Act 6.1 Completion Guide – Marvel Contest of Champions

Act 6.1 Completion Guide – Marvel Contest of Champions
Act 6.1 Completion Guide – Marvel Contest of Champions

The Act 6.1 MVPs are bleed immune champs in Marvel’s Contest of Champions. Some of the hardest fights in this quest have Biohazard on them, so having a strong bleed immune will make this quest significantly easier.

This content is a pretty big jump up from Act 5.4 so if you haven’t 100% explored Act 5 I highly recommend that you do that first. With that said lets get into it!

Team we used: 5/65 Blade, 5/65 Stark Spidey, 4/55 Ghost Rider, 4/55 Hyperion, 4/55 Medusa all duped. Switched out Hyperion and Medusa for unduped 4/55 Iceman and unduped 4/55 X23 for 6.1.5.

Note: Insignificant nodes are not included in Easiest Path descriptions


Global Node = No Retreat: When Dashing back, gain a 1.2 second timer. Dashing back with the timer active causes a Passive degen, dealing 200% of the defenders attack over 5 seconds

Easiest Path (7 Fights): Agent Venom (No notable nodes), Red Skill (Aspect of Death, Tyranny), Iron Patriot (No notable nodes), Punisher 2099 (Maximum Overdrive), Nebula (+100% Power Gain), Gambit (Aggression Regenration), Sabretooth (Oscillate, Indomitable).

Notes: This quest wasn’t too bad. The no retreat global node sounds way worse then it actually is. When we triggered the degen (using 4/55s and 5/65s), we would lose about 10-15% health. You are going to want to parry multi hit specials because you can’t double dash back. Otherwise, this quest is pretty straight forwards (other than the boss). Champions with Auto-evasion will also work well here, especially Stark Spidey, because auto evades won’t trigger the timer. Also Gulk is a great option because he will regen most of the damage from the degen.

The Boss (Sabretooth): The boss here is a little annoying. With the global node you aren’t going to be able to fully evade his specials, so you are going to be taking a LOT of block damage. Auto evasion, Power steal/Power lock, or high block proficiency will do very well here. If you have neither, you are going to want to block the first two hits of his specials and evade the third hit, then punish it. With his SP2, we found that we could sometimes evade the first hit, block the second hit, and the timer would just barely expire so we could evade and punish the third hit.


Global Node = Special Delivery: Begin the fight with 15 combo charges, each landed basic attack removes 1 charge. Using a special attack resets the charges to 15. If all charges are removed, suffer a passive degen of 100% of the defenders attack over 4 seconds

Global Node = Combo Party: For every 10 hits on your combo meter, gain a Cruelty Buff granting +500 crit damage rating. Losing your combo causes you to lose all Cruelty buffs and take 40% of the defenders attack for each buff removed.

Easiest Paths:

Option 1 (Power Drain Path, 7 Fights): Captain America(ISO Corruption), Punisher 2099(Explosive Personality), Ultron (Aspect of Evolution), Nebula (Arc Overload 2.0), Vulture (Oscillate), Stark Spidey (Arc Converter), Sentinel (Arc Overload 2.0, Biohazard, Bubble Shield, Prey on the Weak), Ultron Classic (Spry, EMP Modification, Backup Recovery, Spite)

Option 2 (Bubble Shield Path, 7 Fights): Black Widow(ISO Corruption), Yellow Jacket (Enhanced SP1), Hulk, Wasp (Unblockable), Luke Cage (Unblockable Finale), MODOK (Explosive Personality), Sentinel (Arc Overload 2.0, Biohazard, Bubble Shield, Prey on the Weak), Ultron Classic (Spry, EMP Modification, Backup Recovery, Spite)

Notes: The Global nodes are pretty easy and straightforwards. You are going to be spamming your SP1 mostly, just make sure you are able to get a special before you run out of charges. If you have 1 charge, you can go to 0 charges and launch a special attack. Going to 0 doesn’t trigger the degen, just going beyond zero. Combo Party is helpful but has a pretty nasty interaction with the Boss

Miniboss (Sentinel): You are going to need a bleed immune or a Medusa for this fight. If you choose a bleed immune, they need to deal a lot of damage to outdamage the regen from the Arc Overload. Alternately, nullifying or fate sealing the Arc Overload away while it is active and not on cooldown will make the timer disappear and it will never trigger again, making champs like Ghost Rider or Dormammu good choices for this fight.

The Boss (Ultron Classic): This Ultron is very similar to the final boss of variant. A shock resistent champ, Medusa, or Gulk will do great on this fight. If you don’t have any of those, use any champ with no buffs and make sure not to trigger dexterity. This includes parrying specials. However, remember how we mentioned how Combo Party has a nasty interaction with this fight? After 10 hits, the Cruelty buff you get will trigger spite, and the only way to stop Spite will to get hit and lose the buff (which will most likely kill you). Also watch out for the backup recovery so you don’t give him an SP3 (Although if you have full health you can survive one). This in our opinion was the hardest boss fight in the Chapter.

Act 6.1 Completion Guide - Marvel Contest of Champions


Global Node = Long Distance Relationship: While close to the defender, gain a weakness debuff every 3 seconds reducing attack by 10%. Staying far away from the defender causes these debuffs to gradually fall off

Easiest Paths:

Option 1 (10 fights, No Local nodes except boss): Old Man Logan, Vision AOU, Deadpool, Agent Venom, Crossbones, Kingpin, Rogue, Ghost Rider, Thing, Ghost (Limber, True Strike, Aggression Cruelty).

