission board in Avengers Academy doesn’t care what your characters are doing outside of that board. So it won’t care if they’re doing event training, story missions, missions from another board or just something you sent them on for fun.


Locking Characters Out

Sometimes you want to take advantage of the algorithm to lock characters off and avoid getting any missions from them on the board. Either because they have missions you hate to see (Anyone for the Charleston?) or because they are busy doing something else (eg. event training).

You can do this by holding onto a mission which includes one of their tasks (the longer the better) and simply never completing that task. You can complete other tasks within the mission in Avengers Academy if you wish, to free up the other characters normally involved in that task. For example we have the Dance Dance Dance mission on our board to lock out both Falcon and Cap, but we have completed the Taskmaster task so that he is free to appear elsewhere.

We are currently running two lockout missions in Avengers Academy – in addition to the double dance one we also have a Wasp/Cap/Iron Man mission on the board to lock out Wasp (obviously we’ve gone for Team Cap). We have cleared the IM task though so he can appear elsewhere.

Campus Barricades

The other thing we can do to nudge the board in our favour is understand what missions we don’t want and insert short term blocks into those spots just before we refresh a mission. By sending someone in on a short task we don’t lock anyone down for too long but potentially avoid some annoying heroic that we would just dismiss.

For example, we’re currently well stocked with arc generators but a little low on battle plans in Avengers Academy. So we’re targeting the Pepper mission for Battle Plans. As such if Pepper is off the board we will send Taskmaster to ‘Hit the Taskbar’ or Ant-Man to ‘Crack Codes’ just before we hand in our Arc Generator mission. The Pepper mission is locked out since there is only one computer and saved for when we hand in our Battle Plan mission.

Other blockers we find useful in Avengers Academy are:

  • Loki at the forge for 2 minutes blocks the 8hr Enchantress heroic.
  • Ant-Man at the lab for 30 minutes blocks out the Loki/BW human frailty double heroic.
  • Rocket at the Quinjet blocks out the double Hulk search.

We’d be interested in any other blockers you find useful!


Saving Completions

It’s exciting when that big green tick appears and begs you to claim your hard earned rewards. But stop and think before you do it. If that mission has no drops, and you have a more important mission with drops finishing in half an hour, don’t hand it in. Leave it complete on the board until you need it. When your Heroic mission completes you can hand in the Heroic and see what replaces it. If it’s an 8hr that you don’t want to do you can immediately dismiss it and hand in your ‘saved’ mission which will be replaced by a new Heroic with the drops attached. The more missions you have saved in Avengers Academy the more instant rerolls you get on that Heroic mission and the less chance you’ll be waiting half an hour between missions.

Hopefully someone finds this helps in maximizing their short heroics for the best flow of event drops and least frustration with mission dismissals in Avengers Academy. With these in place we rarely have to dismiss more than one mission on each refresh to get a 4hr or better Heroic, we hope it works for you too.

More Tips for Marvel Avengers Academy

If you find this helpful and would like to say thanks, do it in the comments. If you have any more ideas for more guides for Marvel’s Avengers Academy, let us also know this in the comments and we will add them. Don’t miss our other Avengers Academy Guides in the Guide-Section.

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