The Room III: The third part is here


The Room Three by Fireproof Games

The vast majority of our readers should have already submitted the headline. Therefore, we keep it short: This link takes you directly to the App Store.

For all other visitors we still have two more accompanying sentences. The Room is a puzzle game series, whose first part was published in September 2012 as an iPad title and made almost exclusively enthusiastic feedback. The 3D application fronted their players with treasure chests, caskets, hidden drawers and intricate lock shifts that had to be gradually solved, overcome and outsmarted.


Lovingly designed and detailed

The Room urged a lot of brain power from its buyers, but don’t gave frustration at the same time by artificial time shortage, ongoing level beginnings or inconsequential in-app content. A solid, professionally realized and extremely playable challenge.
The app is for a quiet play on the couch and made with its continuously, little sense of achievement, that the majority of players not forget the title (as so often) after only three days and removed it from the iPad, but held it to the end and keept on playing. The App Store reviews speak for themselves.

The second title, The Room II, was published a year later, in December 2013, as a Universal app, but did not quite manage to connect to the original.
The makers gave up the detail of the first edition, gave themselves (felt) less trouble, while hiding the solutions and seemed more suitable for a quick publication, since opted for an equally refined thoughtful challenge to the first part. But we lament on a high level, Part II of the award-winning title recorded as well almost exclusively 5-star reviews for themselves.
Now available in three output of the puzzle game, the Room III is 600MB in size, costs 4.99 USD and is once again offered as a universal app for iPhone (at least one iPhone 5) and iPad. Our download is running.

Trailer for The Room Three

Finally, we have here the official trailer for the game The Room Three. The trailer allows you to display a good impression of a part of the levels. Among other things, the level will be presented on the train here, in which you’ll find a suitcase. Then it goes in an abandoned house that comes up with all kinds of puzzles. Here the trailer to the Android and iOS app:

Download the Room 3 for Android

Although the concrete release date for the Android version of The Room 3, is not known yet when the app from the Google Play Store appears. But as soon as we know the release date or we discover The Room Three in Google Play Store for Android, we will of course announce it here.

The Room Three for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the iTunes App Store

It is impressive how developer Fireproof Games has again done a fantastic job and the third part. The app The Room Three will cost 4.99 USD to start and provides hours of fun. Although it only requires iOS 5.1.1 or later, but the developer recommends an iPhone 5, iPad 3 or newer. With older devices it can not be guaranteed that this runs smoothly. To theTunes App Store:


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