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Here we introduce you to the best tips and tricks for, and show you with which strategy you can be the largest cell. was previously only playable in the browser, but for now there it an app for Android, iPhone and iPad in the corresponding store.

Like the time the game 2048 can convince million players worldwide and without breathtaking graphics, but only with a great gameplay. But if you look at the high score leaderboard or table, you are far from being the largest cell and thus to be # 1. Unlike the browser version in the app neither the team nor experimental mode is available. But even that will be added shortly, I am sure. Tips: How to become the largest cell

Since there are actually no winners in as the game goes on, the goal is always to be the largest cell. But how do you manage it at all to get so far? We played intense and compiled the best strategies and tips for you. Before we start, let me say that you need a lot of time for it and therefore it should not be played in between, if you want to become the largest cell.

Tips to Start at

First a few tips to start When you play the app or the browser game for the first time, first of all you need to get familiar with the game mechanics and control. There are certain differences between app and the browser version:

  • In your browser, you move the mouse. If you keep your mouse on your cell she will stop. In the app you have to go to the settings and activate that the cell stops, if you do not have any fingers on it.
  • Split and shooting is not recommended at the beginning. See also our strategy in the next chapter
  • You should avoid contact to any larger cells from the beginning. This will also split themself to swallow you. So do not get in the way of these large cells
  • The greater you’ll get in, the slower you move
  • If both cells are the same size, then there will be no acquisition. So you can move over other equal sized cells

Use obstacles for your advantage

If you are still small in, we have some more tips for you. So you should quietly hide behind or under the “virus” (these are the green objects with spikes). As long as you are smaller than these viruses, you’re save and nothing will happen. No larger cell will take the risk and become smaller.

For you that means: Once you’re bigger, you should definitely avoid such viruses in, because otherwise you’re an easy target for the other players.

Connect your cell back faster at

Once you’re bigger, you need to split your cell inevitably. Here, few tips:

  • The bigger you get, the slower you move
  • To swallow other cells, you have to split yourself. Beware, however, that you’re at least twice as great, otherwise the enemy will swallow you.
  • It takes some time until your cells reconnect. You have to move properly and eat other cells

Accordingly there is a danger in that you can be eaten by other cells, once you have divided yourself. Therefore, you should reconnect yourself as quickly as possible. You have to move around properly. An example can be seen in the screenshot below. Since both cells are above and you should obliquely move downward  left. Reason: The smaller cell must follow the greater. At the same time make sure that you swallow another cells, so that the larger cell will get bigger and bigger.


If you want to reconnect your cells faster in, you should move correctly. In the screenshot example so. Move right, so that the smaller cell merges with the larger one.

Another way in is to take the edge for help. Accordingly, the other cell will get closer. Even a stop (see Tips for Start) is helpful to connect again.


Another way to reconnect your cells in is to take the edge to help, but you still have to pick up other cells here too.

Important to know: You lose mass in

What many players might have already guessed: With every second you lose mass. The bigger you are, the faster you lose mass also. This is also very good to see at the score. This always indicates only the peak. Now if you are capturing smaller cells, the score will not change much.

Nevertheless, you should now take any risks. Instead search for good victims. If multiple players  are in a row, you should split yourself and so pick up all in this line. Be careful that there are no bigger cells flying around in


The bigger you are in, the faster you lose mass – that can be clearly seen that your score is not further increased

More Tips and tricks

If you have more tips and tricks for and how to be the largest cell in the game, then simply log in the comments. We will expand this strategy guide to always.

More strategies for

After we presented you many tips and information about, we will now go on to the right strategy in order to truly become the largest cell in the game. In every world are usually around 100 players. Therefore, it is not so easy.

The beginning: take care and move out of the enemy’s way

At the beginning of the best strategy is not to duel with other players. Instead, you should pick up the small dots and so constantly grow your cell. If an enemy you follows you, then try to lose him.

Another tip: Go always the shortest way and collect all the points in the immediate surroundings. Furthermore, you should in never be forced to go into the corner or edge, otherwise the enemies have a good chance to swallow you. Heed also our Tip to hide behind obstacles (viruses).


The best strategy at the beginning is to collect points and to grow steadily. Stay away from larger cells

Split your cell in With this strategy you will succeed
Once you’re grown, it is helpful to split up. The reason: As a result you can shoot yourself forward. Thus the hostile takeover also succeeds in, you should at least twice as large as the largest cell in the area, so you wont swallowed by others.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t split up too often. As seen in the screenshot below, split twice is the maximum. Now you are only slightly larger than the cells in the area. But as soon as a larger cell arrives , you’re in danger, because these four cells can be swallowed at once. Especially if you’re in the top 5, you need to be damn careful in, because otherwise you will lose by splitting and can start again.


Tips and strategies for splitting: Although by splitting you can assume other cells, but the danger is that something greater can now also swallow you. You should not split more then two times.

You are the biggest? Push enemies in the corner

If you’re the biggest cell, you’re also much more slowly than other cells in Therefore, the following strategy is very good: try to push other cells to the edge or even better in a corner. That way you can swallow them easy.

That’s all about

The gameplay of is simple and ingenious: eat or be eaten. You can eat but only one smaller objects to get bigger. The problem: The greater you’re going at, the slower you move. With the special techniques like splitting you need to either escape the enemies or so eat the enemies.

That this does not work quite so simple, you will get to know quickly. That’s why we had presented all our tips and tricks to you to become the biggest cell.

Download for iOS

Also in the iTunes App Store is available free for download and is financed solely through advertising which is displayed after death.


Download for Android can not only be played in the browser, but is also free to download in the Google Play Store. What is needed is Android 2.3.3 or later:


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