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Jurassic World: The Game by Ludia

Everything you need to know, to fight in World Jurassic with tips and tricks to win in the arena. In the Game App Jurassic World it applies not only to build a dinosaur park, but also to compete with other players. For this purpose you compete with three dinosaurs against three others in the arena. At the beginning we recommend our guide on Jurassic World with general tips and tricks.

But not always a victory is inevitable. Even before the battle the right levers must be pulled. Correspondingly extensive is Jurassic World, which is why we have a step by step guide for you, with numerous Jurassic World Tips for the arena fights. With these you should be able, sooner or later to take every fight and then win in every situation.

Jurassic World tips before the fight

At the beginning we go into Jurassic World tips before the fight. Even the correct selection of Dinosaurs has influence on whether you can win the battle at all. Afterwards we show you valuable tricks during the fight, because here you can always choose from three elements.

Pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of a class in Jurassic World

First and foremost, you should pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of the dinosaurs. As shown in the screenshot below, there are four classes at Jurassic World and each has towards another an advantage and disadvantage.


Jurassic World class advantages: Pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses

  • Amphibians make 50 percent more damage against Carnivores
  • Carnivores make 50 percent more damage to herbivores
  • Herbivores make 50 percent more damage against pterosaur
  • Pterosaurs make 50 percent more damage to amphibians

Accordingly, this list is to be read but also vice versa. Carnivores make only 50 percent of their damage to amphibians. All other connections have neither advantages nor disadvantages. From this the first tricks can already be deduced:

  • Worry constantly making sure you put those dinosaurs that has an advantage over the other class
  • Always try to use the dinosaur that has just no downside

Upgrade and develop the strongest dinosaur

Also before the fight you should pay attention to your dinosaurs with which you go into the battle. It is important that these have the highest possible level or are rare. Rare Dinosaurs have more attack power already at low levels and can take more damage than common dinosaurs.

In the example below, we have brought our Carnivor to level 20. In order to develop this now, we need a second of its kind to develop this at level 21. Each upgrade (whether through feed or develop) adds more attack power and defense.


Feed your dinosaur in Jurassic World, so they get more attack power and defense. Every 10 steps you must evolve them to continue.

Using the best Dinosaurs for battle in Jurassic World

After you have clicked on battle and combat level at the bottom, you will gain an overview of the dinosaurs from the enemy. Keep in mind the first two tips to Jurassic World: Pay attention to the classes of your opponents and use your strongest dinosaurs in the fight.

As seen in the screenshot below, I’ve taken different dinosaurs compared to counter every enemy dinosaur, possesses in an advantage (herbivores against pterosaurs). Nevertheless, it is difficult to win the battle in this case, because my dinosaurs are inferior to the attack power and defense. Theoretically you need to upgrade them to continue.


Jurassic World using the right dinosaur decides between victory and defeat

Tips and tricks during the fight in Jurassic World

But even if you are supposedly in superior, the victory is not going inevitable. Only with the right strategy and advice you will bring the victory home.

Use the items attack, defense, attacks more useful

In the battle there are three icons available at the bottom right. At the top left you will see a list of dinosaurs and next, how many moves you have available in this attack. At the start you only have one selection available. Here you can choose between the following symbols:

  • Red with claws: attacking the other Dino
  • Blue with white shield: defense (each point of attack is correspondingly reduced by the number)
  • Yellow with hexagon: The next time you attack you get correspondingly more moves

At the first attack you should tap the yellow icon, so you directly have three moves at the next. The advantage: you use the bonuses of the respective icon and then do more damage.


To start the fight you, at first only one force is available, which is why it is useful here to take the yellow icon

Like described you now have three moves. Now you have to decide: If you put everything on attack with the correspondingly high bonuses or you put something into defense / more moves next time.

For example, if you know that your opponent has no defense enabled, then you need only tap as many red icons to defeat him. So if you have 4 moves, the enemy can already be destroyed with two moves, then set twice attack and twice on the yellow icon (or in the defense, whichever longer makes sense).

If you don’t know exactly what your opponent might have used, then may use more moves on attacks.

As a tip, we can say in general that, the yellow icon is more meaningful than to go on defense. Especially, if you come to the end of a battle, where the opponent has four or more moves, he can pulverize you usually anyway, even if you put two or three in defense.


If you touch more than once on the red attack icon, you get a bonus. Even if the opponents can now block some attacks, the bonus still adds to your attack strength in Jurassic World

Swap dinosaurs during the fight

During a fight in Jurassic World you can also exchange your dinosaur. That makes sense when the opponent just has selected a Dinosaur, against whom you have a weakness. In the example below an exchange does not make sense, because the Carnivor was already killed. The exchange of a Dinosaur costs a move, but you can still use the remaining moves then.


During a fight in Jurassic World, it may be useful to replace a dinosaur

More tips and tricks for Jurassic World

If you have more tips to fight in Jurassic World, then simply write them in the comments. We will expand the article then accordingly.

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