How to change skins in

Surely, you noticed the different designs (skins) in Here we present you how to change skins in and all the possible skins that you can use, so that your cell in is not only shown as a simple color.

The list has become quite long. In order to get a new skin for your cell, you’ll just have to use the appropriate name for it before you start the game. This works on all devices under Android, iPhone, iPad as well as in the browser. Below, we have a comprehensive listing of skin names. If you find a missing name, simply log in the comments and leave a reply. Skin Guide

In another article, we presented you many tips and strategies to Although it has no benefits to have a skin, as you so does not fall necessarily into the center of attention, so that enemies chase you, so it’s funny to travel as an avatar through the world with a 9gag design or as a dog.  Skins in doesn’t give you any advantages. However, you can play better in a team, because you will be better identify your team mates.

Overall, we have divided the skins for into four categories. You can find them below:

Skins for planets and objects from space

At first we have Skins for planets and objects from space. In short: Everything that you can connect with the word space.

So you can use the appropriate skin, you just use the skin name as your player name. You can choose a different name before every game.



If you use the name Earth, you get the skin (design) of the Earth (Planet)

For planets and objects from space we could find a total of four names. Twice a planetary design (Earth and Mars) as well as the moon and NASA.

  • earth, mars, moon, nasa

Flags of countries as cell Skins

However, a big collection of skins you can find as flag Skins in Besides the USA, many countries are represented here, in addition to numerous European flags, also many international. So that you can present yourself in the design of your country, but of course you can choose any other country. In the following screenshot, we have been selected the USA.

agar-io-skins1 USA flag design as a cell

Below we have a long list of countries that are available in This list is in alphabetical order, not by continent.

  • argentina, australia, austria, bangladesh, belarus, belgium, bosnia, botswana, brazil, bulgaria, cambodia, canada, chile, china, croatia, denmark, estonia, european union, finland, france, french kingdom, german empire, germany, greece, hong kong, hungary, imperial japan, india, indiana, indonesia, iran, iraq, ireland, italy, jamaica, japan, latvia, lithuania, luxembourg, maldivas, mexico, netherlands, nigeria, north korea, norway, pakistan, peru, poland, portugal, prussia, quebec, receita federal, romania, russia, scotland, sealand, somalia, south korea, spain, sweden, switzerland, taiwan, texas, thailand, tsarist russia, turkey, ukraine, united kingdom, usa, ussr website Skins also offers skins from websites, we identified six skins to date. Surprising is, that Twitter is not yet available, but there are 9gag, Facebook, Reddit and several more.


Most Popular in is certainly the 9gag Design

Below a list of website skins:

  •, 4chan, 8ch, 9gag, facebook, reddit, tumblr

More Skins in

Finally, we have some more skins that we were not able to sort into any other category. The funniest here are probably doge or yaranaika. As you give you such a name in, the design of your cell will change. During a game, you can not change your style.

  • 8, ayy lmao, bait, byzantium, chaplin, cia, confederate, doge, ea, facepunch, feminism, irs, kc, matriarchy, origin, patriarchy, piccolo, pokerface, prodota, qing dynasty, sanik, satanist, sir, stalin, steam, stussy, vinesauce, wojak, yaranaika

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