Top Highscore Games for in between

Today we introduce you to four new highscore game Apps for in between for Android, iPhone and iPad. These were published in October and November 2015, and give a lot of players addictiveness. We have primarily focused on apps, where it only comes to reach a new highscore.

Since the great success of Flappy Bird numerous developers have jumped on the train and released Arcade games for smartphone / tablet, which feature is an easy-to-learn control, but are still difficult to master.

Highscore game apps for Android and iOS in November 2015

In this article, we have the highscore game apps Around the World by Ketchapp, Swipe Me Out by Inventain Mobile, Drill Up by Ketchapp and Rugby Hero by Reliance Big Entertainment briefly summarized for you.

Around the World: Fly bird fly


Around the World by Ketchapp

Around the World is a classic high score game, which, however, is currently only available in the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In this, you control a bird, where the controller is severely limited. The is bird always flying up and down. By tapping on the screen, the bird accelerates.

On the way around the world (Around the World) you’ve got to avoid many risks. So there are always red blocks in the way. by increasing the speed, you can avoid them. How far you can make it?

To also be able to increase the long-term gameplay a little more birds and environments will be unlocked in the game. Around the World is available for free for iOS from the iTunes App Store. For Android, the game is not yet available.


Swipe Me Out: test your reaction speed


Swipe Me Out Screenshot © Inventain Mobile

Completely different is Swipe Me Out. In this app, available also for iOS, it depends on your reaction speed. For this purpose, you control a monster through a cave labyrinth. With the help of a wiping motion you need to wipe it in the direction where the exit is of the respective room. The rooms change, so the rooms are arranged differently with each new game.

Wipe in the right direction, where the open door is. Hence the name of the app: Swipe Me Out, if you not wipe or too slowly or in the wrong direction, so you’ll killed by the lava and the game restarts all over again. Over time, the lava is rising faster and faster, so you have to react more quickly. The high score or record results from the fact how many rooms you have survived.

Swipe Me Out is available at the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. To install iOS 6 or later is required. Financed is the game via in-app purchases, with which new figures or advertising freedom can be bought.


Drill Up: A highscore app with Lava

Although in Drill Up danger lurks in the form of lava on you. Here, however, it goes straight to the top. First, a video to Drill Up:

The difficulty in Drill Up lies in the fact that various circles of different size and speed have to be completed. Once you can move to the next circle, you have to tap the screen. What sounds simple,  quickly becomes complex. So you have to decide whether you collect the coins or want to set a new high score in Drill Up. Again, it depends on a rapid reaction capability.

Drill Up is available for Android in Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (iOS 6). The download is initially free of charge, the advertising can be removed and gems be buyed by using In-app purchases.



Rugby Hero: Escaping the Tackling attempts of the enemy


Screenshot for Rugby Hero by Reliance Big Entertainment

Fun is also the high score game Rugby Hero for Android / iOS. In this you have to dodge the Tackling attempts of the enemy. You have to constantly choose your player’s position with the finger. By going to the left, right, front or rear  with your fingers, you can dodge the opponents. The more fields you survive, the higher your high score.

The game here is kept in the retro look, which still gives a great impression. For the long-term game, not only the high score feature with that you can set new records, you can unlock even rugby teams and their top players. If the time is getting tightly, let go of the finger and the game goes in a short time slow-motion mode, enabling you the possibility to find a gap in the defense.

Rugby Hero also can be downloaded for free. It is available in the Google Play Store for Android and in the iTunes Store for iOS 7. With in-app purchases you can unlock everything or remove the advertising.



Your best game apps with high score function in 2015

You know another game with high score function for Android and iOS, which have recently been published? Then share your best games in this genre in the comments.

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