Star Wars: Uprising a new RPG for Android, iPhone and iPad


Star Wars: Uprising by Kabam

A few days ago, the RPG Star Wars: Uprising for Android, iPhone and iPad appeared in the stores. In this simulation you need to decide on one of four possible classes where the gender can also be selected.

Then you will walk on, in the fight against the empire and have to perform numerous battles, in which in addition to good equipment, the right strategy is crucial, in order not to die. To make the entry into the game Star Wars: Uprising as easy as possible, there is step by step tutorial at the beginning.


Star Wars: Uprising what to expect


Fight your way through Star Wars: Uprising © Kabam

As usual in an RPG like in Star Wars: Uprising you first need to create your character. Here you choose from four factions and you can customize the character to your personal taste. From each character there is both a male and female version. Thereafter, face, hair, and Co can be customized. However, a random generation is possible.

Then you’ll be made familiar with the story of Star Wars: Uprising. Then it goes directly into the game, where the controls will be explained step by step. You look from above on what is happening and by tapping on the screen your character moves to this point. By tapping an enemy, it will be automatically attacked. With a double tap on the screen you can roll , which is a good element for the strategy to quickly get away from the attackers.

On your way through the sectors of Star Wars: Uprising you switch from not only kill hostile enemies and bosses, but also gather objects. With Weapons, armor etc. you can can equip your character, so that it can take more damage or do more damage to you enemies.

Play with friends in real-time co-op mode

Another great idea from Star Wars: Uprising is the real-time co-op mode. In this you can explore the secrets of the sector in sync with your friends. At the same time you can also connect with other players around the world in the cartel.

Of course you can also play through the single player campaign, when no friends to play are online.

Gameplay video for Star Wars: Uprising

Below we have included another Gameplay video for you. So you may look at the first minutes of the game Star Wars: Uprising. Here’s the gameplay video:

Download Star Wars: Uprising

A role-playing game in the Star Wars universe as an app for Android, iPhone and iPad. This promises Star Wars: Uprising. This promise the developers can keep, because the player gets a graphically sophisticated game with all sorts of missions and different worlds paired with numerous stories and tales of the characters.

As usual in RPG games you have to initially select one of four factions in Star Wars: Uprising. Here you can not only choose the gender, but also adapt your character by your ideas. Getting into the game Star Wars: Uprising is easy, because the tutorial is comprehensive and explains the most important elements.

A bit annoying is the chat window in the game, because this can not be disabled and many players abuse this to post pointless stuff. The in-app purchases are optional, but makes the progress in the world much easier. The RPG App Star Wars: Uprising is available for free to download for Android and iOS.

App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the iTunes App Store

In iTunes App Store Star Wars: Uprising is free to download. Here the game is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iOS 7 or higher.


Star Wars: Uprising for Android in the Google Play Store

The App Star Wars: Uprising can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on Android 4. The download is free, but there are in-app purchases, with which you can buy advantages in the game for real money. The Android RPG players rated the app with 4 stars relatively well, although there are crashes on some devices.


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