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Zam Wesell is the newest Chromium Exclusive character added to the game on June 16th. Zam Wesell replaced Echo as the most common drop in Chromiums and personally cost us around 40k crystals (though it cost others a bit less. If you’re curious, here are the non-Zam shards, 40k of crystal spending on Chromiums might get you.

You can probably expect Zam Wesell in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes to remain a common drop, costing between $200 & $300 to seven star until the next Chromium exclusive character is introduced, at which time she will become far more rare.

Zam Wesell needs a fusion furnace to get to gear 9; a fusion furnace, tech, and scanner to get to gear 10 so she is quite pricey to get to her final form and you can expect several long months to get her there before you can really play with her in arena.

Zam Wesell in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a scoundrel class that has a strong anti-evasion component. Zam Wesell also tries to make thermal detonators more viable by having her basic explode any thermals on the target and increasing her turn meter for each scoundrel on the team. Which means in scoundrel teams, Zam Wesell becomes a much more powerful character in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes — in theory anyway.

Zam Wesell Stats

Zam’s stats can be found here:

Our Zam Wesell is gear level 8 with level 7 abilities on her basic and first special. Our Zam Wesell has level 6 on her second special (meaning evasion down lasts three turns instead of 4), and level 6 on her unique (meaning her evasion up on a critical hit lasts 1 turn instead of 2). Please bear in mind that because of the gear level this is a PREVIEW only and no real conclusions can be based on the final performance of this character, though a few basics can be extrapolated.

Zam Wesell hits fairly weak on her basic between 1-2k and 2-3k (crit). The theory is that she will go faster because of the turn meter gain on a scoundrel team. Since we were not able to test that theory for lack of viable scoundrels, we were rather unimpressed.

Zam Wesell in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has very low health and protection. Even at gear level 8 she was one shot by Rey in the Arena, something we haven’t seen in quite a while. We think it was expected her Unique which grants her evasion bonuses would counteract her low health. In practice however that really didn’t happen. Even if she survived the first hit, the subsequent, inevitable attacks were lethal.

Zam Wesell in the Arena

In Arena, Zam’s weakness becomes quickly apparent the moment she goes up against a Yoda or Rex team. In fact, Rex is so efficient at neutralizing Zam Wesell that we had to wait nearly half a day for a non-rex team to show up in the top four so we could show Zam Wesell off without having her evasion down and thermals dispelled by Rex. This alone is going to make her non-viable in Arena at any gear level.

When you watch the video, do look out for the ultra cool electro-goggle animation. It’s a nice touch. Because of her low gear level and lack of Arena choices, we made three videos. One of Zam Wesell being played manually, one of Zam on auto, and one of Zam against rex. We added a fourth after publication because we were asked to show a rebel/Scoundrel synergy that we were able to provide.

Remember these videos were created to showcase Zam’s potential. However in actuality, Zam’s low health, low damage, and the ability of her “gimmick” to be so easily neutered by Rex and Yoda maker her completely unsuitable for arena play, likely even in a full scoundrel synergy team as well.

Zam Wesell in Raids

At her final gear level, Zam Wesell in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes should have around 97% potency which will be marginal on T6 and not-viable on T7. It’s very doubtful other scoundrels will be able to land their thermals either, and even if they do, the value of the debuff being on the Rancor is greater than Zam exploding it for 3k or so.

As such you will likely be using Zam only on trash teams.

Zam Wesell in Missions & Events

Zam Wesell in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will certainly have a place in the announced Scoundrel Event. In a Scoundrel synergy squad Zam Wesell will be a very valuable addition against mission and event enemies. As a stand alone or with just one or two scoundrels Zam Wesell will sill be somewhat decent DPS though likely you will not be using her unless you do have scoundrel synergies.

Zam Wesell in Galactic War

With no ability to heal herself, very low health and protection, inability to play against a dispeller, and so-so damage unless she is in a synergy squad it’s likely you will not be using Zam Wesell much in Galactic War. Given the choice between Zam and Maul, Maul is a much, much better choice for his much higher DPS and self healing.


On paper Zam Wesell looks like an interesting character in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, but in field testing her, she just doesn’t have a skill set that makes her viable anywhere in the game outside of a few missions and the up-coming scoundrel event.

Note again, this is just a preview and a LOT can change with two additional gear levels and a few omegas. But after playing with Zam Wesell, we just don’t see the potential to be a good choice in any facet of the game outside of the upcoming scoundrel event. If you’ve been wondering whether to splurge on Zam Wesell the answer, right now, is not worth it, but of course new content could certainly change that assessment in a heartbeat (Thermal Detonators doing extra damage on the tank in the new raid for instance).

Also bear in mind that Zam Wesell was likely developed within the context of a full synergy team, something like a Lando or Cad lead. In this context, which we are unable to fully test, Zam Wesell may be a never-ending flurry of DPS, but that will be for others to determine.

The scores below are previews only and not final.

Section Score
Arena 3.0
Missions 5.0
Raids 2.0
Galactic War 4.0
Challenges 3.0

Thanks to user pcx99 for creating this review for the Zam Wesell Review.

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