Option 2 (9 fights, No Local nodes except boss): Old Man Logan, OG Vision, Magneto Marvel Now, Ant Man, Juggernaut, Mordo, Scarlet Witch, Thing, Ghost (Limber, True Strike, Aggression Cruelty)

Notes: This is the easiest quest of the chapter. Not only are the weaknesses weak unless the stack up high, but they also trigger willpower. If they stack to high, they drop off pretty easily if you dash back. There aren’t any difficult fights except for Thing, so make sure you know how to fight him.

The Boss (Ghost): This is the easiest boss of the Chapter. There is literally nothing special she does. She is easier and goes down faster then the Thing you fight before her.


Global Node = Close Encounters: While close to the defender, regen 1% health per second. While far away, degen 3% health per second

Easiest paths:

Option 1 (6 Fights, No Local nodes except for the boss) take the portal right below starting spot : Phoenix, Sabretooth, Wolverine, Guillotine, The Hood, Loki (Force of Will, Dulled, Limber, Enhanced SP1).

Option 2 (6 Fights, No Local nodes except for the boss) take the portal to the left of the starting spot : Kingpin, Night Thrasher, Doctor Octopus, Sentinel, King Groot, Loki (Force of Will, Dulled, Limber, Enhanced SP1).

Option 3 (6 Fights, No Local nodes except for the boss and first fight) Kang (Aggressive, Aspect of Evolution, Strike Back), take the portal directly above Kang, Crossbones, Karnak, Civil Warrior, Nebula, Loki (Force of Will, Dulled, Limber, Enhanced SP1).

Notes: This is also a very easy quest. The Global node is much easier then it sounds. You regen a good chunk while hitting the opponent since you are right next to them, and you won’t degen much unless you are standing at the other end of the screen the whole fight. Also the paths are very short.

The Boss (Loki): Very straightforward. Attack, evade the SP1 or SP2, attack some more. Nothing special or difficult about this fight.


Global Node = Power Struggle: You cannot gain power through any normal way. Gain a bar of power when the opponent reaches a bar. When the opponent uses a Special attack, lose the amount of power bars that the opponent consumed (If they throw an SP1, you lose a bar of power, if they throw an SP2, lose 2 bars, etc.)

Easiest Path (8 Fights, removes Bane linked node from Boss), Superior Iron Man (Aspect of Nightmares), Falcon (Stun Immune, Heal block, 5% Masochism), Sabretooth (Bleed Immune), Venom (No notable nodes), She Hulk (Bleed Immune, Vigor), Old Man Logan (Stun Immune), Winter Soldier (15% Buffet), Crossbones (Biohazard, Vigor, Force of Will [from a linked node]).

Notes: This quest is difficult and the global node is annoying. You are almost never going to be able to reach an SP2, but you will be able to spam a lot of SP1s if you please. The hardest fights on the easiest path are Falcon, She Hulk, and Winter Soldier. Make sure you get high damage champions for She Hulk and Winter Soldier.

The Boss (Crossbones) : This is where a lot of people are going to get stuck, unless they want to chip away with revives. You are going to need a bleed immune/resistant champ for this fight that is able to either nullify/fate seal the Vigor buff or out damage it since it is only based on base health. Omega Red will do well also. Out damaging it is a long fight, so you will want to pop a couple of boosts if you haven’t already. We used a 4/55 Iceman and it took 350 hits. This fight is where the 4* ban hurts the most IMO because there are not very many counters for this fight.


Global Node = Hurt Locker: Using the same special attack twice in a row places a 5 second timer on you that may be removed with a heavy attack. If the timer expires, take 50% of your base health as direct damage.

Easiest Path (9 fights, no nodes for first 3 fights, Arc Overload and Vigorous Assault path for fights 4-8): Moon Knight, Havok, Heimdal, X23 (Recovery), Wolverine (Limber), Groot (Mystic Ward), Superior Iron Man (Bane), Angela (Indomitable), Sentinel (Mutant Pursuit, Skill Training, Science Research, Mystic Observation, Tech Advancement, Stun Immune, Plagued Mind, Fisticuffs [30 seconds]).

Notes: There isn’t really an “easiest path” for this quest. The path we listed is the easiest path in general (in our opinion), but this quest depends on your whole roster. You might not have a good nullify, fate seal, or damage champ for this path but might have a great power drain champ for the All Or Nothing path, or a good shock immune champ for the Shock 30 path, etc. The Global node is simple, don’t use the same special attack twice in a row, cycle between different specials instead.

The Boss (Sentinel): This fight looks way harder then it actually is. If you are comfortable evading Sentinel’s specials then this fight is a breeze. There are nodes on him that give him special benefits against every class but Cosmic, so use a Cosmic champ for the easiest time. This fight is a really nice way to end the chapter.


Act 6.1 is not that bad. There are a couple of rough fights (cough cough Crossbones and Ultron bosses cough cough), but other than that the chapter is relatively straightforwards. I’m really excited though to see how the difficulty ramps up with Chapter 2.

Thanks and credit to user CLCUBING for help creating this guide.

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