Will – Shield AO Guide – Summoners War

Will - Shield AO Guide - Summoners War

Summoners War: Sky Arena by Com2uS

Since FRR is approaching very soon in Summoners War, we think that many people, like ourself a few months ago, are eager to make that very strong Full-Will AO that they see on Youtube from end-game players. It is definitely not as easy as it seems so we would love to share some basic steps you can take to make your brand new AO.

Some note before reading:

  • This is not something early-game players should be focusing on because it’s not easy
  • I’m not 100% right so please do check out the comment section for inputs from various experienced players

What is a Will – Shield AO?

  • All 4 units have Will runes on them and at least 1 set of Shield on anyone.
  • Give up 1st turn to the enemy’s AD and make a total comeback after receiving whatever the AD had to offer.
  • There are many forms of Will – Shield AO which I will explain in the later part of the guide.

Why make a Will – Shield AO?

  • Fuck GB10. Good Swift runes never drop and the mana sucks.
  • Stop worrying about making the fastest Bernard/Purian/Orion and 200+ spd nukers
  • NB10 rocks. Rage + Will for AO, Nemesis + Will for AD, Vampire + Destroy = money $$
  • So many damn Will runes on AD nowadays render speed AD less and less effective
  • No need for Atb buffer in your AO means that slot can be filled with another damage dealer/Hwadam/buff stripper/…

When to use Will – Shield AO?

  • No Buff Stripper in AD means most likely you can bring this AO in.
  • Especially, this type of AO is very effective against those Vanessa Bernard AD that you will never hope to outspeed.

How to make Will – Shield AO?


  • Ideally: Will + 2 Shield on everyone so your damage dealers are perfectly safe from all violent procs
  • Reality: Work with what you have. Most of the time you will see Will + Shield + Blade for damage dealers and Will + Shield + Focus for support to make sure the stats are good enough


  • Damage: Make sure that you kill 2-3 units after you move otherwise you are pretty much fucked LOL. Test out damage in Faimon/ToA. 100% crit rate, pls.
  • Speed: Everyone should be as close to each other as possible. Don’t make a very fast Galleon and a slow af Zaiross. Stuffs are going to happen in between and it’s not going to be funny (Veromos, yeah, fuck Veromos).
  • Speed: Get roughly 160. Not too fast so that you wont move before their Chloe/Vero, not too slow so that you won’t get bullied by speed AD
  • Survivability: Look out for HP and DEF substat for your damage dealer so that they don’t just die on you whenever a Theomars decides to hit them.

The types of Will Shield AO: There are many types of Will Shield AO and not just the popular Galleon + 3 so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a Galleon. If you have any other combination, tell us so we can learn from you.

The Cleave AO – Most popular – Best Seller


  • Galleon + 2 AOE damage dealer (Zaiross, Alicia, Julie, Sige, Lushen…) + Utility Unit

Advanced Mechanics:

  • The higher you climb in arena, the more nemesis rune users you will encounter. To lessen the impact of nemesis runes and save your ass, utilize damage dealer that can reduce atb like Charlotte, Poseidon, Basalt, …)
  • Units with Cooldown-manipulating or CC (Taurus, Zaiross, Julien, …) skill are great as well because they can stop heal/revive/stun in case bad luck happen.
  • Mix n Match your damage dealer accordingly and don’t just focus on the ultimate damage output.

The Assassin AO

  • AOE Def Breaker + Tanya/Isabelle + Utility Units

Utility Unit: – Buff Stripper (Aquila/Juno/Praha) OR

  • Protection (Hwadam/Darion) OR
  • 3rd damage dealer (in case Theomars violent proc and killed Zaiross) OR
  • Back-up Def Breaker, CC, … (Luer/Mantura/Tyron…).

The Ignore Defence AO

  • Katarina + Qwebeseneuf + Lushen + Utility Unit
  • Bulldozer + Copper + Randy/Immesity + Utility Unit

Choose the unit that best suits the situation

  • Speed AD: Bring protection coz they can do some serious damage no matter how much Shield Set you have
  • Chloe: Stripper
  • Heavy stall AD: 3rd Damage Dealer

Who has good example of Will Shield AO? Check them out for some real-combat action


  • Resistance = Bad Luck = Happen to everyone so it’s normal, deal with it
  • Not enough damage: Get better runes
  • Too fast/Too slow: Now is the time to fix that. Speed tuning is extremely important
  • Violent procs from AD: More Shield sets

Thanks to user ‘vanh94’ for help creating this Will-Shield AO Guide for Summoners War.

That’s it from our Will-Shield AO Guide for Summoners War. We hope that this article will help you. Have fun testing stuff out during FRR later. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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