Kit Fisto Review – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Kit Fisto Review - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

We had planned this review for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for all the people farming Kit Fisto in the, now aborted Force Champion Event, but it appears that at least for now Kit returns to chromium exclusivity. Aalya Secura is pretty internet famous and we’ve already done her review but not too many people know about Kit, and we like to review the “path less taken” characters where we can. Everyone knows Qui-Gon Jinn is awesome, but is Kit awesome? Here’s your chance to find out without spending a single crystal.

Kit is a high health/protection Jedi “Attacker”. We put attacker in quotes because he’s really a tank. He is one of the weakest hitting characters in the game, but he is also one of the tankiest characters in the game as well.

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Kit Fisto Stats

Kit’s stats are here:

Our Kit Fisto in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is mostly maxed needing a single scanner which will not get him to the next gear level, and has level 7 abilities with no omegas.

Its worth noting Kit can get to his max gear level of ten with only a single fusion furnace. It’s also worth noting that final scanner provides only minuscule benefit to Kit since he does not need potency for any of his attacks or buffs, so this slot will likely remain unfilled until the gear becomes farmable on the march to level 90 in the future.


Kit Fisto in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a high damage attacker, who can gain additional attacks through his basic attack or counter attack abilities.

Kit Fisto in the Arena

We’re just going to come right out and say it: Kit sucks in arena. Oh he survives decent enough; but until the enemy sets about killing him, he might as well not even be there. He hits for around 2k, and he crits for around 3-4k. He’s not THAT fast. He doesn’t retaliate all that often and he only seems to do his double attack on a taunting Han.

His AOE is just as weak as his basic and sometimes, occasionally gives everyone potency up (the only such buffer in the game). Supposedly this gives everyone 50% more potency, and maybe it does, but ultimately it didn’t affect the arena battle.

The only real use Kit has in the arena is as a high health / protection character for Leia to hide behind, but even then there are much better choices available, especially for people who can afford to get Kit anyway.

In the arena battles below, you’ll see we did manage a majority of victories, but that is more a testement to the power and synergy of the other four members of the squad than to Kit’s contribution which was negligible.

Here Kit earns a score of 3.0 from me. Even in a Jedi synergy team he’s not going to be adding much value, its doubtful you will ever use him here.

Kit Fisto in Missions & Events

In cantina and light side, Kit is decent enough in a Jedi synergy team. If you keep losing your third star due to a death, using a higher health roster can help. But ultimately you’re still better off with another character that will help you whittle down the team that is killing yours. Kit is a survivor but he does nothing really to help you win the battle.

In all the game I’ve only ever found one real use for Kit — as a high health member on a pre-nerf Yoda squad. Even Yoda pre-nerf couldn’t one shot Kit, he couldn’t two shot him either. If Yoda targeted Kit he was going to live and keep on fighting, if he didn’t his good health pool gave Barris more to heal with. And his basic and AOE didn’t trip Yoda’s tenacity turn meter up like Anakin or Aalya.

So if you are still struggling to get Yoda, Kit is one of your better choices but do realize you likely will never really use him again after the event.

Here Kit gets a score of 5.0 from us, but only because of the Yoda challenge.

Kit Fisto in Raids

Potency up sounds like an awesome thing and most people who have him have given Kit’s potency up a try, or more likely several tries to finally get one round of potency up before the rancor roars it away. And while it’s up? Meh, maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. Ultimately the duration of potency up thanks to the Rankor’s Roar is too low, the cool down too high and chance to get the effect way too low to be useful in a TM team.

Kit Fisto in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroesis a decent addition in phase four battles where his high health and protection will give him some survivability to keep on swinging while most mid-level attackers are long dead. This is probably the only area of the game where reducing the damage to increase the health actually looks to work.

But even here Kit will not be on your A team unless your A team has an Ima Gundi lead, as Ima will give Kit (and Aalya) nearly a 100% retaliate chance, which should boost his DPS to that of lower-mid-range attacker.

Here Kit gets a 5.0 score for us which is basically neutral and he really only gets this in an Ima Gundi squad and in phase four of the rancor where the door is not available and your team is going to take huge damage. But even here there are better team configs.

Kit Fisto in Galactic War

In GW Kit has the same failings he had in Arena. He will survive and not die easy but he also will not contribute much to moving you to the next node. His most likely use is a suicide squad, and really, there are better options even here.

I’ve given Kit a 3.0 score here, the same as in arena.

Kit Fisto in Challenges

As a tank labeled attacker, Kit is one of your choices to pick from in the attacker event. Unless you are just plain short on attackers, you will likely not take Kit over Rey, Leia, Luke and pretty much every other attacker in the game.

With a score of 1.0 here, you should find Kit to be a permanent bench warmer.


Kit’s “kit” in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is one of the worst in the game. He is an attacker who does nothing to help take down the enemy team. He is a tanky character who does nothing to help protect his team. In theory, potency up should have some value, but the unreliability of the buff and having it easily dispelled makes it a useless effect even in Raids where on paper it looks wonderful.

Most free to play people will see Kit as part of the Force Champion events leading up to Yoda, and Kit is truly wonderful for the Yoda event as he has great survivability and his attacks do not turn Yoda into an insane turn meter green ball of death.

Outside of the Yoda event in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, you will likely find no place for Kit anywhere outside of a phase four Ima Gundi synergy team since Ima Gundi will boost Kits DPS, thanks to guaranteed retaliation, to barely acceptable ranges.

Section Score
Arena 3.0
Missions 5.0
Raids 5.0
Galactic War 3.0
Challenges 1.0

Thanks to user pcx99 for creating this review for Kit Fisto.

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What do you think of Kit Fisto  in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes? Is he good or bad? Do you have any suggestions or feedback? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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